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Get Divi themes for free with a lifetime subscription

Get Divi themes for free with a lifetime subscription


Divi creates a versatile WordPress theme that is incredibly useful by fusing attractive design with a bevy of remarkable functionality. Both those searching for an out-of-the-box solution and those who want to develop bespoke designs without coding will benefit from a wide selection of page templates and an intuitive page builder.

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We evaluated Divi WordPress themes based on various parameters such as usability, functionality, value for money, user satisfaction, popularity, customer support, and documentation.

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Get the Divi WordPress Theme for Free

As the title clearly says in this article you will get a free Divi WordPress theme with a lifetime subscription. Yes, that's right you will get it. But before that, you should know very well about this Divi WordPress theme. Somewhere in the middle of the article, you will find the process to get this theme for free.

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Congratulations👍 to all who successfully received Elegant's Divi Theme free with lifetime access!!

Divi - Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Really versatile theme appropriate
for any project.
Few issues, especially when designing
more complicated layouts.
A simple and clean UI. Working with columns might be a pain.
large module library with dynamic modules. Only pre-sales are supported via live chat.
global modules and templates synced selectively.
strong customization and design options.
It moves quickly. really quickly.
A large number of amazing templates.
Excellent support options are available.

One of the most well-known WordPress themes now on the market is Divi, the company's flagship theme. It was designed to be suited for any kind of WordPress website because it is a versatile theme.

Divi has been developed and updated often throughout time. The theme now contains a potent drag-and-drop page builder tool, several customization options, settings, and hundreds of website templates in addition to a few other practical features. Additionally, it is reasonably priced.

On paper, Divi might indeed appear attractive, but is it the best theme for your WordPress website? In this Divi study, we'll assist you in finding the solution to that query.

You can decide whether Divi is the best option for your project by investigating the features and user interface of this theme.

More About Divi WordPress Theme

As previously noted, Divi is the company's main product and was created by the Elegant Themes team. Although Divi was initially introduced in 2013, it has since undergone several updates, revisions, and enhancements to be a competitive choice in the versatile WordPress themes market.

Actually, there is a Divi plugin accessible as well; it is formally known as Divi Builder and is also offered by the Elegant Themes team. Regardless of the theme you're using, this plugin lets you apply the Divi theme's page builder to any WordPress website. But for the sake of this Divi review, we're focusing on the WordPress theme rather than the plugin.

However, if you like what you read in this review but are currently using a theme that you like, you can access the majority of Divi's impressive features, including the content templates, page builder, and split testing tool, by simply installing the Divi Builder plugin.

The Divi price alternatives will be discussed after this evaluation. It's important to note that the Divi theme and plugin, as well as a few other helpful goods, are sold together as a bundle, so you are not forced to pick between them. Instead, all of the Elegant Themes products are yours to use on an infinite number of websites for a reasonably inexpensive charge.

Divi Demo

This is the first WordPress website you've ever constructed. The Divi website construction platform, which replaces the default WordPress post editor with a substantially improved visual editor, is more than simply a WordPress theme. Both experienced designers and beginners may benefit from it, providing you the ability to produce stunning designs with a startlingly high level of efficiency.

  Divi Builder Features

  Build Visually   Effects
 Shape Dividers    Bulk Editing
Layout Library Transforms
Hover States Find & Replace     

Features of Divi Theme Builder

Building websites for your clients is so much simpler, quicker, and more entertaining with Divi. Instead of maintaining several themes, Divi allows you to construct anything on a single platform.
Building websites using Divi is quicker and more effective. It will simplify the design process for you and enhance teamwork. Additionally, the price is very low. On a single subscription, create an infinite number of websites for your customers.
Website Owners
Building websites is simplified using Divi. Divi allows you the flexibility to realize your own ambitions, whether you're a website owner or a newbie. Thanks to its visual editor and several ready-made designs, Divi is accessible to everyone.

On the front end of your website, you may add, remove, and rearrange items. No complicated back-end settings or code.

Real-time page design lets you view the outcomes right away. Utilize simple visual tools to create and personalize your pages.

Developers may simply include their own unique CSS with Divi's visual design controls. The Divi interface is basic yet not constrained.

It's simple to create stunning responsive websites. Because Divi is naturally responsive, you have complete control over how your website appears on mobile devices.

Enjoy hundreds of distinctive page components and countless creative possibilities. You have complete design control over your website with Divi.

Simply click to begin typing! Never before has editing a page been so simple. Create draft pages up front and view the outcomes as you type.

Keep track of an infinite number of bespoke designs. reuse them without difficulty to launch new pages. Develop cutting-edge design systems, and organize your workflow.

Use global components and website-wide design options to control the appearance of your entire website. Divi is a website design framework, not just a page builder.

Divi works like a modern software application. Easily undo, redo, and travel through your entire editing history. If you make a mistake, Divi has your back.

Divi Theme Builder

You can develop unique posts and pages using the majority of WordPress themes that come with page builders. However, they frequently forbid you from customizing the header, footer, and theme layouts on your website.

Divi used to be able to do that, however with a recent upgrade, you are no longer limited to the content sections. Your WordPress website may now be completely customized thanks to the Theme Builder tool.

Create Custom Headers and Footers

Divi theme builder header and footer

One of Divi's most outstanding features is the Theme Builder. You may build bespoke templates for your website's headers, footers, blog posts, portfolio items, e-commerce goods, 404 error pages, and much more in addition to being able to design unique headers and footers for your website.

Build Unique Blog Posts and Archive Templates

The Divi Theme Builder allows you to personalize the page on your website that showcases your most recent blog articles since it supports templates.

You may pick which information from each blog post, like the title, featured image, author, date, and more, is shown in addition to designing a unique layout. In addition, you may design many themes for showing your blog entries and decide when to utilize each one.

Divi theme builder setting

You may specify the precise usage circumstances for each of your designs using the template settings. For instance, you might design a layout that is only used for particular pages or a template that is only used for blog articles from a particular category.

Divi Leads Optimization Tool

Divi has a split-testing tool that you can use to make sure your custom content designs are not only attractive but also optimized to help you realize your business objectives. Despite being uncommon among WordPress themes, this function is quite helpful and surprisingly simple to utilize.

divi theme lead optimization tool

Divi Leads makes it simple to set up a split test so you can see which version of your page receives the most engagement from visitors.

The Divi Builder incorporates the capability. Simply choose the page element you want to test (for example, a button) and turn on Divi Leads for that element. After that, you may make the second iteration of that element. A section of your audience will see one version while another percentage of your visitors will see the other version thanks to the split testing tool.

Each split testing trial has a target, such as getting users to click a link or go to a certain page. You'll learn which version of your page element has the highest conversion rate after the test starts collecting data.

divi leads generation summery

You may compare more than just two iterations of a page element with Divi Leads. This makes it possible for you to optimize your content by testing several variants. You may optimize your entire website for the maximum target conversion rates possible by running many A/B tests at once.

Although you may use a specialized service to add this kind of functionality to your WordPress website, it's uncommon to see it incorporated into a theme like this.

The Divi Leads feature is a priceless, very useful, and simple-to-use tool if your website was designed with any specific objective in mind, whether that goal was more page views, product sales, contact form submissions, email opt-ins, or any other type of specific purpose.

Support and Documentation

In the past, Elegant Themes has come under fire for its customer service. Customers could post issues in private discussion boards and wait for an answer from the Elegant Themes support staff. Customers occasionally complained that issues weren't always fixed and response times weren't particularly quick.

Elegant Themes currently uses a chat service instead of discussion boards to give help, which appears to be an effort to address this problem.

Messenger Support Channel

Customers may open a support issue using the messenger while signed into the Elegant Themes website and wait for a response. Support is now much easier to get as there is no longer a requirement to visit the forum to see whether someone has responded.

Additionally, the information was informative and the response times were rapid when I tested their customer service for this Divi review.


The online documentation made available on Elegant Themes' website is one of their strengths, particularly with regard to Divi. The online documentation for Divi thoroughly explains all of its features and functions, and the Elegant Themes blog is rife with advice on how to use its tools.

Community Forums and Meetups

The discussion forums are still available, allowing users a place to exchange ideas and engage with one another, even though help from the Elegant Themes team is now provided via the messaging system.

In order to learn from one another and make the most of these products, users may share advice and best practices in the several active Facebook groups that are devoted to Elegant Themes in general and Divi in particular.

There are also live meetup gatherings that happen often all around the world if you want to get even more active in the Elegant Themes and Divi community.

Other Elegant Themes Products Included

When you purchase Divi, you have access to all of Elegant Themes' other products as well. The membership benefits of Elegant Themes at the time of writing this review additionally include:

  Extra WordPress theme for blogs and online Magazines.
  Plugin for Bloom email opt-in forms to assist in increasing subscriber numbers.
  Monarch is a social media sharing plugin that can increase your following and shares.
  Divi Builder is a plugin that adds Divi's page builder capability to WordPress websites that use a different theme.

Divi Pricing Options

Given all the extra goods you have access to, Divi is a reasonably priced WordPress theme. It isn't significantly more expensive than other competing best-selling products, particularly ones that don't include any extra items.

So what is the price of Divi?

There are really two ways to buy Divi. One covers you for a year, while the other offers you lifetime access to all Elegant Themes products, including upcoming versions, support, and updates:

Pricing Options:
Divi Theme Yearly Access             $89      
Divi Theme Lifetime Access             $249      

divi pricing

Sometimes Divi gives up to 10% off to its buyers. But this alone is not very economical for many users. Buying annual or lifetime access is very expensive and not affordable for newbies. So here we come, we will provide you Divi theme and Divi theme builder with lifetime access for free.

How to get Divi Theme for free?

As we know that Divi theme is a WordPress theme, and it cannot be used on Google's blogger platform which is free. So, to use the Divi theme you need to buy a hosting plan to host your WordPress site.

So, we would like to recommend you the best hosting plan to host your WordPress site which is Hostinger. Our top spot on the list goes to Hostinger for its excellent hosting and adaptability. It supports a variety of use cases for both new users and website scaling.

Steps to get Divi theme for free

To get Divi themes free of cost with lifetime access, you need to follow the below steps very strictly as we will manually verify each and every step before giving you Divi themes.

Step 1

In Step 1 - you need to buy the Hostinger hosting with the link provided below which says Buy Hostinger Plan and must select the most popular plan Business Web Hosting as shown in the image below.

Click on the button below and select Business Web Hosting plan.

Buy Hostinger Plan

hostinger plan selection

Step 2

In Step 2 you need to select the Period of the plan, here you have to choose either 24 months plan or 48 months as shown in the image below.

hostinger periods of plan

COUPON: We have a coupon code for you, before you make this payment you can enter our coupon code which will give you up to 10% off.

Offer Zone - Coupon Code                                            
Coupon code Discount (in percentage)

After applying the coupon code, now you make the payment. After successful payment, you will be available with your hosting plan and a free domain. You are now eligible to get free Divi themes with a lifetime access.

Most important - To get the Divi Theme you need to give us the receipt of your purchased hosting plan. We will verify your purchase at our end if found genuine you will receive the following stuffs:

  1. Divi theme with activation key
  2. Divi builder
  3. Bloom Email Opt-in-plugin
  4. Monarch-Social-Share-Follow-Plugin
  5. Extra Magazine theme


Mail Us Your Receipt Here

Divi theme activation key

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