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Push House Advertising Network Review

push.house advertising network review

Push.House is a push notification-focused advertising network. Since 2018, Push.House has given advertisers and publications the opportunity to earn push traffic by launching push notification campaigns or monetizing their websites. The network has over 200 million active customers from 180 different geos, and that number is rapidly growing.

Push.House provides high-quality traffic, precise targeting tools, and unique campaign functionality.

Push.House has enough traffic to scale your campaigns to the top with over 400 billion monthly impressions!

For your adult and mainstream offers, Push House is a top self-serve push notifications ad network with some hot traffic sources.

The distinctiveness of users and the high quality of traffic are two of Push House's main benefits. The ad network takes a unique approach to this, and Push House looks at how you may get the best benefits from employing it in just a moment.

Push House also provides some novel targeting tools that enable you to employ precise targeting in your campaigns and find top-performing feeds for your offers. Put it all together, and you've got a turbo-charged Push advertising platform that's akin to a money-printing licence.

Push House Top Features:

Push notification coverage to over 180 countries
Campaign scheduling
Supports ad limit
Multiple deposit options
The minimum CPC rate is only 0.001$ per click
Supports multiple ad formats
Advanced targeting
Integration with tracking sites
Anti-fraud mechanism
Split-testing land pages

Multiple Payments Options

Among the numerous advantages of Push House is the high return on investment for advertising. It reaches a broad global audience and provides marketers with complete brand security. Furthermore, it provides marketers with a variety of payment options such as:

tether VISA
Bitcoin WebMoney
CoinPayments Capitalist

Ad Formats:

iOS Push inPage
Push Native

Getting Started

Just 5 Easy Steps you need to do
  1. Sign Up: Create an account in the advertising platform Push.House
  2. Create an ad: Create your first ad with a text and an image
  3. GEO: Choose a region that will recieve your ad
  4. Launch: Launch your campaign after the moderation
  5. Result: Receive unique users to your ad

The platform design is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing you to begin your campaign quickly and easily, go to sign up and create your account. If you have any questions, you may contact the support staff, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The admin section contains contact information for support and managers.

Push.House - a push notification advertising network
Creating a campaign:

You may target audiences on Push House based on their:

Device CPC
Subscription Age Region
Language of the browser OS Version

creating ad campaign in push.house

The Push House also allows for time-based targeting. When establishing a campaign, the software also allows additional personalization. The adjustable feature comprises an advertisement limit, a total budget restriction, an age limit, a daily limit, and a daily click capping.

Advanced Targeting:

The return on investment will be low if the advertising are not adequately targeted. As a result, targeting the correct audience is critical. Push House, thankfully, enables sophisticated targeting, which is quite beneficial for screening users.

Push House allows you to target people according on their age, country, CPC, browser language, OS version, and a variety of other factors.

Furthermore, the platform gives ad-time results, allowing you to view the interaction and engagement with the adverts. This real-time outcome may be utilized to make the necessary modifications to increase income further.

Furthermore, the platform's time targeting capability allows the user to enable and stop adverts during specified days and hours.

  • The lowest CPC is 0.001$ per click.
  • It guarantees high-quality traffic.
  • Real-time bidding system.
  • There are several ways to deposit money.
  • Live statistics of ad campaign
  • Beginners' learning curve
  • No carrier targeting

  • Contact Details


    Push House FAQs

    Q1. What exactly is Push House?
    Push House is a push notification advertising platform that allows you to select from a variety of ad types and geolocations throughout the world.
    Q2. What Are Push Notification Advertisements?
    Push notification advertisements are pop-up box advertising that may rapidly capture your audience's attention. This form of ad has a far higher conversion rate than other standard ad types.
    Q3. What Advertising Formats Does Push House Offer?
    Push House provides a variety of current ad formats, including iOS Push, Push Notifications, Native Ads, and Inpage Ads.
    Q4. Can I Use Push House Ads to Target Any Specific Country?
    You certainly can. When designing an ad, you have the option of selecting geolocation.

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