Best Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Just In Few Days

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment - Genuine Guide

How to make money online with Affiliate marketing - A Complete Guide

What is Affiliate Marketing? How much money can be earned every month by doing Affiliate Marketing?

Here we have come up with a very interesting post which will explain every segment of affiliate marketing from the beginning. By the end of this post, you will feel like an affiliate marketing pro. So read this post till the end and note down every important section for your reference.

Affiliate marketing is not only an interesting thing but you can also earn a lot from your website or blog. But to become a successful Affiliate Marketer you must have proper knowledge and techniques. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know in detail to become a successful affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people's products or services and you earn a certain commission when anyone buys the products or services through your affiliate link.

What is an affiliate link?

On Signing up for an affiliate programme, and you'll be given a unique link to incorporate into your website or products. When a visitor clicks on this link and visits your partner site, a tracking cookie is set, and you are rewarded for the sale.

How affiliate marketing works?

Let's understand the process of affiliate marketing by a affiliate marketing process cycle in the figure below.

Best Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Just In Few Days

As shown in the above picture the process of affiliate marketing is straight forward and very simple but to generate leads you need to do it with proper planning and strategy.

After all making money from affiliate marketing is not as easy as putting up some affiliate links and sitting back to get commission, it involves well written content with careful planning and consistent work.

Types of Affiliate Marketing?

Basically there are three types of Affiliate Marketing that are as follows:

  1. Pay Per Click
  2. Pay Per Sale, and
  3. Pay Per Lead

Let's understand these three terms one by one

Term Definition
Pay Per Click In pay Per Click you will earn by simply sending traffic to your partner site, that's it.
Pay Per Sale As the name suggests, you will get paid (usually a fixed percentage) when a customer buys any item with your affiliate link.
Pay Per Lead In Pay Per Lead you will earn once you send the traffic to your partner site and they receive their contact information. In marketing contact list is your asset!

Steps involved in Affiliate Marketing

There are mainly 8 steps involved in Affiliate Marketing

  1. Select a niche
  2. Become an expert in your field
  3. Setup a website
  4. Create quality content
  5. Register for affiliate programs
  6. Analytics setup
  7. Do SEO
  8. Try paid marketing

Select a niche

Because affiliate marketing is such a competitive industry, it's critical that you discover a specialty right away. This will keep your future earnings safe. Keeping in mind the affiliate marketing business you should choose your niche such as video tutorials on many professional courses, men's style, wedding specials, fashion blogs, women's clothing etc. Or you can check out our list of 100+ blog niches.

Become an expert in your field

This is a stage that is frequently overlooked in affiliate marketing guidelines, yet it is one of the most significant aspects of the process in our opinion.

You must learn everything there is to know about your chosen topic. A true professional read as much as you can about your items and industry on the internet. On LinkedIn, expand your network, attend relevant meetups, and connect with industry leaders and suppliers. Optimize your LinkedIn headline to stand out in the crowd and gain new followers faster.

Run a poll to read out customers mind and read reviews on some reputed websites like Trustpilot. In your post you must include what people are saying about that product. This will change the mindset of your customer.

Setup a website

You will have access to the largest pool of affiliate relationships if you first create your website and some content. And publishing your content without affiliate links will offer it the best chance of climbing the rankings; you can then add affiliate links after the traffic begins to flow.

Create quality content

It's time to start developing content now that you've got your website up and running. But it doesn't simply apply to written blog articles - though we do urge that you write some of them as well. Experiment with YouTube and social media channels to find your ideal combination.

Create a content strategy for the keywords you want to target, then use it to plan out your content calendar. Your material may include the following, depending on what you're writing:

  • Comparisons
  • Guides
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials

Or, more likely, a combination of them!

Register for affiliate programs

Register for affiliate programs with leading eCommerce sites such as Amazon Associates Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, eBay, Snapdeal, ClickBank, Impact, FlexOffers, ShareASale, etc. This straightforward step can link you to top companies in India and open up new avenues for earnings.

Analytics Setup

When it comes to tracking the success of your affiliate site, you'll need a robust analytics solution. You may concentrate your emphasis and alter your content plan for the months ahead by tracking what's working well.

Most importantly, you'll be able to calculate your conversion rate for different pages and partners by carefully monitoring traffic and cross-referencing it with conversions in your affiliate dashboard. In this scenario, conversions relate to whatever action you need to take in order to gain money.

Number of Conversions ÷ Total number of Clicks = Conversion Rate (%)

Total amount earned ÷ Total number of Clicks = Earning Per Click ($)

When combined with your partner or marketplace dashboard, Google Analytics (GA) is a complete, free tool that you can use to calculate all of the above. To get the most out of it, you'll need to spend some time learning the ropes, but happily, it comes with a free academy to help you get started.

Try Paid Marketing

Finally, you may broaden your marketing plan by using paid forms of advertising, such as Google Adwords (paying for your page to appear at the top of search results designated as 'advertising') or social media platforms.

Make sure you have complete control over the analytical side of things before you contemplate paid marketing. Otherwise, you can think you're running a profitable campaign only to end up losing money.

Conclusion: Best Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Just In Few Days

There are several methods to earn money with affiliate marketing but I believe this is the best method for doing affiliate marketing you can also read our second best method of affiliate marketing through Digital marketing funnel creation.

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