10 Tips To Avoid Google Adsense Account Banned

Best Practices You Should Follow To Avoid Google AdSense Account Banned

10 Tips To Avoid Google Adsense Account Banned

Hello friends, welcome to Blogearns. Today I am going to tell you a very important part of blogging if you are using Adsense for your blogging earning. I recently received an email from the Adsense team informing me that the Adsense service on one of my sites had been disabled. I realized it was time to update this post and make new Adsense publishers aware of Adsense policies and things to avoid that could result in account suspension.

Slightly out of context, but since 2011, when Google Panda was introduced, they have also made significant changes to the AdSense quality guidelines. Notably, many Indian and Pakistani Adsense publishers were banned in 2011–2012 due to copyright infringement and low-quality pages. Another major reason for the Adsense ban is an invalid click, which is a big topic which I will discuss in this post.

Google Adsense has very strict policies, many of my blog visitors got banned due to strict Google policies and requested us to write a dedicated post to avoid getting banned from Google Adsense. So this post is dedicated to him.

If you are one of them and don't want to be banned then you and the Adsense publisher should make these simple mistakes:

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Rules To Avoid Adsense Account Ban

Invalid Clicks

As a result, the majority of Adsense accounts are in jeopardy. Most new Adsense publishers ask their friends to click on their advertisements or click on their ads from other IP addresses. If the Adsense staff identifies such behavior, they will disable your account to safeguard their advertisers.

In addition, many new publishers push their viewers to click on adverts, something AdSense discourages in their program standards.

Using Adsense on an unsupported language blog

At the time of writing, Google Adsense does not support all languages that are required to participate in the program. If you have an approved Adsense account and are using it to appear on a blog in a language that is not eligible according to the Adsense TOS, you must make the adjustment as soon as feasible. It may be considered a violation if you use any means to make your blog bilingual and display advertisements on it.

The following is a list of AdSense-supported languages.

Avoid Sending ads in emails

Many publishers began sending Adsense advertising within emails, and it sometimes goes viral. Google considers this to be a violation of program policies.

Competitive contextual advertisement

Make certain that you are not using any other contextual advertising program. Allow Google Adsense to be your sole preferred advertising program. However, numerous alternative ad networks that conform with Adsense TOS can be used for revenue.

Altering the Adsense code

So you're a programmer, right? That is irrelevant. Google does not allow you to change your Adsense code in any manner.

1. While positioning a Google Adsense Image ad unit next to an adjacent image can be a fantastic and wise move, guess what? If you do this, Google AdSense may prohibit you. The Google Terms of Service prohibits you from darkening your AdSense picture advertising with an adjacent image.

2. More on Google's official page.

Hosting Copyright content

You will most likely be banned immediately if you use Adsense on a website that distributes copyrighted items such as movies, songs, or other downloads. Adsense does not permit the placement of Adsense on websites that disseminate copyrighted material.

Linking site to illegal site that distributes illegal and copyright content

This is something I discovered in 2012. This is also the key reason why Adsense is blocked on the majority of websites. If you link to sites like (video streaming), unlawful or pirated software, or keygen sites, your Adsense submission for that site may be disabled. Other sorts of content not permitted on AdSense sites include:

  1. Racial content
  2. Violent content
  3. Gambling/Casino
  4. Hacking/Cracking
  5. Porn, adult material
  6. Distribution of course work.
  7. Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol
  8. Pages selling Weapons and ammunition

These are only a few instances. There could be a slew of others. As a result, you should avoid posting such content on your blog or, at the very least, stop providing Adsense on those pages.

Paid Traffic

Buying traffic for your AdSense-enabled website is not permitted under the AdSense TOS. Also, read the Adsense Landing Page Quality Guidelines, which will give you a good picture of what Google wants from your pages.

It is not a violation to promote your postings on social media or to buy traffic from reputable websites.

Important points to remember regarding Google AdSense

Finally, I prepared some points which you must remember to maintain your Google AdSense account. These points are very important for all AdSense account holders to keep the AdSense account running. Let's see these points one by one:

1. Make your AdSense ads unsticky. It is against AdSense's implementation policy to make it sticky.

2. Using AdSense advertising on a website that curates videos from YouTube or other video hosting sites may result in the suspension of your account. To avoid this, make sure your blog has original content. It's a good idea to add 200-300 words of content to your description of the video.

3. Adsense ads should not be placed on 404 error pages, exit pages, log-in pages, or thank you webpages.

But still, if you are a victim of the Google Adsense Ban then Blogearns has posted a post title Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternative for you. You can view this post and enjoy another ad network account.

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