15+ Best affiliate program for Electronics - A Comprehensive Guide

Exploring the Best Affiliate Programs for Electronics Enthusiasts

Affiliate pgm for electronics

Hello friends, we have always tried to guide you guys on how to earn money online, whether you have your own website or not. In our previous article, we guided you about the best affiliate programs for beginners without a website. Now is the time to provide you with more affiliate programs in every niche. In this article, we are going to discuss the best affiliate programs for electronics. This article is going to prove very useful for those who are working in this field. So, without wasting any time let us dive into this topic in detail.

In the dynamic world of electronics, where innovations are constant, affiliate marketing has become a lucrative opportunity for enthusiasts and content creators to monetize their passion. Affiliate programs provide individuals the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting and recommending electronic products. If you are an electronics enthusiast and want to leverage your knowledge and influence, here is a comprehensive guide to some of the best affiliate programs in the electronics sector.

In the dynamic field of affiliate marketing, electronics has emerged as a lucrative niche, full of opportunities to earn substantial commissions. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or simply trying to diversify your affiliate portfolio, venturing into the electronics sector can prove to be a rewarding endeavor. However, with so many affiliate programs vying for your attention, selecting the most suitable programs can be a daunting task.

To help you navigate this competitive landscape, we have compiled a list of top-tier affiliate programs in the electronics sector, carefully selected based on factors such as commission rates, product range, brand reputation, and overall program performance.

1. Amazon Associates


Amazon, being the e-commerce giant, has one of the most popular and accessible affiliate programs – Amazon Associates. With a wide range of electronic products, from smartphones and laptops to smart home appliances, affiliates can earn commission on every sale generated through their unique affiliate link. The program's reliability and huge selection of products make it an ideal choice for beginners in the affiliate marketing field.

What it is: The Amazon Associate Program is a platform for content creators, publishers, and bloggers to earn money by promoting and linking to Amazon products.

How it works: Associates place customized links on their website, blog, or social media channels. When a user clicks on one of these links and makes a qualifying purchase on Amazon, the associate earns a commission.


  • Monetize your traffic: Earn money from your audience's purchases made through your links.
  • Wide range of products: Promote Amazon's vast catalog of millions of products.
  • Customizable tools: Access various tools like product widgets, banners, and APIs to integrate Amazon products into your content.
  • Global reach: Promote to a worldwide audience through Amazon's international websites.

Who should join:

  • Content creators: Bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, and anyone with a website or online presence.
  • Publishers: Websites, newspapers, magazines, and other online publications.
  • Anyone with an audience: If you have an audience interested in products, you can benefit from the program.

Getting started

  1. Create an Amazon Associate account.
  2. Choose the products you want to promote.
  3. Get your unique affiliate links.
  4. Place the links on your website, blog, or social media channels.
  5. Start earning commissions on qualifying purchases.

Additional notes

  1. Commissions vary depending on the product category.
  2. Associates can track their earnings and performance through the program's dashboard.
  3. Amazon provides resources and support to help associates succeed.
  4. Overall, the Amazon Associate Program is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to earn money by promoting Amazon products.

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2. Apple Affiliate Program

Apple affiliate program

For a tech-savvy audience, the Apple Affiliate Program presents a golden opportunity to monetize your passion for Apple products. Apple's brand loyalty and high-end product offerings translate into lucrative commissions for affiliates.


  • Earn commissions by promoting Apple services and content on your website or app.
  • Qualifying services include Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Podcasts, movies, TV shows, books, and audiobooks.
  • Generate custom tracking links to drive traffic and measure success.
  • Simple application process with clear guidelines.


  • Generate additional income by leveraging your existing audience.
  • Offer your audience access to popular Apple services and content.
  • Gain access to marketing materials and resources from Apple.


  • Must have an established website or app with relevant content.
  • Be able to generate traffic and drive conversions.
  • Adhere to Apple's program guidelines.

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3. Samsung Affiliate Program

Samsung Affiliate Program

Samsung, another global leader in electronics, boasts an extensive affiliate program that rewards associates for promoting a diverse range of smartphones, TVs, home appliances, and more. Samsung's generous commission structure and global reach make it an attractive option for affiliates.

The Samsung Affiliate Program is a way for individuals and businesses to earn commissions by referring sales to Samsung.com. The program offers a single-tier commission structure, meaning affiliates earn a commission only on the sales they generate. The commission rate is up to 3%, and the minimum payout is $20.

Here are some of the benefits of joining the Samsung Affiliate Program:

  1. Earn commission on sales: You can earn a commission on every sale that you refer to Samsung.com.
  2. Get exclusive offers and discounts: Affiliates receive exclusive offers and discounts on Samsung products.
  3. Access to marketing materials: Samsung provides affiliates with a variety of marketing materials, including banners, text links, and product images.
  4. Track your results: You can track your results in real-time through the affiliate portal.

Here are some of the requirements for joining the Samsung Affiliate Program:

  1. You must have a website or blog with a high volume of traffic.
  2. Your website or blog must be in good standing with Samsung.
  3. You must agree to the Samsung Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

Overall, the Samsung Affiliate Program is a great way to earn commission on sales of Samsung products. If you have a website or blog with a high volume of traffic, and you meet the program requirements, then you should consider joining.

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4. Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft's affiliate program covers a wide range of products, including Surface devices, Xbox consoles, Office software, and more. With a well-established brand reputation and a loyal customer base, Microsoft offers an attractive opportunity for electronics-focused affiliates.

Microsoft Partner Program connects businesses with Microsoft solutions and expertise. It provides a platform for partners to:

  1. Build quickly: Access tools, resources, and training to develop solutions faster.
  2. Scale growth: Reach new markets and customers with Microsoft's global reach and brand.
  3. Sell worldwide: Benefit from Microsoft's marketing and sales support.
  4. Drive customer success: Offer validated expertise in specific solution areas.
  5. Partner for long-term profitability: Gain access to discounted licensing and exclusive benefits.

Key benefits of being a Microsoft Partner:

  • Increased revenue and market share.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and resources.
  • Reduced time to market and cost of development.
  • Stronger brand recognition and credibility.

Types of Microsoft Partners:

  1. Solution Partners: Have validated skills and experience in specific Microsoft solution areas.
  2. Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs): Resell and manage Microsoft cloud services.
  3. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): Integrate Microsoft software into their hardware products.
  4. System Integrators (SIs): Design, implement, and manage IT solutions for customers.

How to become a Microsoft Partner:

  1. Register for the Microsoft Partner Program.
  2. Choose a partner program that aligns with your business goals.
  3. Meet the program requirements.
  4. Invest in training and certification.

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5. Best Buy Affiliate Program

Best Buy Affiliate Program

Best Buy, a leading electronics retailer, offers a robust affiliate program that encourages associates to promote their wide selection of consumer electronics. Best Buy's brand recognition and strong online presence make it a valuable partner for electronics affiliates.

Best Buy Affiliate Program Summary

  • Earn commission by promoting Best Buy products on your website or app.
  • Free and easy to join.
  • Commissions are earned on qualified purchases made through your affiliate links.

Key Features

  • Minimum 1% commission rate on most categories.
  • Commission rates vary depending on product category (e.g., 0% on electronics, 1% on other products).
  • Near-real-time reporting to track your earnings.
  • 60-day payout clearance.
  • 24-hour tracking cookie.


  • Partner with a trusted brand like Best Buy.
  • Earn money from your website or app traffic.
  • Access to a wide variety of products.
  • Promote products you know and trust.

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6. Newegg Affiliate Program

Newegg Affiliate Program

Newegg, a well-known online electronics retailer, offers an extensive affiliate program with attractive commission rates and a diverse product line. Newegg's focus on cutting-edge electronics and competitive pricing makes it a popular choice among tech-savvy consumers.

Newegg Affiliate Program: Summary

  • Free to join.
  • Earn commission on sales you generate (up to 15%).
  • No minimum follower count.
  • Easy to create short links.
  • Access to over 30 million customers.
  • Promote over 6,000 products on TikTok Shop.
  • Affiliate links cannot be used in Paid Search or Facebook ads.
  • 7-14 day payout.
  • Commission rates vary by product category.

The Newegg Affiliate Program is a good option for tech enthusiasts who want to earn commission on sales they generate. It is free to join and has a wide variety of products to promote. However, the commission rates are lower than some other affiliate programs, and there are some restrictions on how you can promote Newegg products.

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7. BHPhoto Affiliate Program

BHPhoto Affiliate Program

BHPhoto, a specialty electronics retailer serving photographers, videographers, and audiophiles, offers an attractive affiliate program for those targeting this specific market. BHPhoto's unique product offering and loyal customer base make it a valuable partner for affiliates in the photography and audio industries.

BHPhoto Affiliate Program: A Quick Summary

BHPhoto offers an affiliate program with the following key points:
  1. Commission: 2-8% commission on direct sales.
  2. Payment structure: Single-tier, meaning you only earn on sales you directly generate.
  3. Minimum payout: $80.
  4. Cookie duration: 60 hours.
  5. Program highlights: Wide range of photography and electronics products, trusted brand, high conversion rates.
  6. Program drawbacks: Lower commission rates compared to some competitors, fixed commission structure.

BHPhoto's affiliate program is a good option for photographers, videographers, and tech enthusiasts looking to earn a commission on sales they generate. It offers a wide range of products and a trusted brand, but the commission rates are not as high as some competitors.

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8. Target Affiliate Program

Target Affiliate Program

Target Affiliate Program Summary

Target's affiliate program, called Target Partners, allows website owners, bloggers, and influencers to earn a commission for sales referred to Target.com. The program is free to join and offers a variety of tools and resources to help affiliates promote Target products and earn commissions.

Target, a leading retail giant, offers an extensive affiliate program that includes a wide selection of electronics from smartphones and laptops to home appliances and entertainment devices. Target's broad product line and strong brand recognition make it an attractive choice for electronics partners.

Key Points

  1. Commissions: Up to 8% commission on referred sales.
  2. Tools: Text links, banners, widgets, product feeds, and more.
  3. Requirements: Family-friendly website with mainly US-based viewership.
  4. Benefits: Earn income from promoting Target products, access to exclusive deals and promotions, and performance tracking.

Target Partners is a great option for bloggers, influencers, and website owners who want to earn money by promoting Target products.

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9. Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, offers a versatile affiliate program that covers a variety of electronics including smartphones, TVs, computers, and more. Walmart's broad reach and competitive pricing make it a valuable partner for electronics affiliates.

Join the program

  • Anyone can register for free.
  • Promote Walmart products on your website, blog, or social media.
  • Earn commissions of up to 4% on each qualified sale.


  1. Access a vast catalog of products, including electronics, groceries, clothing, and more.
  2. Receive weekly newsletters with banners, links, and information about featured products.
  3. Use the Affiliate Member Center to get more banners, generate links, and track your earnings.
  4. No minimum traffic requirement to join.

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10. eBay Partner Program

eBay Partner Program

eBay, a global marketplace known for its vast selection of products, offers an affiliate program that covers a wide range of electronics from new and refurbished devices to vintage collectibles. eBay's diverse product offerings and global audience make it an attractive option for electronics affiliates.

The eBay Partner Network (EPN) is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn commissions by driving traffic and prompting sales on eBay. You don't need to sell or ship anything yourself. All you need is a platform like a blog, website, social media account, or mobile app to share your unique affiliate links.

Here's how it works

  1. Join the program: It's free and easy to apply.
  2. Generate affiliate links: Use EPN tools to create links that track your referrals.
  3. Share your links: Promote eBay listings or your entire store on your platform.
  4. Earn commissions: Get paid a percentage of the sales you generate.

Benefits of EPN

  1. Access to a massive marketplace: eBay offers millions of products to promote.
  2. High commission rates: Earn up to 12% commission on qualifying sales.
  3. Flexible program: Promote individual listings, specific categories, or your entire store.
  4. Free tools and resources: EPN provides tools to help you create and manage your campaigns.
  5. Track your performance: Monitor your earnings and website traffic with detailed reports.

Who should join?

  • Content creators (bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers)
  • Website owners and app developers
  • Email marketers
  • Deal and coupon websites
  • Anyone interested in earning commissions by promoting eBay

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11. ShareASale

ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is a well-established affiliate network that partners with many merchants, offering a wide range of electronics products. Affiliates can choose from a variety of merchants within ShareASale's network, promoting everything from cutting-edge gadgets to electronic accessories. The platform's user-friendly interface and detailed reporting tools make it easy for partners to track their performance and optimize their strategies.

ShareASale is a large affiliate marketing network connecting merchants and affiliates. Affiliates promote merchants' products or services, earning commissions on sales generated through unique affiliate links.

Benefits for affiliates

  1. Earn commissions: Promote products you love and earn commissions for referrals.
  2. Partner with leading brands: ShareASale boasts a wide range of well-known merchant partners.
  3. Diverse opportunities: Find products across various categories to suit your audience.
  4. User-friendly platform: Access resources, track performance, and manage your account easily.

Key features

  • 270,000+ active affiliates
  • A diverse range of merchants
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Advanced reporting and tracking tools
  • Dedicated support for affiliates

Getting started

  • Create your free affiliate account.
  • Search for merchants and products to promote.
  • Place affiliate links on your website or social media.
  • Track your performance and earn commissions.

Overall, ShareASale is a popular and trusted affiliate marketing platform offering excellent opportunities for affiliates to earn income by promoting products they love.

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12. CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate Program

CJ Affiliate Program: Summary

CJ Affiliate is a leading performance marketing platform connecting publishers (e.g., bloggers, influencers) with global brands like Nike, Adidas, and Samsung. Publishers promote these brands' products and services, earning commissions for successful referrals and sales.

CJ Affiliate is another major player in the affiliate marketing industry, connecting affiliates with top electronics brands. With a large number of merchants and a reputation for reliability, CJ Affiliate offers a diverse selection of electronics products for affiliates to promote. The platform offers advanced tracking and reporting features, enabling partners to monitor their performance and optimize their campaigns for better results.

Key features

  1. Wide network: Access thousands of renowned brands across various industries.
  2. Seamless earning: Earn commissions through various marketing channels (e.g., website, social media).
  3. Scalable growth: Achieve sustainable growth with CJ's powerful tools and resources.
  4. Established ecosystem: Benefit from the world's largest and most established affiliate network.
  5. Easy signup: Join CJ today and start monetizing your content.

Benefits for publishers

  1. Monetize your website and audience: Generate income by promoting products your audience loves.
  2. Access top brands: Partner with leading companies in diverse industries.
  3. Earn competitive commissions: Maximize your earnings with attractive commission rates.
  4. Flexible marketing tools: Utilize tracking links, banners, and other resources for effective promotion.
  5. Detailed reporting: Gain valuable insights into your performance and optimize your campaigns.

The CJ Affiliate program is a powerful tool for publishers to monetize their content and earn income through performance marketing.

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13. Rakuten Advertisement

Rakuten affiliate program

Rakuten Affiliate Program Summary

Rakuten Advertising, the world's leading affiliate marketing network, offers a comprehensive program for publishers to earn commissions by promoting products and services from renowned brands.

Rakuten, often referred to as the Amazon of Japan, operates a global affiliate marketing program known as Rakuten Advertising. The platform partners with various electronics retailers, offering affiliates the chance to earn commission on sales. Rakuten's user-friendly interface and the global reach of its merchants make it an attractive option for affiliates targeting an international audience.


  1. Large network: Reach millions of potential customers through partnerships with 150k+ top-tier brands.
  2. Competitive commissions: Earn generous commissions on sales generated through your unique affiliate links.
  3. Advanced technology: Utilize cutting-edge tools and data insights to optimize your campaigns and maximize your earnings.
  4. Global reach: Access a global audience through Rakuten's presence in 100+ countries.
  5. Expert support: Benefit from dedicated account management and ongoing support from experienced professionals.

Benefits for Publishers

  1. Diversify your income streams: Generate additional revenue by promoting trusted brands to your audience.
  2. Build trust and loyalty: Leverage the Rakuten brand name to attract customers and build long-term relationships.
  3. Access exclusive offers: Promote unique deals and promotions to your audience.
  4. Scalable program: Grow your earnings as your audience and traffic increase.

Join the Rakuten Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions from the world's leading brands!

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14. GearBest Affiliate Program

GearBest Affiliate Program

GearBest is an online electronics retailer specializing in gadgets, electronics, and accessories. The GearBest Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn commission on sales generated through their referral links. With a focus on tech-savvy products, GearBest provides affiliates with a niche audience interested in cutting-edge electronics.

The GearBest Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money by promoting GearBest products on your website, blog, or social media channels. GearBest is a leading online retailer that offers a wide range of products at competitive prices, making it a popular choice for shoppers around the world.

Here's how the GearBest Affiliate Program works

  1. Sign up for the program: It's free and easy to join.
  2. Get your affiliate links: You'll be provided with unique affiliate links for each product you want to promote.
  3. Promote GearBest products: Share your affiliate links on your website, blog, social media channels, or anywhere else you think your audience will see them.
  4. Earn commission: When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission on the sale.

Benefits of joining the GearBest Affiliate Program

  1. High commission rates: Earn up to 10% commission on sales.
  2. Wide range of products: Promote millions of products from GearBest's extensive catalog.
  3. Long cookie duration: 30 days to earn commission on sales.
  4. Free marketing materials: Get access to banners, text links, and other marketing materials to help you promote GearBest products.
  5. Detailed reporting: Track your progress and see how much money you're earning.

Who should join the GearBest Affiliate Program?

The GearBest Affiliate Program is a great fit for anyone who:

  • Owns a website, blog, or social media channel with a large audience interested in GearBest's products.
  • Is passionate about technology, gadgets, and other products offered by GearBest.
  • Wants to earn money by promoting products they love.

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Tips for Success in Electronics Affiliate Marketing

Pro Tips for Affiliate Marketing in Electronics

Building your foundation

  1. Choose a sub-niche: Electronics is a broad field. Limit your focus to a specific sub-niche like headphones, gaming laptops, smart home devices, etc. This allows you to cater to a more defined audience and build deeper expertise.
  2. Create a user-friendly platform: Create a professional website or blog dedicated to your chosen sub-niche. It serves as your hub for content, product reviews, comparisons, and industry insights. Optimize search engines for a seamless user experience and ensure mobile-friendliness.
  3. Establish your online presence: Create social media profiles, join online communities, and collaborate with other influencers in the electronics sector. This helps build credibility and reach a wider audience.

Content is king

  1. Focus on value and expertise: Create high-quality content that provides real value to your audience. Offering in-depth reviews, comparisons, buying guides, and tutorials. This builds trust and encourages users to trust you with their electronic purchasing decisions.
  2. Stay up to date: Keep your content fresh and relevant by staying informed about the latest industry trends, product launches, and technological advancements. This ensures that your audience receives valuable and timely information.
  3. Experiment with formats: Diversify your content by including video reviews, infographics, interactive quizzes, and other engaging formats. It caters to different learning styles and keeps your audience engaged.

Promotion and Optimization

  1. Test different strategies: Experiment with different promotion channels like social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and paid advertising. Track your results and identify the most effective strategies for your audience.
  2. Optimize your affiliate links: Use tools and plugins to track your click-through and conversion rates. Regularly analyze your data and optimize your affiliate link placement and promotion.
  3. Offer special features and promotions: Offer your visitors a special discount or bonus when they purchase through your affiliate link. This sweetens the deal and encourages them to purchase.

Building relationships and trust

  1. Connect with your audience: Reply to comments, answer questions, and participate in discussions. Making a true relationship with your audience increases trust and loyalty.
  2. Partnership with Brands and Retailers: Collaborate with electronics brands and retailers to leverage their reach and access exclusive deals for your audience. This can increase your affiliate income significantly.
  3. Transparency is key: Always disclose your affiliate relationships in a clear and transparent manner. This builds trust among your audience and helps them understand how you generate income.

Bonus Tips

  1. Use SEO: Optimize your website and content for relevant keywords to improve organic search visibility and attract qualified traffic.
  2. Take advantage of social proof: Include customer testimonials, case studies, and social media mentions to showcase your expertise and build trust with potential buyers.
  3. Track your performance: Regularly monitor your affiliate marketing metrics, including clicks, conversions, and revenue. This helps you measure your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Be patient and persistent: It takes time and work to build a successful affiliate marketing business. Stay committed, consistently create valuable content, and remain dedicated to serving your audience.


In the ever-evolving world of electronics, affiliate marketing presents a promising opportunity for enthusiasts to turn their passion into a source of income. The main thing is to choose reputable affiliate programs, focus on quality content, and stay informed about industry trends. With dedication and strategic planning, electronics enthusiasts can thrive in the competitive landscape of affiliate marketing.

As you begin your journey into the electronics affiliate field, consider these top-tier programs carefully, evaluating their commission rates, product range, brand reputation, and overall program performance to select the programs that best fit your target audience and marketing strategies. Remember, success in affiliate marketing depends on selecting the right partners and dedicating yourself to providing valuable content that your audience will love.

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