Professional Ways To Increase AdSense CPC - A complete guide

10 Proved ways to increase Adsense CPC - Expert opinion

Professional Ways To Increase AdSense CPC - A complete guide

Hello friends, welcome to Blogearns. Do you want to know how to increase Adsense CPC and boost your Adsense revenue?

Yes, in this post I am going to tell you expertly proven ways by which Adsense CPC can be increased which results in an increase in Adsense income. So let me tell you that there are two ways to increase Adsense CPC. The first is to use free tools like Ezoic Adsense optimization tool and the second way is to do it manually by following this guide.

There are many things to consider when it comes to Adsense optimization, but the main goal is to increase the eCPM and the value per click. Otherwise, even if your Adsense CTR is high, you may not be making much money. This is a common occurrence on non-English blogs.

If you're an Adsense publisher with a lot of traffic but low Adsense earnings, it's time to learn the following points, which will help you increase your Adsense CPC and Total Revenue.

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What is Adsense CPC - Cost Per CLick?

Let's start by answering the most basic question, and then we'll move on to some practical AdSense CPC tips. CPC stands for cost per click, and the CPC for earning/clicking for less money is the same.

You've probably noticed that Adsense publishers talk about CTR more than CPC. If you're serious about increasing your Adsense revenue, you should focus on CPC rather than CTR.

Thousands of impressions on your ad won't help much, but a blog with a good CPC and CTR can make a significant difference.

CPC has nothing to do with your traffic; however, if you felt and looked at micro-niche blogs, you'd notice that they make more money than Adsense despite having less traffic.

The reason is simple: the eCPM for such blogs is so high that you get paid very well for the CPC. There's also advertising competition, keywords, and many other factors to consider.

List of factors affecting Adsense CPC

Here I am listing 10 ways to increase Adsense CPC with simple tricks. Let's get to know them one by one:

#1. Niche

First and foremost, picking the right niche for your blog or website is absolutely essential. The cost per click, or CPC, of an advertisement, is directly related to the topic of your blog.

Overall! Let me clarify something here: you will choose a niche, but there are niches that can pay you a lot of money per click.

Here I am providing you a list of profitable niches which can give you high returns, for your better understanding I have arranged this list in descending order of cost per click.

  • Domains – Blogs on Domains Like Hostinger, GoDaddy, etc.
  • Tech Gadgets like Apple iOS products
  • Google Products
  • Microsoft Products
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs
  • Dating & Romance - Lowest paying CPC

#2. Content

The second point to consider is content; you should write content that answers the reader's questions. So, before you start writing a blog, figure out what your readers are looking for on the internet and then try to provide a solution. Always maintain a direct line of communication with your readers. Your blog's content should be tailored to your niche so that more people can read it.

As a result, good content will almost certainly result in high Adsense CPC rates. Also, good content is what search engines love, so if your ad is highly targeted and your traffic comes from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, you'll get more clicks and revenue.

Use the Estimated CPC column when conducting keyword research.

#3. Allow Ads Block

Allow Block ads will appear in Google AdSense. You can go there and see how much each ad category pays you for yourself. It will display the various ad categories that are currently displayed on your website. If you discover that a particular ad category isn't paying enough, feel free to block it.

Professional Ways To Increase AdSense CPC - A complete guide

Block categories that are completely unrelated to your blog's content or niche. If the blog is about technology, then the ad categories for dating, politics, religion, and so on should be blocked. Your Adsense CPC will undoubtedly rise as a result of this.

#4. Desktop, iPhone, Laptop, Mobile, etc Platform

Your blogs are read on a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Although the platforms on which ads are displayed have little effect on CPC, you should try to reach as many readers as possible. The majority of readers come from desktop and laptop computers.

Because the ads displayed on cellphones are of higher quality, the CPC can rise if you can reach handheld or mobile readers. You can use many available plugins to make your blog mobile-friendly, and you can serve Adsense ads that are optimized for mobile screen sizes if you're blogging on the WordPress platform.

#5. Different countires have different CPC

The country you're targeting is one of the most important factors that influences CPC. For example, a click on an ad in the United States may pay $2 to $3, while a click on the same ad in India may pay only 20 to 30 percent.

As a result, always prepare your blog and its content for an English-speaking audience. Your website's page rank will also improve as a result of this. Always keep in mind the country you're aiming for.

#6. Image And Text Ads Format

Perhaps I should have stated this suggestion at the outset of this blog. In any case, you must be aware of the importance of selecting the appropriate format for your advertisement. Choose two 336 X 280 ads and one 468 X 60 ad if you can fit three on one page.

The ad format should then be text because text ads have a high CTR (click-through rate). You can also use a simultaneous ad format for both text and image ads, which will increase your CPC. For both reasons of low CTR and low CPC, image ads are generally disliked.

Ads can be superior in terms of high quality on a niche and frequent basis. as well as dangerous, as I've discovered

#7. Best Place To Put Advertisement

Where should ads be placed for the best CPC?

Put 2 ads inside and one outside your blog post. Place one 336 X 280 rectangle ad just below the title at the top of the blog, and another 468 X 60 ad in the middle of the blog post on the inside. The rest of the ad can be placed on your right, outside your post.

However, it should be based on your preferences and reasons for blogging. If you're a professional blogger who relies on Adsense, for example, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to optimize ads and use as many ad units as possible on a single page. If you're a hobby blogger or writing on a personal blog, your first priority should be to provide high-quality content with few ads, as readers despise ads that interrupt their reading.

You should be aware that the two ads that appear within the blog post, particularly at the top, will generate the most clicks and have the highest CPC.

Keep Experimenting

Always be willing to try something new. In the long run, experimenting can pay off extravagantly. You can experiment with different locations, ad placements, and get as much help as possible from the Google Adsense Center. Never stay in one style for too long; always try something new.

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Conclusion: Professional Ways To Increase AdSense CPC - A complete guide

Finally, I'd say that if you follow and implement these expert tips, you can easily increase your AdSense revenue by 40% to 50%. It is a completely legal and legitimate method of increasing your earnings in a shorter period of time. You can also look for the AdSense keyword with the highest CPC and create a couple of posts around it.

I will write about additional Google Adsense subjects in the future to help you get the most out of your AdSense experience. If you don't want to miss anything, subscribe to the Blogearns Feed.

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