100+ Best Blogging Niche List 2022 [Updated]

Best Blogging Niches For High Earning

Hello Friends, after my previous post How to setup a blog in Google Blogger, today I am giving you a list of 100+ Blogging Niche and blogging niche ideas to start your blog, you can start a blog on any of them or these blogging niches can inspire you to start a blog on another related topic.

blogging niche ideas

Before I begin, I would like to suggest some points that you should consider before choosing a niche:

  • Select a Niche of your interest.
  • Select a niche you like to read.
  • About which you can share your knowledge well
  • What about people who are interested in reading? Do they ask questions on that topic?

Let's start the Blogging Niche which is around 100+ and start your blog with these Blogging niche ideas...

#1 Health and Fitness Blog

In this niche, you can write blogs such as Weight Loss, Weight Gain, How to remove dark circles, How to reduce diabetes, How to maintain normal Blood Pressure, Daily Diets, etc.

#2 Beauty Blog

On this niche, you can write blogs on topics like Skin care, body care, hair care, How to stop hair fall, How to straighten your hair, Proper way of makeup, Hairstyle tutorials, and much more.

#3 Homemade remedies

Homemade Ayurvedic medicines for disease cure

#4 Business ideas blog

Complete different types of the business start-up process, How to expand the business, Where to get a business card, How much it costs to set up a business, How to set up an office, the Best co-working space in Lucknow, Noida, etc.

#5 Startup business news blog

Which startup got how much investment, which one Startup is working on which idea etc.

#6 Online money blog

Different ways to earn online money, How to earn money through Freelancing, How to earn money by writing articles, How to do online part-time work along with college to gain money etc.

#7 Education and career blog

How to become a pilot, how to become a doctor, chartered, How to become an accountant… You can write articles on every such career etc.

#8 Product Comparison Blog

Here you can compare different products and guide users on which product is better and for what reason. Most likely products that people always search for are - Mobile phones, Bikes, Cars, Televisions, Professional cameras, etc.

#9 Song Lyrics blog

The search for song lyrics is very high. You can write lyrics to every latest song and gain more and more organic traffic to your blog. It requires less effort but huge traffic, a very suitable blogging niche for beginners.

#10 Gadgets Review Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write reviews of digital products like laptops, Mobiles, headphones, Smartwatches, and Virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and much more.

#11 Automobile Review Blog

In this niche, you can write reviews of Bikes and cars and compare different models of bikes and cars. You can also write the best sports bikes, cars, best SUVs under 20 lakhs, and Best bikes in 150cc. Compare different brands of bikes and cars in a certain price range and much more to write on this niche.

#12 Mobile Help Blog

Solution of any problem in every mobile, tips and tricks. For example - How to play PUBG in Redmi Note 4 and why MX player automatically stops in Redmi Note 4 solution.

#13 Entertainment Review Blog

In this blog niche you can write movie reviews, song reviews, when the South Indian dubbed movie is releasing and details of that movie, star casts role, movie rating, etc.

#14 Life Coach Blog

Here you can post articles on Personality Development and motivation. How to boost confidence, How to make new friends, How to prepare for an Interview etc.

#15 Job Vacancies Blog

This blogging niche drives huge traffic but you need to be very prompt in your updates, try to upload any jobs such as Sarkari jobs or Private jobs very first on your blog. Write about exams and provide study material for different exams, Update exam results and Admit cards very promptly.

#16 Trending News Blog

You can write articles about whatever News is trending or going viral. People search such News for full details.

#17 Mystery Blog

In this niche, you can write articles on Alien, UFO, Ghost, Jalpari, Bermuda Triangle, Iceman, Unsolved mysteries Conspiracy theories, Illuminati, etc.

#18 Top 10 Blog

In this niche, you can write articles on Top 10 politicians, Top 10 Cricketers, Top 10 Actors, Top 10 Horror movies, Top 10 Mobiles, Top 10 Bikes, Top 10 Television, etc.

#19 How to Blog

Tutorial blog - How to create Emails, How to set up a YouTube channel, How to apply for an Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc.

#20 Technology Explanation Blog

In this niche, you can write an article on How Printer and laser light work, How electric cars run and what are the technologies behind them, How Virtual reality works, How 3D lens works, etc.

#21 Travel Blog

In this niche, you can write articles on Tourist places in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Rajasthan, How to travel on your low budget, and Best travel blog reviews.

#22 Cooking & Recipes Blog

In this niche, you can write an article on How to prepare tasty Aloo paratha, How to prepare Pizza at home, How to cook Butter Paneer Masala at home like a restaurant, Easy breakfast recipes for students staying in a hostel, etc.

#23 Interview Question Collection Blog

In this niche, you can write articles on Job Interview questions and answers, IAS interview questions, Tech interview questions, Google interview questions, etc.

#24 Relationship Advice Blog

In this niche, you can write advice on Dating and Love, How to talk to a girl, Girls love which type of birthday gifts daughter, Which type of place you should go with your lover on the first date, etc.

#25 Men Fashion Blog

In this niche you can write article on hairstyle tips, How to dressup for a party, What should be your getup while going for an interview etc.

#26 Finance and Investment Blog

NOTE: If you have knowledge then only start this blog, because it is all about money and for this reason it's very risky.

In this blogging niche you can write artices on Where to invest money,, How to open bank account and DEMAT account, What is Mutual fund, How to invest in stock market, Which companies are best for stock market investment, How to save taxes etc.

#27 Celebrity Information Blog

In this niche, you can write article on Height, weight, age, net worth, girlfriend/boufriend, Marriage of celebrities, etc.

#28 Biography Blog

In this niche you can write Biography of successful person like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve jobs, APJ Abdul Kalam, Atal Bihari Bajpayee etc.

#29 Agriculture Blog

In this niche, you can write on How to do farming, How to increase the fertility of a plant, Which seed is good for a particular plant, How to plant a big tomato, Best farming practice for sugarcane, Advanced farming practices, How to sell your grains in the market and on what price, How to do vertical farming, What is minimum support price offered by the government, etc.

#30 Festival Wishes Blog

In this niche you can write on every festivals and wishes like Diwali wishes, New Year Wishes, Holi Wishes, Raksha bandhan greetings etc.

#31 Android Apps Blog

This blogging niche is very demanding you can write articles like Best Android Apps for video editing, Best Android Apps for Games, Best Apps for Students, Best Android Appps for photo editing, Best Apps for online dating etc.

#32 Astrology Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write an article listing the Best blog for astrologers, horoscopes, Numerology, Palm reading, etc.

#33 Puja Blog

In this blogging niche you can write article on How to worship Diwali, How to worship Ganesh, Laxmi puja, Mantras of Maa Laxmi, Mantra of Load Shiva. In the same way, you can write about different religions.

#34 Temples of India/World Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write articles on famous temples in India and the World, and best time to visit these temples, the Opening and closing hours, the Staying facility nearby these temples, and How to reach these temples in full detail. In the same way, you can write for Gurudwara, Church, Gurjaghar, Mosque, etc.

#35 Sports Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write updates on Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, IPL, Which player bought for how much, Kabaddi premier league, Indian Super League, Indian Players with their Wives/Girlfriends, etc.

#36 Fantasy Sports Blog

In this blogging niche you can write articles on Best websites and Apps for playing fantasy sports, How to select your team in Dream 11 etc.

NOTE: Do not create a blog on gambling and betting. It is illegal in some parts of India and you will not get Google Ads which can be a legal issue.

#37 Social Media Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write small-small quotes, Shayari, and Funny Jokes for WhatsApp Status Facebook status. You can provide best group link for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook etc.

#38 Kitchen Tips Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write about the best Pressure cooker, Best Tawa, How to decorate a kitchen, How to get an LPG connection, etc

#39 Online Course Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write about the Best online course to learn photography and Photoshop. Top online courses to learn Data Science, Best Unniversity for online degree etc.

#40 Political News Blog

Those who are interested in politics can start a blog in this niche. You can give complete information in detail about all the big news coming daily on politics.

#41 Study Material Blog

Collection of study material to prepare for whatever exam is coming. Try to put complete sets of study material for each particular exam because this niche is some what difficult to rank.

#42 Local Area Blog

In this blog niche you can write on a particular City or State like - Best places to visit in that city or state, Best coaching for Guitar in that city, Best dance classes in that city or state, etc.

#43 Parenting Blog

In this blog niche, you can write on How to take care of kids, Kids' diet according to age, How to stop kids if they abuse, Healthy food for kids, the Best way of breastfeeding, Online safety for kids, Best products for kids skin, etc.

#44 Pregnancy Blog

In this blog niche, you can write about How to take precautions from starting to ending during pregnancy, Pregnancy exercise, Weight loss after pregnancy, the Best food diet during pregnancy what not to eat during this period, etc.

#45 Decoration / Interior designing / Home decor / Craft Blog

In this blog niche, you can write on How to decorate your home, How to make a pencil box from a used product, How to make a key chain holder, Mehndi designs, etc.

#46 Gaming Blog

This niche is very popular among youngsters and drive more traffic to gaming blog. In this niche you can write about reviews of best games, Best PC setup for playing games, New games review, Best xbox games etc.

#47 Sewing Blog

In this niche, you can write How to stitch clothes, How to make sweaters, How to stitch jeans, how to make a carry bag at home, etc.

#48 Wedding Blog

In this niche, you can write - What to take care of while selecting a wedding dress, How to choose a wedding destination, Wedding photography styles, Best mehndi styles for a wedding, Best gift items for a wedding, etc.

#49 Yoga and Meditation Blog

In this niche you can write - Best Yoga for increasing height, for weight loss, Best yoga to reduce belly fat, Yoga for better breathing, How to meditate, Best meditation apps, Benefits of meditation, etc.

#50 Language learning Blog

In this niche, you can write tutorials on learning English, and Hindi, English grammar tips, How to speak English, Best Apps for learning English, English dialogues between customers and business owners, Conversations between students and teachers, etc.

#51 Gardening Blog

In this niche you can write - How to plant Aloe vera at home, Gardening tips, How to take care of Rose plant

#52 Spirituality & Law of Attraction Blog

In this niche you can write - How to keep yourself happy, How to make gratitude journal, What is law of attraction, How to make vision board, etc.

#53 Photography Blog

In this niche, you can teach photoshop, video editing, image editing tips, How to edit a photo on mobile, How to create a film on mobile, etc.

#54 Android App Development Blog

In this niche, you can write about How to make an Android App, How to earn money through an Android App, the Best platform for Android App creation, etc.

#55 Reality TV Blog

All about Reality shows on TV, their audition dates, Audition procedures, the Latest news gossip, Eliminations about contestants, etc.

#56 TV Shows Blog

In this niche you can write about related news of ongoing TV shows, What is going to happen in the next episodes, blogs like Saans Bahu aur Saajis, Saans Bahu aur Betiyan, etc.

#57 Born Today Blog

In this niche, you can write a list of people born on all days of the year.

#58 Shayari / Jokes / SMS Blog

In this niche you can Shayari, jokes, and SMS but always write your owns don't copy-paste others because in blogging terms it's called Plagiarism which is not good for Google Adsense approval.

#59 Dancing Tips Blog

Work on this niche with a YouTube channel.

#60 Guitar Lessons Blog

Work on this niche with a YouTube Channel.

#61 Government Schemes Information Blog

In this niche, you can write all government schemes in detail. Students appearing for competitive exams search for the latest Government schemes for detailed notes.

#62 Luxury Blog

In this niche, you can write about How rich people live, Life style of rich people, Where rich people love to visit, How much their net worth is, detailed articles on their wealth, etc.

#63 Entertainment Blog

In this niche, you can write Celebrity Gossips, Launching dates of New movies and their details.

#64 Body Building Blog

Exercise, Diet Plans, Fitness & Exercise of celebrities, Best exercise of upper body strength, Best exercise for legs, Reviews of Vitamins and supplements etc.

#65 Windows Help & Advice Blog

In this niche, you can write about all errors technical tricks, and tips related to the Windows Operating System

#66 Women Blog

In this niche, you can write Biographies of successful women, Women's problems and their solutions, News related to women, etc.

#67 Foreign Education Blog

In this niche, you can write How to study abroad, When and how to apply to a university, what are the procedures to study abroad, Updates on New Forms, Which university is best for a particular course, etc.

#68 Gulf Details Blog

In this niche, you can write about How to work in Dubai, How to get a Visa, Which company is best in Dubai, Where to rent for your stay, New job vacancies, etc.

#69 Book Summaries / Lessons Blog

In this niche, you can write Summaries and notes for a famous book in your own words.

#70 Gift Ideas Blog

In this niche, you can write What to gift on a Birthday funny 60th birthday gifts, What to gift a teacher on a Teacher's day, What to gift your girlfriend on the first date, Gift ideas for a wedding, and wooden anniversary gifts, Gift ideas on retirement, Gift for new baby born, etc.

#71 Indoor Games, Fun Challenges & Activities Blog

Different games people who can pass their time by playing with their siblings, and cousins. Examples– Antakshri, Carom Board, Business, Ludo & Snakes, Book Cricket, Truth or Dare, Dumb Charades, etc

#72 Adventure Lovers Blog

How to do tracking, Best places for tracking, Where to go for camping and hiking, Best places for bungee jumping, best places for river water rafting etc.

#73 Home Product Review Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write a review on whatever product you buy for your home like a Cooler review Patanjali Noodles Vs Maggi Noodles review. Best Toilet cleaner, Best detergent powder, Review of online shopping site and which site you like the most and why, etc.

#74 Money Saving Blog

Frugal living, How did you stay for less money, How to save money in Online shopping, How to reduce tax burden, Detail about online shopping festival offers, How to save money owing a Credit card, HOw to spent less while travelling, Cheap and best lodges to stay, Alternatives of expensive products, etc.

#75 Science Blog

Here you can explain scientific concepts in easy and interesting way. You can write about New research, space science, innovative products, and products to be used in the future, etc.

#76 History Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write articles on historical figures, Full explanations of wars, and Detailed articles on old civilizations.

#77 Life Hack Blog

In this blogging niche you can write productivity tips, Uncommon solutions to common problems, How to make a First Aid box, How to protect yourself from the time of earthquakes, Protect yourself from mosquitoes during the rainy season, etc.

#78 Movie Explain, Blunders Blog

In this blogging niche, you can explain complex science fiction movies and mistakes in Bollywood Movies You can post about them.

#79 Programming Blog

In this blogging niche, you programming in Hindi or English. Programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. Our college Teaches very poorly and is not a good blog to learn Hindi, you will get traffic, lots of people will be found on your blog. You will also make a career of your blog visitor. What more satisfaction will you get from this?

#80 Easy Maths Blog

In this blogging niche, you can provide short cut tricks for solving a maths question, and formulas of Vedic maths, Later you can sell your ebook here. You can also sell test series or you can promote your coaching center here.

#81 Fight Lovers Blog

In this blogging niche, you can provide updates on Wrestling / Boxing/fighting championships. Article on Top 10 WWE finishers, Top 10 women wrestlers in WWE, Best fights of John Ceno, Top 10 Wrestlers brutally beaten up by The Great Khali, etc.

#82 Internet Stars Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write about Top internet celebrities from the field of music, YouTube, Blog, Instagram, etc, and related news updates, gossip, and their future plan in detail.

#83 Event Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write updates on college festivals on upcoming events, Live concerts of a musician, live shows of a mammoth comedian, and Where to buy their tickets.

#84 Indian Laws Blog

If you are from a law background then this blogging niche is very suitable for you, here you can explain the rules of laws in easy ways. Related topics could be - How to file a Consumer complaint, How to register a Harassment complaint online, Which laws should be kept in mind while buying a property, How to file an online complaint for fraud, etc.

#85 Current Affairs and General Knowledge Blog

Nowadays in every exam current affairs and general knowledge is been asked. You can get traffic on this blogging niche in a short time if you work sincerely. You can also provide quiz on current affairs and general knowledge.

#86 Apple Products Blog

Tricks and tips on Iphone, Ipad, MacOS etc. Latest updates on Apple products, you know the craze for Apple products. Traffic will be more on this blogging niche.

#87 Group Discussion / Essays Blog

By taking GD topics, and considering both sides you can make a very good blog for the interviewee. News channels often come up with some debate, those topics must be up to the mark on your blog, with some important points.

#88 Dogs and Pets Blog

Nowadays, I am looking at slowly increasing the trend of keeping pets, in such a situation, if you also have a pet, then you will be able to maintain this blog with great posture. Some topics you can write on - are the need for a puppy diet, whether pedigree is good for your dog - review posts, how long your dog is in need, vaccinations and deworming schedules for your dogs, and more.

#89 Freelancing Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write reviews of Freelance sites. Best website for freelance writers, How to increase rates of Freelancing, How to get Freelancing jobs, How to satisfy your client with your Freelancing work, etc.

#90 Magic Tricks Blog

Simple magic tricks that people can do at home, like card tricks, number games, etc.

#91 Scholarship Updates Blog

In this blogging niche, you can write full details of which university, NGO, or company provides scholarships how to apply what are eligibility criteria, etc.

#92 College/University Notes & Assignments Blog

For this, you need to compile notes from different forums and blogs and put them on your blog. Example: IGNOU notes, Delhi SOL Notes, etc. This niche drives huge traffic in short time.

#93 Real Estate Blog

Details of a plot to be purchased, Where one should purchase flats, How to invest in commercial property and documents required, Rules in different states, What should keep in mind while purchasing a property, How to negotiate property value to a property dealer, Updates on new projects, Vastu Shastra tips for new house, etc.

#94 Online Seller Blog

How to sell your products online, How to sell your products on Amazon and Flipkart, How to be a seller partner on Paytm, How to create a shopping website on Shopify, Best companies for shipping products, Online marketing for your product, How to increase your sell with the help of discount or coupon. Every question relating to online shopping and selling should be on your blog.

#95 Web Series Review Blog

You can write reviews of Web series released on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Viu, Hotstar, and YouTube. Nowadays people are crazy about this.

#96 MLM Reviews And Tips Blog

Today, there are more than 1000 multi-level marketing / direct selling companies in the country, how to join, before searching, people search the company on Google, what is the company - if you have given all the details of each company On your blog - how to join, how much money you take, how much work you do, what is the earning plan, what products are there, what is the user review, etc. then you can not even guess how much traffic you will get. You will also save a lot of money by exposing the wrong and fraudulent company from above - that satisfaction is increased by lakhs of rupees. Interviews of people associated with MLM companies can also be put on the blog, if you join a good company, and then promote it, you can give tips and advice on how to add more people than you under.

#97 Important Days Blog

In this blog niche you can write details of all important days all over the world. Eg. January 10 - World Hindi Day, Sept. 15 - Engineers day and details of each day, why these days are being celebrated, etc.

#98 Software Review and Tutorials Blog

Best software for downloading YouTube videos, Best audio editing software for PC. How to edit audio using audacity, how to convert pdf to doc, pdf to image, etc.

#99 Excel Tutorials Blog

MS Excel is such a thing that every person has to learn. And IT / Commerce people should know MS Excel very well but it does not have a simple Hindi language blog to explain it. Good traffic can be brought by working on it. One of the Indian bloggers became a crorepati just by writing an MS Excel tutorial in English.

#100 Comic and Anime Blog

In this blogging niche you can write detailed post on different comic Superhero, Anime/Manga shows. There is not a single blog in India on this niche if this niche suits your interest you can have a great fan following and loyal traffic to your blog too.

#101 Website Review/Suggestion Blog

You can write about the best websites to download free images, the Best websites to download Facebook videos, the Websites to convert PDF to doc online, the Best websites for downloading YouTube videos, the Best websites to visit when you feel bored, etc.

#102 Discount Coupon Blog

In this blogging niche, you can provide users with Discount coupons for redemption, which will attract huge traffic. These days people are crazy for discount coupons because of increase in online shopping. You must try this niche, here you need some investment but in return, you will get twice or thrice.

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Hello friends, Thank you for reading this post Best Blogging Niche List. I hope you have gained enough niche ideas to start a blog after choosing a suitable niche it's time to do keyword research and to do so you need to know the proper keyword research strategy. If you have any questions in this regard, I would love to hear from you.

Karuna Singh

Greetings to everyone. I am Karuna Singh, I am a writer and blogger since 2018. I have written 250+ articles and generated targeted traffic. Through this blog blogEarns, I want to help many fellow bloggers at every stage of their blogging journey and create a passive income stream from their blog.


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