Sell Your Photos Online on 10 Best High Paying Sites - $100 or more for a single photo

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment - Genuine Guide

Top 10 Sites To Sell Your Photos - Get paid for every click you make

Hello friends, welcome to blogEarns. Today I come up with a very interesting way to earn money online without any extra effort and the work is Photo Selling Job. You can earn $100 or more by selling just one photo. Shocked? Yes this is true.

This post is going to be very interesting especially for those who love to click pictures.

Sell your images on these 10 high paying websites to get money off your photo addiction. Each one has its own payment system, but they all provide a terrific method to turn files that have been lying on your hard drive for a while into some extra income with no effort once you've updated and submitted them.

There are many websites that are willing to pay you for your photos - and often they pay very well. But we selected the top 10 websites based on photo prices and payment methods. So, you can check out this website and start earning money online by your photography. Check out Creative Fabrica to obtain incredible stockphotos!

Here are the list of top 10 websites where you can make money with your photo:

1. 500px Prime

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According to 500px, five million photographers use the platform to sell their stock photos. If you submit your photographs for commercial licensing, you'll get 70% NET for each license sold (basic licenses are $250), and your photographs may appear in big-name ad campaigns.

To test out 500px Prime, first create a free 500px account. Then, for each image, submit your images, enable your store, and fill out the relevant forms (including model release, liability release, etc.).

You'll also be able to specify whether the photographs will be licensed as exclusive or non-exclusive. You'll make more money with a special license, but you won't be able to license or sell your images to anybody else.

2. Fotolia

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Fotolia is now owned by Adobe. It's integrated into a number of Adobe tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, allowing customers to purchase your photographs directly from within those products. On the photographs you sell through Fotolia, you receive a 20% to 46% commission - the higher your contributor level, the more the percentage commission you'll earn.

You earn credits at Fotolia that you may exchange for cash. Per image, you can earn anywhere from 1 to 30 credits. And a single credit is worth $1.40. The site accepts a wide range of high-quality photographs from a variety of subjects. However, it encourages you to look at images by best-selling artists to acquire photo ideas.

3. SmugMug

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SmugMug Pro allows you to maintain 85 percent of your picture markup. To take advantage of this high royalties, you'll need to acquire a Pro membership, which starts at $12.50 per month; there is also a free option.

From SmugMug's website, here's an illustration of how the price structure works: "You sell a 5/7 for $10.79, however the default pricing on SmugMug is $0.79. The profit margin is $10.00. You make a profit of $8.5 (85% of dollar 10).

Because you get to determine how much to charge for your photographs, this is a terrific site for someone with a truly entrepreneurial spirit.

4. Photomoolah

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PhotoMoolah differs from other photographic websites in the way it operates. You enter numerous photography contests instead of publishing your photographs to an online catalogue on Photomool that buyers can purchase.

The average prize for a contest is between $100 and $200. As a result, if your images are chosen, the site might be highly profitable.

And you might win up to $500 if you win the contest!

5. Shutterstock

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On Shutterstock, you may make up to $120 every image download. The site's price structure is quite complicated, but the more you earn, the more money you take home for each image.

Overall, the contributors have made over $300 million from over 500 million downloads, indicating that people are snapping these photos. Shutterstock also sells stock video footage, as well as HD and 4K video, as well as photos and vectors.

You can also refer other photographers and earn a tiny commission each time they sell an image, generally around four cents. You can earn 20% of a customer's first purchase, up to $200, if they refer a customer who buys a photo.

6. iStockphotos

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Since 2001, this website has been offering stock photos. It has a large network of contributors and meticulously vets new applications to ensure they are a good fit, as it has for some time.

Simply choose the most appropriate genre (photo, picture, video, or audio) and fill out an application (which is completely free). Your qualifications will be reviewed by the iStockphoto team, and you will be given a short quiz to assess them. The next step is to upload several samples of your work to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

You will receive a minimum of 15% of any sale once you have been accepted by iStockphoto. Your revenue can grow by up to 45 percent if you have "exclusive" status. To help you estimate your revenue, here's a detailed royalty schedule with average prices.


Submit Photos Here Click Here!

Most people think of Instagram as a social networking and image-sharing platform, but did you know that your Instagram images may earn you money?

While Instagram does not pay you directly for your photos, you can get money from them by uploading them to the Instaprints website.

All you have to do is link your Instagram account to your Instaprints account, and you can start selling actual prints of your images.

One of the nicest parts of selling your photos on Instaprint is that you get to choose your own prices.

Printing and shipping of physical prints is handled by Instaprint.

Per image, you can earn anywhere from $5 to over $50!

8. Etsy

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Etsy isn't just for selling wedding decorations, custom Halloween costumes, and quirky cat-themed gifts. You can even sell your photos!

While the fee structure is advantageous for a photographer (Etsy puts 20 cents on each sale plus 3.5% of the sale price), you have to do extra work to make those sales.

While people browsing stock photo websites are specifically looking to buy images, not everyone browsing Etsy will be looking for photos. And people looking for photos may not think of looking on Etsy.

Therefore, if you choose to sell your images on this site, you will have to spend time and energy marketing your designs and images. But Etsy takes such a small cut of each sale, it might be worth your while.

Etsy provides a useful handbook to help you learn about branding, marketing, how to price your items, and how to be successful. You determine the prices when you open your own Etsy shop, so your income potential is nearly limitless.

9. Dreamstime

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One of the better-paying photography websites is Dreamstime.

You can make anywhere from $1 to $40 for each image.

The percentage of royalties you receive on the site varies between 25% and 50%.

If you prefer to sell your photos only through Dreamstime, however, you will be paid a 60% royalty on all photographs.

It's worth noting that the site's image verification process is a little more stringent than other sites, so only post photographs of the finest quality.

10. Big Stock Photo

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BigStockPhoto is another great resource for aspiring photographers.

This website pays you a 30% commission on any photographs you sell. You can earn anything from $0.50 to $25 every download.

The website accepts a wide range of photographic themes, including landscape and cuisine photography.

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Conclusion - Sell Your Photos Online on 10 Best High Paying Sites

Whether you take photos with your smartphone or a DSLR camera, these sites should allow you to profit from your work. All you have to do is be consistent with your uploads and do some research on what each site wants and what sells well on each platform You'll have a lot better chance of succeeding if you do that.

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