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What is Vlog - Definition and Meaning?

Vlog: A vlog is a series of videos that someone puts on the internet on a regular basis in which they record their thoughts, experiences, or discuss a topic.

The full form of Vlog is video blog or video log. Vlog is nothing but a blog that contains videos instead of written content.

A vlog is usually a personal video shot on any given subject. Using a fashion vlog as an example, they can set up a tripod in their bedroom. A vlog could be made with little more than a GoPro strapped to your chest, or a vlogging camera could simply be your smartphone.

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Vlogging is a terrific method to share your experiences and improve your audience, whether you're a burgeoning YouTube celebrity or a seasoned professional editor.

Before you go viral on the internet, there are a few things you should know about rocking in front of the camera and creating a vlog.

1. Content

Create a list of topics that you are passionate about and that the audience will find fascinating and engaging. Make sure you narrow down your topic, do thorough research, and write down the main things you want to include in your video. Plan for a common beginning, middle, and end to keep your vlog brief.

2. Vlogging Camera

The type of vlog you intend to make should be closely tied to the camera you utilize. You may use your webcam to record a simple blog from your standing desk. A DSLR camera on a tripod, on the other hand, will offer the greatest pictures if you need more detail and have more equipment. If you're making a travel vlog, a GoPro or your phone will suffice.

3. Video Background

Take into account your geographical location. Are you in front of a bland office building or a white wall? Your apartment is littered with a half-eaten bag of chips and unwashed clothing.

Arrange your camera in such a way that your background is appealing and vivid. Install a gallery wall, visit a park, or use a fully green screen to appear to be somewhere else.

4. Lighting

Bring it to light because the light is everything. The quality of the lighting is the first thing viewers notice when watching a video. In this scenario, more is likely to be better.

Keep in mind that the light should be directed towards you rather than behind you. You'll end up looking like a shadow creature if you don't.

The utilization of daylight and window lighting is a cost-free lighting solution. Consider umbrella lights, light rings, and reflectors if you want to invest.

5. Audio

Examine your surroundings for sounds. If you're filming adjacent to a school, there's a good chance it'll be noisy. Find a peaceful location or a room with decent acoustics to shoot in. No one will pay attention to you if they can't hear you.

Before you start filming your vlog, make sure you test the audio quality of your camera. A boom mic, lavalier, or recording device may be required.

6. Video Editing Software

You'll need video editing software to cut, trim, and put it all together now that you've acquired your footage for a vlog. Look for software that is within your budget. Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Grass Valley EDIUS, and Sony Vegas Pro are the leading players in the game. You can look at less expensive options, but better equipment is worth the investment if you plan on doing this for a long time. Additionally, platforms like FlexClip video editor can also serve as valuable resources for editing your content effectively.

7. Share Video

Get some input from a Vlogger or a YouTuber that you trust. They will be able to see flaws that you may not have noticed because they have fresh eyes. Then go ahead and put it on the internet. Make sure it's SEO-friendly and that you distribute it on social media. If you're having trouble getting started, we've got some more advice for you!

Are you ready to start a vlog and take the first step toward an internet celebrity? In the comments, tell us about your first vlog.

How to make money Vlogging

How to make money vlogging

With today's vlogging industry and its size, you may make money while staying at home and speaking with your friends. It is no longer a game of chance or deception, but rather a career.

Vloggers have taken over the internet and are now reaping the rewards of the digital entertainment industry, setting the path for profit. Do you want a piece of that pie for yourself? Do you think you have a good idea? Do you want to put your content-creation talents to the test? We've here to find out how you can profit from it.

Let's start from scratch: The process of generating short videos on a certain topic is known as Vlogging. There are fashion Vloggers who demonstrate dress techniques and tech vloggers who focus on the newest product reviews and tech recommendations, for example. Vlogging, like any other kind of money generation, involves tedious tasks such as editing, planning, and posting in order to be profitable. Still, in general, you're just sharing your experience in front of the camera dealing with the things you want.

Different Strategies for earning money online from Vlogging

There are many ways to make good money from vlogging, but here I am going to discuss with you only the most profitable ways! Let's see them one by one...

Product Promotion

It doesn't matter what your vlog niche is about. You can promote seller's product through your vlog and get paid for it.

Let's talk about the fashion vlog we mentioned earlier as an example. A fashion company may approach you to tell their audience about their fashion products in your next video. Or add any of their products to your "Favorite New Product of the Year" list. But you must be very careful, never lie to earn money because you will lose the trust of your audience and hence any of your reviews will be rejected by your audience and you will be at a big loss. Your face value will be gone.

Ad placement

Placing ads directly at the beginning or end of your video is an obvious way to make money from your video content. You can also take a commercial break, but be cautious: too many adverts in your video will irritate your visitors and discourage them from watching and subscribing to the finish. Because your video "breaks" the people watching, and most people don't see the ad at the end of the clip, you won't get compensated for those advertisements, pre-video ads appear to be the best alternative.

The simplest way to sell ads is through the YouTube platform, which, like Google, uses the Google AdSense feature, which allows you to start selling ads in just a few clicks.

Vocal Ads

You are not limited to placing ads at the beginning or end of your video content, you can also mention sponsor ads for a few seconds or sometimes a minute, explaining the benefits of the brand among your video content. Once you've got a large audience size and great views per video, you can set your own price for an ad or review for a particular product or brand.


The secret to becoming a successful Vlogger is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. When you become a supporter, your audience and respect slowly grow, and people pay more attention to what you have to say. Then you can start making money from your position by offering webinars to those who want to learn more from you. It's still crucial to note that customers who pay for webinars will want you to deliver more information on the subject. You should also pay attention to the audience's needs and wishes, and continue to persuade them that investing in this webinar is a good investment. Some of these people may return to attend more webinars if you do everything correctly.

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Conclusion: How to make money from Vlogging

Vlogging is an open door for people who are talented, intriguing, and one-of-a-kind. Be a professional, build an audience, and start making money. Instead of focusing on making as much money as possible, keep in mind that passion and originality are the keys to true career success.Finally I hope you got enough idea about Vlogging and How to earn money from a Vlog. If any query you have in your mind let me know in the comment or mail me at karunasingh@blogearns.com

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