50+ Genuine Survey Sites For Earning Money Online - 100% Sure Payment

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment - Genuine Guide

50+ Best Online Survey Sites that Really Pay - All free and legit Market Research Companies

Get paid for taking online surveys for money. This sounds like everyone's dream job!

It's no surprise that it's so popular. Paid surveys are usually one of the first options most people explore when it comes to making money online and working from home.

Regrettably, for many people, this desire becomes a nightmare!

Genuine Survey Sites For Earning Money Online

While there are legitimate market research businesses that conduct online surveys and pay panelists for their time, there are also scammers out there who aim to deceive you.

Unfortunately, many people fall for these get-rich-quick tactics. But don't worry we are here to help you.

We've compiled a list of 61 of the top reputable paid survey panels you can join for free to help you avoid becoming one of those people.

Before getting into the topic, understand what is an online survey? How the panelists get paid and how the surveyor earns after successfully completing the survey.

What is an online survey?

An online survey is a questionnaire that can be completed by a target population via the Internet. Web forms are commonly used to generate online surveys, which include a database for storing responses and statistical software for analysis. Incentives such as the chance to win a prize are frequently used to entice people to take online surveys.

How do servey sites works?

Companies invest a huge amount in market research before launching a product or service because it gives them hard data on which to base their important decisions. Companies can do this themselves or hire some specialist market research companies to conduct surveys and collect data for them from the market. These market research companies invite us to take surveys based on eligibility criteria and pay incentives in the form of cash, vouchers and gift cards to the surveyors.

You may not be eligible for all the surveys as different surveys have different eligibility criteria, but believe me, being eligible for at least 5 surveys per day can fetch you a huge amount, i.e. $10 - $20 per day.

50+ Genuine Survey Sites For Earning Money Online - 100% Sure Payment

1. NiceQuest

Official Site www.nicequest.com
Payout Limit $5
Payment Method Merchandise, Store Gift Cards, Movie vouchers, Restaurant gift cards, Donations to charity, Sweepstakes entries

It's a fantastic panel that includes surveys for Hispanics and teenagers, as well as mobile surveys via their app.

They have surveys that pay well. As a result, it is extremely popular.।

Each survey earns you shells, which are points. 1$ is roughly equal to 10 shells.

And when it comes to cashing in on your profits, NiceQuest provides the widest number of incentives and alternatives, ranging from electronics, toys, and gift cards to restaurant and movie theatre gift cards, from numerous online and brick-and-mortar retailers. , as well as charitable contributions.

What I liked about NiceQuest is that, unlike most other sites where you only get paid if you qualify and complete surveys, but in Nicequest you get points even if you are not eligible for them. For this reason, it's a must-join website!

2. Datatelligence Online

Official Site www.datatelligence.net
Payout Limit 1000 Points
Payment Method PayPal and Prizes

The majority of their surveys take about 10 minutes to complete. They don't have many surveys accessible, unfortunately. Each month, you may receive 1-2 surveys.

Some surveys pay cash, some give you a chance to win prizes, and still others give you Datatelligence points.

3. Mindspay

Official Site www.mindspay.com
Payout Limit $50
Payment Method PayPal
Description They also claim to be able to pay people to test their products. However, this isn't truly a paid product trial, but rather a way to receive money back. In essence, in addition to surveys, you can use their portal to purchase things and services and receive a set amount of cash back for each dollar spent. It's a terrific method to receive some cash back if you're going to buy something in advance. However, don't buy something solely because of the cashback.

4. FusionCash

Official Site www.fusioncash.net
Payout Limit $25
Payment Method Check, Direct Deposite, PayPal
Description FusionCash is comparable to CashCrate in that it is not solely a market research company-run survey panel. You can also earn money by signing up for various websites and completing offers, making purchases, and participating in surveys. You'll also receive a $5 bonus just for registering.

5. Engage Studies Consumer Panel

Official Site www.engagestudies.com
Payout Limit $50
Payment Method Check
Description The highest-paying surveys at Engage Studies range from $50 to $250. However, many surveys are not available at all times of the year. However, it is a useful addition to your list of money-making survey sites.

6. Engage Studies Healthcare Panel

Official Site www.engagestudies.com/zoho/medical.php
Payout Limit $50
Payment Method Check
Description Another panel organised by Engage Studies is dedicated solely to health-related research. You must be a member of the medical/healthcare community in order to join.

7. ESearch

Official Site www.esearch.com
Payout Limit $1
Payment Method PayPal
Description This is another panel that accepts members from all over the world, however the majority of their studies are conducted in the United States. You can expect to be paid somewhere between $1 and $5 every survey. The incentive for some of their surveys, though, is one ticket into a raffle.

8. HCD Survey

Official Site www.hcdsurveys.com
Payout Limit $10
Payment Method Check
Description Each survey gives you 100 ($1) to 500 ($5) points on average, which translates to $1 to $5. One thing I don't like about this site is that receiving your check can take up to 4-6 weeks. It makes sense to me because processing checks takes time in a business of that magnitude. I wish they'd all gone to PayPal because it's simple to do and you get paid quickly.

9. Panda Research

Official Site www.pandaresearch.com
Payout Limit $50
Payment Method PayPal
Description You can even get paid to read emails with Panda. Each purchased email is worth anywhere from 3 to 25 dollars. When you sign up, you'll also earn a $3 incentive.

10. Consumer Village

Official Site www.village.gongos.com
Payout Limit $5
Payment Method Gift Cards
Description Consumer Village is distinguished from other panels by their moderated survey. They have "moderate" surveys where you can discuss the topic with other panellists while the discussion is moderated by a moderator, in addition to the normal surveys where you fill out the questioners.

11. Directive Analytics Panel

Official Site www.directiveanalytics.com
Payout Limit $1
Payment Method Check
Description For each survey, you will receive "Direct Points." One dollar is equal to 100 direct points. To redeem your DP, send them an email with the subject "Check Request" in the subject line.

10. Vindale Research

Official Site www.vindale.com (Closed now)
Payout Limit $50
Payment Method PayPal, Check
Description Although their minimum payment appears to be expensive, they do have some really high-paying surveys, with some earning as much as $50. Windell will even give you $2 simply for signing up.

13. ePoll

Official Site www.epoll.com
Min. Payout $5
Payment Method PayPal, Gift Card
Description ePoll is an ancient survey panel that has shown to be a reliable funding source.

14. CashCrate

Official Site www.cashcrate.com
Min. Payout $20
Payment Method PayPal
Description With CashCrate, taking surveys isn't the only method to get money. Making offers, purchases, and even introducing friends and family to the site are all ways to earn money.

15. My Opinion Now

Official Site www.myopinionnow.com
Min. Payout $20
Payment Method Check
Description Every survey you complete earns you reward points. The more time you spend on the survey, the more RP you will get.

16. YouGov

Official Site https://in.yougov.com/en-hi/
Min. Payout $50
Payment Method Prizes, Gift Card
Description Their polls frequently cover interesting themes including politics, public policy, products, brands, and current events.

17. Paid Viewpoint

Official Site https://paidviewpoint.com/
Min. Payout $15
Payment Method PayPal
Description Paid View Points are particularly appealing to me because of their speedy rewards. Your PayPal payment is normally received in less than 72 hours.

18. Springboard America

Official Site www.springboardamerica.com
Min. Payout $20
Payment Method PayPal, Prepaid Visa, Gift Cards
Description Each survey earns you points, which are instantly credited to your account (usually less than 24 hours after completing the survey.)

19. American Consumer Opinion Panel

Official Site www.acop.com
Min. Payout 1000 Points
Payment Method PayPal, Hyperwallet
Description Decision Analysts, Inc. powered by a panel is one of the leading market research firms in the country, and American Consumer Opinion is one of them. They've been in business for a long time and have proven to be a trustworthy and, more significantly, profitable survey company.

20. Crowdology

Official Site https://crowdology.com/
Min. Payout PayPal - $8 and Amazon - $10
Payment Method PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards

This is a very new (ish) survey site that has quickly become one of my favourites.

You can get PayPal money in less than 48 hours if you request it (usually much faster.)

The Amazon Rewards gift card is the sole drawback. Your gift card could take up to four weeks to arrive. Hopefully, they will be able to speed things up shortly.

21. One Opinion

Official Site www.oneopinion.com
Min. Payout $25
Payment Method PayPal, Prepaid Visa
Description In addition to surveys, OneOpinion occasionally conducts product tests.

22. PanelPolls

Official Site https://panelpolls.com/
Min. Payout $20
Payment Method Check
Description They offer a lot of family surveys. You can also participate in paid focus groups through them.

23. Legerweb

Official Site https://www.legeropinion.com/en/
Min. Payout $20
Payment Method Check
Description Lagerweb is a Canadian panel that rewards you not just for completing surveys, but also for recommending friends and family.

24. Clear Voice

Official Site www.clearvoicesurveys.com
Min. Payout $10
Payment Method Payoneer, Amazon Gift Certificate, Dinning Dough
Description It is one of the few companies that allows foreign members, despite the fact that the majority of their surveys are conducted in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Here are the list of more online money making sites

List of some more legitimate survey sites that you can use to earn money online:

Site Name Links
Springboard America www.springboardamerica.com
MySoapBox www.mysoapbox.com
Hot Spex www.hotspex.com
MobileXpression www.mobilexpression.com
Univox Community www.univoxcommunity.com
Opinion Square www.opinionsquare.com
Permission Research www.permissionresearch.com
20|20 Panel join.2020panel.com
Global Survey Group www.globalsurveygroup.com
Medical Advisory Board www.medicaladvisoryboard.com
SBKC www.sbkcenter.com
CVS Pharmacy cvs.opinioninsight.com
Center For Decision Science home.gsb.columbia.edu
KnowledgePanel join.knpanel.com
Palm Research palmresearch.com
TellBut www.tellwut.com
QuestMindShare www.questmindshare.com
Darwin's Data darwinsdata.com
HagenSinclair hagensinclair.com
Spider Metrix www.spidermetrix.com
Survey Reward www.surveyrewardz.com
GrabPoints grabpoints.com
Opinion World www.opinionworld.com
MyPoints www.mypoints.com
iSurveyWorld www.isurveyworld.com
Opinion Bureau www.opinionbureau.com
Valued Opinion www.valuedopinions.co.in
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