How to Create Do-Follow Backlinks By Blog Commenting - [50+ Link Building Sites]

Dofollow backlink - Blog commenting link building sites list

Dofollow backlink - Blog commenting sites List

Hey, are you fed up with not getting your article listed in SERP despite your article is well written and informative? Do you know why exactly this happens? You probably know that - more than 3 million articles are published on the Internet every day. So, to rank your article in SERP you have to beat your competitor. This is the only way to rank in the SERP. Now the question is how to do this? Here we come, if you are really suffering from this problem then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

To rank your article in SERP, you should take care of some points - OnPage SEO, and Link Building. OnPage SEO means that your article should be of high quality and Engaging keeping in mind the SEO rules. And the other is OffPage SEO which means Link Building. In this article, we will focus on link building. In this article, I am going to discuss how you can create do-follow backlinks by commenting on the blog articles of others. Building backlinks is nothing but link building.

Blog Commenting Sites

Are you trying to find a place to comment on blogs and get do-follow backlinks? If so, you'll absolutely love this article.

Blogs are always a big part of being social and comments on blogs make them come alive. Through comments on blog commenting sites, readers can interact with the blog owner and author to be specific and share their reactions and thoughts on a particular post.

Similarly, the author of a post can get genuine comments and feedback from a large readership through the comments section. Having said that, I would like to draw the attention of anyone who comments on the fact that commenting incorrectly on a blog can be fatal. If you are commenting incorrectly on a blog, chances are that you will be banned from the community.

In this article, I am going to explain to you how you should comment on blog commenting sites to get do-follow backlinks and also provide the list of best do-follow backlinks commenting blogs, just find your niche and comment.

I think you guys are super excited to know about these blog commenting sites and how to comment on these sites which I am excited to explain to you.

In this article, I have added most of the category blogs with domain authority, page authority, and Alexa ranking.

What will you gain after giving your precious time reading this article?

  • What is Blog Commenting
  • Type of Blogs
  • Points to keep in mind while you comment on blog commenting sites
  • Blog Commenting Guidelines
  • Blog Commenting Sites List

By creating backlinks on do-follow sites and high-authority blogs, blog commenting will prove to be a magic wand for you to keep your website in the top position in search engines and beat your competitor.

What is Blog Commenting?

The most popular off-page SEO technique for building permanent backlinks is blog commenting, which involves leaving online comments on popular sites. Or, you can see a form at the end of a blog post with just your name, email address, website URL, and a comment box to share your opinion about the article. You can comment on the blog using this form.

Type of backlinks offered by different Blogs:

  1. Nofollow, and
  2. Dofollow Blogs

Typically, we categorize blogs into two groups based on the nature of backlinks from blog comments. No-follow blogs are those that offer no-follow backlinks. Blogs that offer do-follow links are known as do-follow blogs. You may use no-follow add-ons or just click on the commenter's name and select "inspect element" to find out what kind of blog comment link it is. The blog offers no-follow links if the rel="no-follow" tag is specified; otherwise, do-follow links are provided.

Guidelines to follow while blog commenting

One of the finest strategies to increase search engine position and obtain high-quality, permanent backlinks is through blog comments. If you use the blog commenting strategy and post a remark that adds value to the article, you may not only earn backlinks but also regular visits or a genuine audience to your site. It's important to note that this should be used to supplement other link building strategies like guest posting, link insertions and PR. For example, it will be near impossible to rank well for a competitive keyword like small business phone system with blog commenting links alone. When leaving comments on blog commenting websites, be sure to adhere to the following rules.

  • Always comment on blogs in your niche.
  • Additionally, if you are creating backlinks for blog entries, look for relevant content to find links.
  • Given that you had created backlinks from authoritative sources, it will have greater worth.

Before leaving a comment, read the full article. Additionally, always try to improve the content with your comments. Developing a relationship with the readership of a certain blog will also be beneficial.

Avoid one-line comments like:

  Interesting post   Lovely post
  Thanks for sharing a great article   Very informative article
No one likes one-line comments  

NOTE: Keywords are no longer accepted as names. A blog is the property of the author, and they have worked really hard to make it happen. They don't want anyone to visit their blog and spam it. If you add keywords in your name then you have no chance of getting backlinks. Make sure you are using a human or real name.

How do you take more benefit from blog commenting?

As I've already stated, leave comments on blogs to connect with other bloggers, not to improve your SEO. Some writers commit mistakes like leaving comments on blogs just to obtain backlinks, writing one- or two-line remarks like "Very fascinating posts! Thanks for sharing this fantastic topic," or even attempting to include links to their blog in the comment body. They frequently don't receive permission for their remarks as a result of these kinds of mistakes. If you truly want to gain advantages, stay away from these blunders and try to add value to the article from your blog entries.

Here are the 5 points you have to keep in mind while blog commenting

#1. Do not be anonymous get a Gravatar

Using Gravatar is the first rule of blog commenting. After all, we don't want the author talking to the wind. By registering on, you can easily get Gravatar. You will appear less spammy as a result. Additionally, give personality to your voice. Most reputable blogs will not post comments without seriousness.


  1. Use a proper headshot
  2. Use your own picture rather than a company logo
  3. Use your own real name rather than something like the Gameboy, or batman

#2. Maintain a respectful tone and refrain from becoming abusive:

When leaving a comment on a blog, you must be courteous. Consider comments to be a form of house-calling. What do you think your host will do if you use harsh language?   The same is true for blogging. If you disagree with a point made by the blogger, you may comment so in a polite manner.


  1. Be generous
  2. Do not use slang language
  3. Don’t use uppercase during the whole message

#3. Be Intelligent:

You cannot express your effective views about the article in the comments unless you are familiar with the issue being discussed. If you still do not understand the author's point, read the article again. After forming your opinion on this topic, go ahead and express it in the comment box. This will help you act wisely and also prevent you from making fun of yourself.


  1. Plan out what you're going to say
  2. If you want to get into further detail, you may Google the topic
  3. Don't make fun of yourself; Instead, wait for the response; Blogger may be busy with other things

#4. Make no irrelevant remarks or comments only to get noticed:

I know that many novices will try to comment on other blogs so that they can be recognized and seen, especially on CommentLuv-enabled blogs. But I assure you that the author or administrator is much more experienced than you and can determine if you are not a real commentator in no time.


  1. Use lengthier comments instead than simply one or two lines
  2. Don't try to be self-promotional; instead, speak on the topic of the blog
  3. Be consistent, not once every six months
  4. Do not use links

#5. Comment from your heart:

Yes, everything done with love is a good deed. Connect on a personal level with the blogger. Inquiring about your weekend, for example. Or how did you come up with such a lovely topic? Would be really appreciated, and you will gain lifetime friends as a result of this. Also, try to make your comments somewhat long so that you may express yourself more clearly.

Blog commenting sites list

Best Do-follow Commentluv Enabled Blog Comment Sites List [@ All Tested]

Sites [URLs] Status

This list of do-follow CommentLuv blogs has been reviewed by me. This is not like other CommentLuv do-follow blog lists that are provided with tested taglines but are never tested and are just picked at random from the internet. I once required a blog list with CommentLuv enabled and this list is the result of that research.

I searched Google for a do-follow CommentLuv enabled blog list and checked those do-follow blog lists with a title that contained a test word. However, when I looked, I found that most of them are no-follow blogs.

Finally, I selected several bloggers' blog URLs who mostly perform blog commenting and analysis using OSE to get a do-follow blog commenting sites list, and I discovered a decent do-follow blog list after 3-4 hours of hard effort.

It is now available to you. I hope you liked this list of do-follow CommentLuv blogs. If you come across any additional do-follow blog lists, please share them with me in the comments area. I want to contribute to the list of commenting sites on my blog so that everyone can benefit from a large number of do-follow blogs.

High DA Blog Commenting Sites List

As of today, page rank is an official business. As a result, domain authority and website traffic will be important considerations for us. That is why I compiled this list of blog commenting sites with high domain authority and page authority. Obtaining backlinks from high domain authority sites is extremely beneficial to increasing domain authority.

A greater authority website ranks higher in Google and receives huge visitors. I hope you enjoy this list of high-domain authority blog commenting sites and use it to build backlinks from these sites.

This blog commenting sites list is updated on a regular basis as I discover new blog commenting sites with high domain authority and page authority. There are various blog commenting site lists accessible on the Internet, however, the majority of them are chosen at random. However, at blogEarns, I offered a list of personally tested blog commenting services. So you can build high-quality backlinks without wasting time examining whether or not websites are functional.

So, if you visit this list of free blog commenting sites, you will notice that some new blog commenting sites have been added to our list.

Overall, blog commenting is a highly successful method for generating high-quality lifetime backlinks. This list of blog commenting sites includes 50+ DA blogs. It will be extremely beneficial to all seeking high-quality do-follow backlinks, particularly those who run specialty blogs.

This blog commenting list may also be used for guest blogging. If your blog niche is unique, check out this guide on how to identify relevant blogs.

Wrap Up

Finally, I provided you a top 50+ blog commenting site list for creating do-follow backlinks, and also explained the best possible way to comment on these sites for 100% approval. If you enjoyed this blog commenting list, please share it with your friends. As a result, everyone may profit from our list of blog commenting platforms.


Karuna Singh

Greetings to everyone. I am Karuna Singh, I am a writer and blogger since 2018. I have written 250+ articles and generated targeted traffic. Through this blog blogEarns, I want to help many fellow bloggers at every stage of their blogging journey and create a passive income stream from their blog.


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