Partners.House Review 2023

Partners.House - affiliate network that monetizes your traffic with push subscriptions

Partners House Review

Founded in 2019, Partners House is a Slovakia-based push notification monetization network. One of the top monetization networks, it utilizes Push notifications to effectively monetize the traffic to your website. It is the ideal technique to monetize your website visitors so that you can use it to generate some passive revenue each month.

With nearly more than 180 countries represented and over 90 million active push subscribers, Partners House is the fastest-growing push notification monetization network. Since its inception, Partners House has been more and more well-liked by partners, webmasters, and media buyers.

Partner.House uses the RevShare model to provide all websites and media purchasers with a reliable passive income. Rev-Share is a revenue-sharing system that produces a steady stream of income amongst partners. This indicates that a portion of each click made by your traffic gets paid to you. Currently, Partners.House covers 80% of the click-through price.

Partners House brief details

How Do Push Notifications Work?

Given that there is a higher requirement for cell phone use today, using one has become both easier and required when it comes to public relations. Push Notifications are a common form of advertising among various categories, such as in-application advertising.

By using push notifications, you can receive notifications from other applications that show up as pop-up windows on your device's screen. This is a fantastic way to quickly interact with the customer, and the data on how they use the application provides the most accurate picture yet of their moral behaviour.

Partners House Review 2023

Here is a thorough review of the partners.House and all the information you require regarding this Ad Network.

The very first thing you need to know about this ad network is as follows:

Company Name
Commission Type RevShare, CPA
Monetization Methods Push Notifications
Allowed Countries Worldwide
Minimum Payout $50
Payment Frequency Net 7 (On time)
Payment Option Paypal, Web Money, ePayments, Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, QIWI, Perfect Money, Payeer, and AdvCash.
Requirements For Publishers No Minimum Requirements For Publishers to Join.

How Does Partners House Function?

how does partners house function

Affiliates have access to a large number of advertisers and marketers, in addition to a variety of high-performing campaigns and patent-pending technology built into the system. They offer Rev-Share revenue-generating options. You must provide your name, email address, and password when signing up.

The remaining options are optional, but this should be completed. They have created an ideal environment for their partners' profitable clients, as well as income for webmasters and marketers.

Individual earnings and conversions can be tracked using their account tools. They are constantly updating their system to ensure your comfort and consistent earnings.

Partners House Top Features:

Split landing page testing Multilingual landing
Universal tracking code Minimum payout: $50
Real-time bidding for traffic Dedicated account manager
Live statistics New landing page addition on request
Universal tracking code 100% ad delivery to the subscribers


Partners House For Advertisers

Advertisers benefit from Partners House because it helps them promote their products and services through the use of fantastic Push Notifications.

partners house for advertizers

It enables digital advertisers to maximise profits with a small inventory. Partners House is the ideal platform for achieving such goals because it connects advertisers with millions of bloggers and publishers through millions of clicks and impressions on their website.

It's a win-win situation for the advertiser because it allows them to easily reach their target audience.

Partners House also allows you to target your traffic by selecting the countries in which you want to advertise, any specific gender or device you want to target, and so on.

Advertisers only need to customise their target audience and notify Partners House; the rest is handled by them. Advertisers can use the Dashboard to monitor and track the performance of their ads.

Benefits For Advertisers

Here is a list of some of the advantages for advertisers who use Partners House Push Notifications:

  • They provide excellent Return on Investment (ROI) to advertising firms.
  • It is simple to enrol and sign up.
  • It aids in the rapid monetization of their business.
  • They provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • RTB is used by them.
  • Their CPC and CPM are visible.
  • The network discourages scurrying.

Getting started with Partners House?

Partners House is a straightforward and user-friendly Push Notification Ad Network. You simply need to click the sign up button, enter a few details, and then click the submit button.

You will begin earning as soon as a customer clicks on the advertisement. I'll walk you through the simple steps you can take to get started with your Partners House campaigns:

  1. Create an Account - Navigate to the Partners House website and click the signup button. A registration page appears, where you must fill in the required information and click on the 'Create New Account' button. Following that, you must confirm your account via email.
  2. Select a Campaign - After signing up, you must add your advertisement. Mention all ad details such as the title, daily budget, image, ad description, and so on. Include a link to your website in the advertisement, which will direct interested parties to your website page.
  3. Choose the Target Audience - Once you've created your advertisement, you'll need to decide who you want to see it. You can, for example, select an audience from a specific country or countries, or from a specific age group, and so on. You can run your ad once you've been chosen.
  4. Time to Results - After your ad is run, the account manager checks and investigates your campaign before approving it.

Following that, you can access your dashboard and review the analytics of your currently running ad.

This dashboard is user-friendly and simple to use. Partners House provides active customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This dashboard allows you to monitor real-time clicks and impressions and stay up to date on the campaign's progress.

Partners House for Publishers

Publishers benefit greatly from Partners House because it greatly aids in the monetization of their business. It guarantees a monthly passive income.

Every subscriber click benefits all publishers and bloggers who receive high-quality targeted traffic. This implies that more clicks equals more revenue.

Partners House is a great Ad Network for small bloggers and publishers because it understands their needs and provides excellent service.

As a publisher/blogger, all you have to do is join Partners House, get a link and code, and place it on your website to start earning money.

Requirements For Publishers

There are no prerequisites for publishers to join Partners House; nevertheless, you must agree to some agreements before joining Partners House Ad network. Here are some guidelines you should follow before joining Partners House.

  1. Your website must receive high-quality visitors.
  2. Real clicks and impressions.
  3. A single account is permitted.
  4. There is no defamatory information used to attack another website or third party.
  5. It is not permitted to gain money by clicking your own advertisements.
  6. Your websites must not include any unlawful information.
  7. There is no plagiarised material.

Pros And Cons For Publishers

  • It has 24/7 customer support
  • It helps in real-time tracking and monitoring of statistics and earnings
  • It gives a 3% referral commission
  • It is an anti-scam Ad network
  • It is a fantastic source of e-Commerce
  • It pays weekly and is always on time
  • The subscribers get exciting payouts
  • It has 3458419 Push Subscribers
  • Can do affiliate marketing and use smart ways to monetize
  • The price per click ranges from $0.007 to $0.023
  • The CPA price is great, starting from $0.01 to $0.055
  • They come with the maximum payment methods
  • There are relatively few instructive tutorials for Partners House even on YouTube itself.

How Partners House helps generating revenue?

Push notifications assure a significantly higher rate. According to reports, 60% of push notifications are opened by consumers during the first hour.

In addition, the CTR of an ad campaign ranges from 7.5% to 10%. Let us now look at how Partners House may assist you in achieving these goals.

  1. High ROI (Return on investment):

    Partners House offers a high return on investment by allowing consumers to monetise and advertise in over 186 countries. Additionally, the ad delivery rate to subscribers is 100%.

    It enables multilingual landing pages and offers users a universal push subscription fee. To monetize, you may also use one or more landing pages. A new landing page, on the other hand, can only be added upon request.

  2. Split Test Reports

    The Partners House split test report gives the user with all of the information needed to analyse and then effectively monetize the traffic. Among the several parameters that may be used to generate split test reports are:

    • Type of traffic
    • Source traffic
    • Landing
    • Traffic
    • Difficulties or Redirects
    • Costs
    • Subscription
    • Traffic Back
    • Number of affiliates

    The split test outcome may be used to determine the amount of earnings and the return on investment. Partners House can also provide sophisticated real-time statistics.

  3. Instant Sale of Push Subscription

    It is one of two options for the user to make money using Partners House. A site can use the CPL payment mechanism to monetize traffic for the quick sale of push notifications.

    The technology automatically purchases subscriptions at a predetermined price. The money received from the sale of these subscriptions is afterwards credited straight to the account. Once you have the funds, you may order the payment and withdraw it whenever you choose.

    Earning money by selling push memberships instantly is commonly seen as a short-term revenue stream.

  4. Long-Term Income with RevShare

    This is the second option to make money using Partners House. As the word implies, in order to generate long-term revenue through Partners House, you must develop a platform that accepts the RevShare payment mechanism.

    The site's visitor flow is once again structured, but this time using the RevShare payment option. You may then gather the push subscribers who will be served advertisements.

    You will get up to 90% of the cost of the click that is charged to the advertisers if a push subscriber clicks on the ad.

  5. Wrap Up: Do we recommend you to use the Partners House Ad Network?

    As I examined the operation and performance of numerous push notification ad networks. I've discovered some collaborators. House is the greatest because of its intelligent characteristics. It is not an old push notification ad network, but it has achieved significant success in a short period of time and is on its way to become the greatest ad network.

    It features a very simple user interface. It may take you on a fascinating and never-ending adventure, and you can make a great debut with little money. It aids you in attracting a large audience to your advertisement. Publishers may also earn a lot of money with Partners House. So I strongly advise you to join this fantastic Ad Network.

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