How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

How to Earn Money By Writing Reviews

Earn Online Money By Writing Reviews On 10 Legit Sites

If you are crazy about online shopping then this post is going to be very beneficial for you. Because in this post I am going to discuss 10 legit sites that will pay you for your reviews on products and services. In this way, you can earn a lot of money without investing even a single rupee.

Although there are many ways to make money online, most of them require effort and patience, but here you don't need anything other than your opinion on a particular product or service.

In this online earning method you write your experience about a particular product which you have used and you get paid in return for your review. And the best part of this is that you can honestly write your opinion in this regard.

This is great for people who always shop online. You can buy as many products as you can and write reviews and switch to different products once you get bored with that product, thus you can continue your earning cycle.

In this post, I am going to make you aware of the 10 best legal sites that will actually pay you for your valuable review.

Earn online money by Writing Reviews

1. Review Stream

Minimum Payment Threshold $50
Official Website Join Today!

Review Stream is one of the highest-paying review sites with multiple product categories.

You can write your review on several product categories like Software, Electronics, Hotels, Restaurants, Clothes, Telecom operators, Cosmetic items, Gadgets, Books, and more. Due to the broad category, I can't mention all of them for writing a review.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

You will get $2 for writing a review which is one of the highest rates in the industry compared to other review websites. You will be paid $0.10 each time another user responds to your written review.

2. Software Judge

Minimum Payment Threshold $200
Official Website Join Today!

If you belong to a technical background, Software Judge is going to be of great help to you. Because you can review different categories of software and earn good money from your review.

Software Judge offers you $1 per review and also you can earn a maximum of $50 if your review is selected by the editor.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

The different categories of software available for review on the Software Judge website are as follows:

  1. Audio & MP3
  2. Business Finance
  3. Design & Photo
  4. Desktop Enhancements
  5. Games
  6. Home & Education
  7. Internet
  8. Software Development
  9. Utilities
  10. Video & DVD
  11. Web Authoring

The only downside of this site is that it allows you to write only 3 reviews in a day which means you can earn a limited amount per month.

3. User Testing

Minimum Payment Threshold NA
Official Website Join Today!

Writing a review on the User Testing site is quite interesting because you write reviews based on your experience that you will gain while examining sites for 10-20 mins offered by User Testing. You need to test the site on the basis of User Interface (UI), Load time, Friendly navigations, etc.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

You need to be very creative while examining a site because you are required to suit a video of your site examination along with your voice throughout the video about the site. Video length must be of 10-20 minutes.

For every 20-minute test you finish, you'll get $10, and for live interviews, you'll get $30 to $120.

Another thing you should know before joining the site is that you need to be approved as a website tester before you can start the review. You must first submit a dummy website check while submitting your application, the site owner will review the check you submitted and if accepted you can start earning.

4. InboxDollars

Payment Methods PayPal Cash | Check | Amazon gift cards | Visa prepaid card | eCard
Official Website Join Today!

InboxDollars is one of the best sites to make money online by writing reviews. You will get $5 instant as a joining bonus. You can also earn by taking surveys. In addition to writing reviews and taking surveys you can also earn by reading paid emails, Cashback on shopping, Watching videos, Coupons, and Playing Games.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

You'll get automatic tickets into the weekly InboxDollars sweepstakes in addition to earning money for sharing your opinion.

Payment: InboxDollars will pay you by PayPal, Check, and Amazon gift cards. Gold members can also receive payment via Visa prepaid card or an eCard.

5. Vindale Research

Payment Methods PayPal Cash | Paper Check
Countries United States | United Kingdom | Canada | Australia
Official Website Join Today! (Closed Now)

You are not limited to earn online money by taking surveys only, You can earn online money by referring your friends (You can earn $5 per refer), earn cash for every email you open, watch paid videos and give feedback.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

The downside of this site is that if you are a resident of countries other than the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, you can't register on this site.

Vindale allows PayPal and paper checks as payment methods. It's completely free to join, and you'll get your first $2 just for signing up. Vindale will pay up to $75 for your opinion in select surveys!


Minimum Payment Threshold NA
Official Website Join Today!

CrowdTap is a unique way to review products as you accomplish daily assignments. By selecting a task on your smartphone, you will be compensated for posting a high-quality review on a certain product.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

You may be awarded gift cards, product samples, and other products after successfully leaving a review.

You can earn points for completing daily polls and responding to survey invites in addition to evaluating products.

If you share your CrowdTap evaluations on your blog or social media sites, you can earn bonus points.

7. Panel Pay Day

Minimum Payment Threshold NA
Official Website Join Today!

Panel Pay Day offers five types of review in which you can participate and earn online money, the five manners to earn online on Panel Pay Day are as follows:

  1. Complete simple online tasks
  2. Become a Mystery Shopper
  3. Participation in a discussion group
  4. Participation in a Focus group
  5. Online Survey
How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

Earnings of up to $150 per task are achievable. You can earn between $10 and $50 an hour as a mystery shopper, where you assess a company based on your shopping experience and write a review!

Signing up with Panel Pay Day and completing your first survey will also earn you your first $25.

If you work full-time or simply want to supplement your money, Panel Pay Day is a wonderful alternative because you may anticipate receiving two to four invitations per month.

8. Get Reviewed

Minimum Payment Threshold NA
Payment Mode PayPal
Official Website Join Today!

For sponsored blog posts and blog reviews, Get Reviews will pay you cash. To get started, you must be a self-hosted blogger with a domain authority of 20 or above.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

After your post is completed, you will be paid via PayPal for 14 days.

Get Review is completely free to join and can be a terrific way to supplement your income by generating content.

9. Valued Voice

Minimum Payment Threshold NA
Payment Mode PayPal
Official Website Join Today!
How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

Valued Voice is one of the best platforms to work on for earning online money by writing reviews. They offer you to write reviews on the following mediums:

  1. Blogs
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Youtube
  5. Instagram

Adding more accounts improves your chances of being authorized for paid review authoring. You are eligible for a payment once you have earned more than $100 and get paid on the first of each month. You can pay quickly without exceeding the $100 limit by upgrading your account subscription.

10. Cooperatize

Minimum Payment Threshold NA
Payment Mode PayPal
Official Website Join Today!

Another paid review service that connects you with advertising is Cooperate. According to their website, each opportunity pays between $150 and $800. When you exceed the unique visitor target, you can earn even more money.

How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

Collaboration may be more interesting than some of the other influential platforms in this post if you appreciate the notion of being able to expand your earning potential for each article beyond the initial payout. It's also free to join.

Conclusion: How To Earn Money By Writing Reviews - 10 Legit Sites

Finally, I discussed all ten legitimate sites for writing review with joining links where you can earn good money online. I hope you enjoy reading the post. Start earning today by joining any of these sites that suits you. After earning money from these sites do let us know in the comments as it will help others to earn money online. If you have any question in your mind then tell me in comment or you can mail me at

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