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Gambling is one of the biggest forms of entertainment in the world. Since the dawn of man, people have been wagering on games, sports, or random events. However, gambling truly hit its stride in the 1600s, when the first casino was built. Ever since, the gambling industry has continued to grow and proliferate, culminating in the online gambling of the 21st century.

Online gambling nowadays is a multi-billion-dollar industry. More and more people are signing up for gambling websites and playing slots online. Naturally, this means there are more games than ever at online casinos. This is why some people take it upon themselves to test these games, review them, and offer tips and tricks for playing them more effectively. One such person is Lady Luck HQ.

Who is Lady Luck HQ?

Francine Cipriano was born in Colorado, graduated from Eaglewood High, and attended Oakland University in Michigan. Once she graduated, Cipriano pursued a career in automotive marketing, in which she was quite successful. She worked for high-profile companies, such as Chrysler, and is supposedly the director of enterprise at Gubagoo, still to this day.

However, most people know her for her YouTube channel, Lady Luck HQ. She runs her channel with her husband, Miran Maric, though she is the premium star. For her YT channel, Lady Luck HQ reviews online and land-based slots. She tests them out, finds tricks to win, and more. She has built a notable career through her YT channel, prompting many to ask: what is Lady Luck HQ's net worth? In this article, we will attempt to answer that very question.

Lady Luck HQ: How does she monetize?

The first question we find most significant is how YouTubers like Lady Luck HQ monetize their channel. As stated before, Cipriano supposedly works as the director of the enterprise at Gubagoo. Her success with that company is a source of income aside from her YouTube channel. However, most YouTubers and influencers rely solely on the monetization that they can make from ads and sponsors. So, let us look at the way that influencers monetize.

YouTube Ad Revenue

Lady Luck HQ has close to 400K subscribers, with 2.5k videos. Each of her videos receives an average of 50k views, with some doubling the amount. Assuming all her videos are monetized, Lady Luck HQ would generate a profit exceeding a million dollars. According to rumors, Francine Maric may have quit her sales job and is now primarily a vlogger who earns money through YouTube.

Sponsorship Deals

Lady Luck HQ has quite a few sponsorship deals. The most notable ones are Lucky Land and Chumba. These sponsors go a long way toward generating revenue from Mrs. Maric.


Lady Luck HQ is both a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer. Many of her fans are willing to donate some cash as thanks for her reviews.


Finally, if you visit the Lady Luck HQ YouTube Channel’s About page, you will find a successful merch store. You can buy Lady Luck HQ merchandise, further bolsters her annual earnings.

What is Lady Luck HQ’s Net Worth?

Now that we know how Lady Luck HQ makes money, it is time to look at her net worth. But, before we get into it, it is worth talking about what a net worth is. Many assume that net worth is the amount of cash a person has at their disposal, which isn’t quite accurate. So, just what is a net worth?

A net worth is the total value of all assets a person has in their possession, disregarding any liabilities they might owe. This means it is an entirely hypothetical assumption about how much somebody has at their disposal. And now that we are aware of that, we can say that based on her earnings from YouTube and merchandising, Lady Luck HQ’s net worth is somewhere in the $2.9 million.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Lady Luck HQ?
Lady Luck HQ is an influencer, YouTuber, and slot reviewer who has made quite a popular name for herself on the video-sharing platform.
How do influencers generate revenue?
The primary way that most influencers make money is by taking up sponsorship. Lady Luck HQ is no different.
What are Lady Luck HQ’s primary sponsors?
Francine’s primary sponsors are Chumba and Lucky Land.
What is a net worth?
A net worth is the hypothetical sum of money a person has when disregarding any liabilities.
What is Francine Maric’s net worth?
Lady Luck HQ’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $2.9 million.


Lady Luck HQ is a popular influencer who has made quite an impressive career reviewing various online and land-based slot machines. Her success on YouTube has prompted her to leave behind a stable career in automotive sales to pursue her passion. As of now, it has worked out for her. Her YouTube channel has 390k subscribers, averaging 50-70K views per video. Some of her more successful videos have even reached 200k. All of this has culminated in a net worth of $2.9 million.

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