Link Building Opportunities You May Be Missing

link building opportunities

The SEO game rules change frequently, however, there is one thing that isn’t going to lose its relevance. And you guessed it right - we are talking about high-quality do-follow link building. At the same time, the approaches to building backlinks change year after year, making website owners develop trickier and more creative tactics.

So, where to start when it comes to link-building strategies improvement? Some webmasters will say that the emphasis should be on outreach to get SEO results. The others are sure that you need to focus on guest posting. Both of them are right - the approach to link building should be complex, so it's worth making sure that you don't miss important points and promising opportunities to strengthen your website positions in 2023. How to improve link-building techniques in 2023 for effective blogging? Next, according to desire marketing a dedicated saas link building agency , here are some link-building ideas and tips

Where Should You Start with Building Backlinks in 2023?

It is important for every owner to understand that there is no one-fit-all approach to link building. Therefore, before you start generating new links, you need to analyze everything that you do in the context of backlinks. If you want to know about the best practices from the past year, you can find more here.

Prepare Your Link-Building Strategy for a Boost

A link-building strategy requires some upfront work, but once you've laid the groundwork, you'll be making significant progress in the near future. Check out some interesting data regarding how to get affordable backlinks. But let’s go back to the question of how to improve your strategy.

To improve your own link-building strategy, follow these steps:

  • Analyze the site: Before you decide which sites to use or how many links to get, you need to know what makes your site good and bad for generating backlinks. Check out some tips from for e-commerce sites.
  • Define the target audience: By understanding your audience, you can create a list of linkable sites that they might also visit. Start by looking at demographics, behaviors, and interests. What excites your audience? How are they looking for answers? What interests them about your product or service? The answer to the above questions will give you a clear picture of where to move next.
  • Make a list of target sites: These sites should be relevant to your content, business, and target audience. Sort sites by relevance and authority. This way you can be sure that you will be the first to get to the most important sites. By the way, we at Adsy, had already done this job for you. You are welcome to use our ready-made database of relevant websites accepting guest posts, filter them according to the DA, language, and other parameters, and choose the ones that suit your business best.

It is also vital to remember that link-building isn’t an instant process. Therefore, your strategy must include and take into account long-term goals in order to see progress. There is also a need to think about natural backlink strategy, you can look at this site for more data. And now, it is time to move to the key points and tactics that you need to use when it comes to backlink strategy.

4 Battle-Proven Link Building Tips For 2023

Need some certain tips? There are some simple yet effective ones that can help you take your link-building process to the advanced level and grab all the existing link-building opportunities.

Start with the Outreach Work

When it comes to link building, the lion’s share of work revolves around outreach. What is it? Outreach is a tactic of reaching out to people in your niche (website owners, bloggers, journalists, potential partners, and clients) to introduce them to your content. It is important to understand that this is not only about a blog that has hundreds of useful articles. You can present your product, link, brand, and so on.

For example, you are the owner of software that allows you to optimize some marketing processes. But at the same time, you only have a finished product and a website for your product. Can this be considered content? When it comes to outreach work - yes. You need to find the right audience in your niche and tell them about your product. If we come back to the best practices and some examples, then outreach is a must-do.

Who to contact during outreach work?
  • People who mentioned your target keyword in their articles;
  • People who are related to similar articles on this topic.

For example, you can use Ahrefs' famous Content Explorer tool. This is the best way to find people who meet the first criterion. Just type in a word or phrase and it will check nearly 1 billion web pages for matching results. That will allow you to form a database for subsequent work.

Fix the Mentions Without Links

Sometimes people mention you or your business, but forget to add a link to your website. This happens more often than you might imagine. But with such mentions, you are already halfway to getting a link. Your key task is to transform all such mentions into links that will work in your favor. You know that the author is familiar with your business because they have already mentioned you. Therefore, you have a great reason to contact them and ask to change the mention into a link.

But how do you find relevant mentions without links? There are several different ways. However, the easiest way is to use the previously mentioned tool called Content Explorer.

Remember that Content Explorer scans web pages and looks for any word or phrase that is mentioned. This is very useful for finding web pages that are related to a particular topic. However, you can also use it to find mentions of your brand online.

Make Sure Your Links Are Up to Date

The link-building process is undoubtedly complex and time-consuming. However, many site owners are unaware that they are constantly losing their backlinks. Why do links disappear? Here are two common reasons:

  • The link has been removed from the page.
  • The page has ceased to exist.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this is a natural process. But if you start paying attention to this point, you can build a steady stream of new links since recovering lost links is often much easier than creating new ones from scratch.

If the link was removed, then there is undoubtedly some reason. For example, the author might have updated or re-published the content and the link was gone for that very reason. What can you do in this case? You can use specialized tools. For example, take a look at the Lost Backlinks report in Ahrefs' Site Explorer and find the links with the appropriate tag. If you determine that your link has been removed, you can contact the author and ask to add the link back.

However, links may be removed for other reasons. It is very important that you understand these reasons and handle situations accordingly. So, what about links that are lost because the page no longer exists? In most cases, this is because the author has decided to remove the page and your link along with it. Unfortunately, in this case, there is no solution to this problem. However, it is possible to contact the site owner as sometimes some pages may be removed by mistake. In this case, it becomes possible to return a link to your site.

Don't Miss Your Guest Posting Opportunity

Guest blogging is one of the oldest link-building tactics. But if for some reason you think that it no longer works, then it is not so. This tactic is still effective for those who need backlinks.

How does it work? You are writing an article for another site in your niche. You place a link to your site in this article. They publish it. It is so simple.

All you need is to find a site that is willing to cooperate on such terms. The main thing is that such sites are unique, have authority in the context of Google rankings, and your target audiences match. Look for the Originstamp sample on how to combine complex things to get a backlink.

By the way, when looking for suitable platforms, it is worth using not only those sites that openly say that they are ready to host a guest post. Simply search for suitable subject sites, and then ask the owner about the opportunity of publishing your guest post. Most sites are open to accepting guest posts, even if they don't explicitly state it. Also, you can always turn to trusted agencies that are ready to help with the implementation of guest posting tactics. We, at Adsy, would be glad to assist you too.

Use Competitor Links

This is another link-building tactic that you can and should use to get new links to your site. How to find the reference mass of competitors? To do this, you can use the features provided by various online services (SEMRush, Ahrefs, MOZ Pro, and so on). The databases of these tools are the largest and are constantly updated. All this increases the likelihood of finding the exact number of links. It's also worth using multiple tools, as this will give you more information that you can use to place your links. Different crawlers for different services may display different links.

Wrapping Up

Although link building is a fairly complex process, it is not as complex as nuclear physics. Therefore, all of the above methods work for all sites, and we recommend trying them if you haven't tried them before. Use the tips from this article so as not to miss the fruitful opportunities regarding link building.

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Link Building Opportunities You May Be Missing
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