ElevenLabs Review: The Most Realistic Text to Speech Generator?

ElevenLabs Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

ElevenLabs review

Amidst a world where technology and AI startups are constantly testing the limits of possibility, there's one platform that's transforming speech synthesis: ElevenLabs AI. If you've ever craved an AI voice creator that surpasses your expectations, then you're in for a real treat.

But the question remains: is it the most authentic AI voice generator? This comprehensive ElevenLabs Review will provide the answer.

In this post, we'll analyze the software's advantages and disadvantages, explore its origins, define its purpose, and identify its target audience. Furthermore, we'll delve into ElevenLab's features and I'll demonstrate how I used its text-to-speech feature to create a Santa-inspired AI voice.

blogEarns Verdict:

ElevenLabs is one of the top AI Voice Generators that I have tested. It offers incredibly realistic AI voices and has a user-friendly interface. On top of that, it's affordable and comes with excellent support. The company also prioritizes ethical considerations.

However, there are some areas that could be improved. The text-to-speech features are not as robust as some other options, and the selection of voices and languages is limited. Additionally, there is no video editor or AI writer available.

Despite these drawbacks, I recommend giving ElevenLabs a try, especially if you are a video game developer or ASMR content creator looking for realistic AI voices.

What Is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is a cutting-edge text-to-speech and AI voice generator software that harnesses the power of generative AI to create highly realistic synthetic voices in multiple languages and voices. The software is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, including e-learning, audiobook production, podcasting, and telecommunications.

One of the key features of ElevenLabs is its ability to create highly personalized and emotive synthetic voices that can mimic human speech patterns and nuances. This is achieved through the use of advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze and learn from large datasets of human speech recordings. As a result, the voices generated by ElevenLabs are not only highly accurate but also possess a natural and human-like quality that is difficult to distinguish from a real human voice.

In addition to its advanced voice generation capabilities, ElevenLabs also offers a comprehensive set of tools for customizing and fine-tuning synthetic voices. Users can adjust parameters such as pitch, speed, and tone to create unique voice profiles that suit their specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, the software supports a wide range of languages and accents, making it ideal for use in multilingual environments.

Overall, ElevenLabs is a powerful and versatile tool that can revolutionize the way we interact with synthetic voices. Its advanced AI technology and customizable features make it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals looking to create high-quality synthetic voices for a diverse range of applications.

Users can clone voices or generate new voices through an intuitive interface. Key features are precision tuning controls, a text reader to convert text to natural speech, and tools to produce audiobooks. The software is built using deep learning research to advance AI speech synthesis.

Who Uses ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of creative professionals. Content creators, who are always on the lookout for innovative and effective ways to showcase their work, can greatly benefit from ElevenLabs. Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, or videographer, ElevenLabs provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to showcase your portfolio and reach a wider audience.

Short story writers and authors can also use ElevenLabs to publish their work and connect with readers around the world. With its user-friendly interface and customizable templates, ElevenLabs makes it easy for writers to create and publish their stories in a professional and engaging format.

Podcasters, too, can leverage the power of ElevenLabs to grow their audience and build a community around their content. Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, ElevenLabs offers a range of features that can help you create and promote your podcast with ease.

Gamers and gaming enthusiasts can also use ElevenLabs to share their passion for gaming with others. From streaming gameplay videos to sharing tips and tricks with fellow gamers, ElevenLabs provides a platform that allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and build a community around your love for gaming.

Educators have the opportunity to utilize ElevenLabs to make learning materials more accessible for non-native speakers. The AI dubbing and video translation features enable educators to bring their lessons to life with realistic and diverse voices, resulting in a more memorable and impactful learning experience.

Bloggers can use ElevenLabs to enhance their content by transforming written words into engaging podcast-style articles that captivate their audience. By adding lifelike voices, bloggers can make their content more accessible to listeners and increase engagement.

Finally, publishers can use ElevenLabs to create and distribute their content to a wider audience. Whether you are a traditional publisher or a self-published author, ElevenLabs provides the tools and resources you need to create and distribute your content to readers around the world. With its powerful analytics and reporting features, ElevenLabs can also help you track your readership and measure the success of your publishing efforts.

ElevenLabs Key Features:

Below are the key attributes that accompany the Artificial Intelligence system developed by ElevenLabs:

The main feature that makes ElevenLabs stand out is its ability to convert written text into speech using artificial intelligence. This text-to-speech (TTS) function supports 29 different languages and over 70 voices to choose from. Once you've generated your desired output, you can easily download it as an MP3 file to use anywhere you'd like.

The AI-generated voices produced by ElevenLabs are impressively accurate and output at a high-quality rate of 128 kbps. Depending on your plan, you can generate up to 2,000,000 characters per month, or pay for additional characters, making it a great tool for creating audiobooks or podcasts.

What's more, the voices are incredibly dynamic, featuring a wide range of emotions and accents that sound lifelike. You can even adjust the voice's stability, clarity, and style using the voice tuner found in the "Voice Settings" feature.

Whether you're in need of a realistic voice for an audiobook, ASMR, voiceover for a film, video game, or anything else, ElevenLabs has got you covered.

At ElevenLabs, they have revolutionized text-to-speech technology by creating a speech-to-speech converter. This cutting-edge tool allows you to personalize your voice, altering its delivery and emotion to match any character you desire.

Simply upload your audio file to the ElevenLabs AI platform, which you can record directly or drag and drop an MP3 file. Then select your desired voice and use the settings provided to fine-tune the clarity, stability, and style. Once you're satisfied with your creation, you can download the MP3 file and use it for any purpose you desire.

The AI speech-to-speech converter is designed to preserve the emotional integrity and quality of your voice while still maintaining the subtle nuances that make it unique. Whether you're creating custom voices for games, videos, or podcasts, ElevenLabs is the perfect tool to bring your characters to life!

With ElevenLabs, you can effortlessly produce, modify, and tailor lengthy spoken audio in a simplified process. Instead of enduring hours of recording in a studio, you can generate an audiobook in mere minutes!

Learn how to use ElevenLabs AI to create your audiobook and save both time and money:

  1. Go to “Projects.”
  2. Select “Create a new project.”
  3. Choose a project type (empty, from a URL, or a document such as .epub, .txt, or .pdf files).
  4. Divide your project into chapters and sections.
  5. Choose from over 90 AI voices that speak 29 languages (or your own) and assign different speakers to various headings, paragraphs, and sections.
  6. Correct audio sections by instantly regenerating the audio or manually adjusting pauses.
  7. Export your entire audiobook with the click of a button! You can save and return to this project to make tweaks anytime.

ElevenLabs offers a free AI dubbing and video translator that can translate your content into 29 different languages within seconds. This tool allows you to convert the original audio into a new language while retaining the original voice's qualities.

Following are the steps to translate audio using ElevenLabs AI in a matter of minutes:

  1. Select the source and choose from 29 target languages.
  2. Upload the MP3, MP4, or other file format onto the platform. You can also upload your own audio or video file up to 25MB or insert any URL from YouTube, TikTok, X (Twitter), or Vimeo.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the audio to get dubbed.
  4. View and download it to share with the world!

One of the most impressive things about ElevenLabs is the natural quality of their AI voices. These voices are far from robotic and manage to capture the style and tone of the original voice, ensuring that listeners remain engaged.

No matter what type of content you need to translate- whether it's educational, promotional, or entertainment-based- ElevenLabs can quickly and seamlessly handle the task. In just a few seconds, your content will be translated and ready to go.

Developers who desire to incorporate AI voices in their chatbots, apps, or websites in 29 different languages can rely on ElevenLabs' simple and dependable API. The audio quality is excellent, with 128kbps. Moreover, if you ever require assistance, there is a developer Discord community at your service!

ElevenLabs' API provides the most genuine and realistic AI voices for your projects, with tonality that adjusts based on emotion and context. You have thousands of voices to pick from or can clone your own to create a personalized voice.

The Eleven v2 Turbo model has a rapid response time of ~400ms, delivering best-in-class audio and a seamless user experience. Various modes are available that optimize response times, and API documentation is available for implementing text-to-speech and voice cloning.

To ensure your information stays secure during translation, ElevenLabs API offers state-of-the-art data protection with high-security levels using SOC2 and GDPR, full privacy mode, and end-to-end encryption.

Additionally, you can apply for ElevenLabs grants, allowing you to build, test, and launch your project for three free months. The Enterprise level gives you 11 million monthly characters (200 hours of audio) or more.

With ElevenLabs' voice cloning tool, you can generate an AI voice that is uniquely yours. All you need to do is upload a recording of your voice or a voice you have permission to use, that is at least one minute long and has no background noise. Once uploaded, you can use your new voice to generate speech in over 50 accents and 29 languages, instantly.

The process of cloning your voice with ElevenLabs AI is straightforward and effortless.

  1. With ElevenLabs, you can fashion your very own AI voice using a brief recording. Opt for either Instant or Professional voice cloning. Additionally, you have the option to generate fresh, random voices or incorporate a voice from the Voice Library.
  2. Submit audio recordings (60 seconds for Instant, minimum of 30 minutes for Professional).
  3. ElevenLabs ensures the quality of your voice and confirms its authenticity.
  4. Instantly produce audio with Instant voice replication and receive outcomes in roughly four weeks with the aid of Professional voice replication.

The replicated voices are remarkably precise and cannot be discerned from the genuine voice.

To ensure optimal results when uploading various voices, maintain identical recording conditions. This includes positioning the microphone at the same distance from the speaker and eliminating background noise. Additionally, maintain consistency in the delivery by matching it with the context.

For instance, if the purpose is to create an audiobook, record the voice in an audiobook style. Whether it is for podcasts, videos, video games, chatbots, or audiobooks, producing AI voices is now quick and easy.

The Voice Library by ElevenLabs is a growing compilation of top-notch AI voices that encompass a vast range of diversity. You will never be at a loss for choices when it comes to selecting the ideal voice for your project.

ElevenLabs AI has simplified the process of finding the perfect voice. With the use of filters, you can categorize voices according to gender, age, and accent for your video, blog, video game, or audiobook. You can even contribute your own voices to the Voice Library using ElevenLab's Voice Design tool and earn text character rewards.

The Voice Library has infinite creative options, whether you require a calming narrator for your audiobook or an eccentric character for your video game.

ElevenLabs Pricing

Free Starter Creator Pro Scale
$0/forever $5  $1/month  First month 80% off $22  $11/month  First month 50% off $99/month $330/month
$0/year $50/year $220/year $990/year $3300/year
For individuals who want to try out
the most advanced AI audio.
For hobbyists creating projects with
AI audio.
For creators making premium content
for global audiences.
For creators and teams ramping up
their content production.
For growing publishers and companies
with higher discounts.
10,000 Characters per month (~10 min audio) 30,000 Characters per month (~30 min audio) 100,000 Characters per month (~2 hours audio) 500,000 Characters per month (~10 hours audio) 2,000,000 Characters per month (~40 hours audio)
Generate speech in 29 languages
using thousands of unique voices
Everything in Free, Plus Everything in Starter, plus Everything in creator, plus Everything in Pro, plus
Translate content with automatic dubbing   Clone your voice with as little
as 1 minute of audio
  Create the most realistic digital
replica of your voice with professional voice cloning
  44.1 kHz PCM audio output via API   Priority support
Create custom, synthetic voices   Access to the Dubbing Studio for
more control over translation & timing
  Access to Projects to create long
form content with multiple speakers
  Usage analytics dashboard
API Access   License to use ElevenLabs for
commercial use
  Higher quality audio - 192 kbps

Pros and Cons of ElevenLabs:

Pros Cons
 The AI voice generator with the closest resemblance to a human.  Certain beneficial speech-to-text functions are absent, like
the ability to regulate the duration of breaks between words, adjust pitch, and more.
 The process of beginning is simple; there is no need for a
credit card.
 When compared to other options, the quantity of available
languages and voices are restricted.
 A streamlined and intuitive design that is easy to navigate
and comprehend.
 Having a video editor and AI writer would be advantageous.
 An offer of a plan without charge, accompanied by reasonably
priced options for both individuals and groups.
 Aid that is committed and attentive, accompanied by ample
beneficial materials.
 Ensuring user privacy and safeguarding user data are ethical
priorities that bring a sense of security.

How to Use ElevenLabs Text-to-Speech

Here's how to generate realistic AI voices using ElevenLabs Text-to-Speech:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Select Text to Speech
  3. Choose an AI Voice
  4. Select Your Model
  5. Insert Your Text & Generate
  6. Refine Voice Settings
  7. Download!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  How do I make my own AI voice?
At ElevenLabs, you have the option to craft your own AI voice using VoiceLab. With Voice Design, you can personalize your speaker's identity to produce distinct voices for your scripts. Meanwhile, Voice Cloning replicates actual voices, ensuring that your generated voices are diverse and exclusive since they are entirely synthetic and not associated with any actual individuals.
  How much does using ElevenLabs AI voice generator cost?
ElevenLabs offers a variety of AI voice creation packages to meet different demands. Starting with a Free Plan that gives you 10,000 characters per month, 3 custom voices, Voice Design, and speech generation in 29 languages. The Starter Plan is $5 per month, with 30,000 characters and up to 10 custom voices. The Creator Plan, at $22 per month, provides 100,000 characters and up to 30 custom voices for more comprehensive needs. The Pro Plan costs $99 per month, with 500,000 characters and up to 160 custom voices for larger businesses. The Scale Plan, at $330 per month, is ideal for big enterprises, providing 2,000,000 characters and up to 660 custom voices. Finally, the Enterprise Plan offers personalized pricing for custom quotas, PVC for any voice, priority rendering, and dedicated support. Each program is tailored to accommodate varying levels of usage and customization demands.
  Can I use the ElevenLabs AI voice generator for free?
With our Free Plan, you have access to ElevenLabs' prime AI voice generator at no cost. You can use up to 10,000 characters per month, create up to three custom voices, utilize Voice Design, and generate speech in 29 different languages.
  What is the best AI voice generator?
The AI voice generator software from ElevenLabs is second to none when it comes to quality and performance. With cutting-edge deep learning technology, our software delivers top-notch audio output, a diverse range of voice options, and emotion mapping features. It's the perfect solution for anyone looking to produce engaging and immersive audio content.
  Who should use ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator and prime voice AI services?
The AI voice generator from ElevenLabs caters to a diverse range of users, such as YouTube and TikTok content creators, Audible and Google Play Books audiobook producers, PowerPoint and Google Docs presenters, businesses with IVR systems, and Spotify or Apple Podcasts podcasters. This generator produces a lifelike voice on various platforms, improving user interaction and inclusivity.
  How many languages does ElevenLabs support?
With ElevenLabs, your content can reach a worldwide audience as it offers speech synthesis in 29 different languages. You can cater to different language speakers, including those who speak Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and more.
  What is an AI voice generator?
The AI voice generator of ElevenLabs converts written words into spoken language, replicating the sound of a genuine human voice, including the accent and tone. It provides an extensive selection of voice alternatives in multiple languages and dialects. The tool is user-friendly, serving both individuals and companies who want personalized audio outputs.
  How do I use AI voice generators to turn text into audio?
To begin, choose a voice and customize settings to your preference. Then, enter your text into the designated field in Step 2, ensuring it is one of the supported languages. In Step 3, click the 'Generate' button to transform your text into audio. Listen to the audio and make any required modifications. Finally, download the audio for use in your project.
  What is text-to-speech?
The process of transforming written text into spoken audio is referred to as text-to-speech or TTS. This technology, which has been in existence for many years, has been enhanced by recent developments in deep learning, resulting in the production of superior, lifelike speech. Another term for this technology is speech synthesis.
  What is the best text-to-speech software?
The text-to-speech software provided by ElevenLabs is unbeatable. Our AI voices are top-notch, producing the most authentic and high-quality speech. Using our platform is a breeze, and we offer a diverse selection of customization features.
  How much does text-to-speech cost?
ElevenLabs provides a no-cost option that allows for 10,000 characters per month. For those seeking more, we offer paid plans that begin at $1 and grant 30,000 characters monthly.
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