Explainer Video Ideas to Enhance Your Marketing and Supercharge Sales

Explainer Video Ideas to Enhance Your Marketing
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Explainer videos can be an excellent option to enhance your marketing strategy. Big companies like Google, Volkswagen, and Amazon have trusted explainer videos for spreading brand awareness and educating audiences.

Moreover, explainer videos are shareable across platforms, allowing you to reach a more expansive and relevant audience. You can generate quality leads and meet prospects quickly, resulting in a higher chance of more sales achieved.

If you’re still curious about how explainer videos can be effective marketing content, we got the answer in the following discussions. Also, check out seven explainer video ideas to boost your marketing.

Why are Explainer Videos Effective to Boost Marketing?

Explainer videos are videos intended to explain concepts and deliver messages clearly and concisely. They are valuable social media content that can engage and educate audiences about the product they want to buy.

In fact, 40% of videos used for marketing are explainers. As a versatile marketing tool, explainer videos are highly shareable and customizable according to your target audience and business goals.

You can also incorporate videos in email marketing to increase the open and click-through rates. Here are some main benefits of incorporating explainer videos in your YouTube marketing strategy:

Boost brand visibility and credibility

  • Improve understanding of a product or service
  • Generate leads effectively
  • Raise conversion rates
  • Grow brand awareness

In addition, you can also build a positive brand image and gain audience trust. This way, using explainer videos in your next campaign can be a profitable investment for your business.

Explainer Video Ideas to Supercharge Sales

However, one of the most challenging things to do when creating an explainer video is coming up with an idea. Below, we’ve rounded up seven explainer video ideas to enhance your marketing and boost sales.

#1. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are one of the most popular explainer video styles. This specific style is suitable if you want to create simple explainer videos. This way, you can focus more on delivering the messages.

The visuals of motion graphics enable you to explain complex concepts, processes, or ideas in your video. With constant movements of visual elements, motion graphic videos can engage audiences effectively.

But, you must be aware that the entire video production may take longer to generate high-quality content. The role of a professional creative team is essential to make your explainer video top-notch.

#2. Cartoon Animation

If you like exploring your creativity, cartoon animations are also excellent for delivering marketing campaigns. You can create story-driven explainer videos that are irresistible to audiences.

Developing story-driven explainer videos can help you build personalized marketing and gain a deeper emotional connection with targeted customers. Touch the audience’s pain points and tell them how your product can be a game changer in their lives.

#3. Digital Cutout Animation

Digital cutout animations may not be as popular as other options, but they can make your content stand out in the crowd. The advent of technology has replaced traditional cutout animations with the digital version.

Created using digital tools, you can produce cutting-edge visuals. The final result may be familiar to cartoon animation, but the object shift and flow are easy to distinguish between the two styles.

#4. Whiteboard Animation

Another simple option for an explainer video is the whiteboard animation. This style is popular among businesses. You may have watched one on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Whiteboard animations give that sense of teaching the audience. The role of a board and object flows are effective in delivering materials and educating audiences. Keep your video short to get optimum engagement.

#5. Kinetic Typography

As the name suggests, kinetic typography consists of typography throughout the entire video. One of the big brands that use kinetic typography often is Apple. As a giant tech company, Apple remains consistent in using this style.

Kinetic typography is very eye-catching. You can create a dynamic flow to grab the audience’s attention right off the bat. As typography dominates the video, the role of the music background is also essential to engage viewers.

#6. Line Art Animation

Line art animations promote simplicity and spark elegance for your brand. You can create a line art show that carries your message seamlessly and beautifully. Despite the lack of visuals, creating line art is indeed challenging.

If you don’t have enough capabilities in creating animation, be careful, as you can make your final video cracky and stuttering. No one wants to watch low-quality videos, so you can consider hiring an explainer video company as a solution.

#7. Combination of Styles

The best thing about explainer videos is that you can combine multiple styles to deliver your messages optimally. For example, incorporating kinetic typography in a motion graphic video makes the final product more engaging.

However, combining styles may be tricky for many marketers. Without professional editing skills, your explainer video may become disorganized, resulting in degraded credibility. Ensure your creative team has excellent editing skills and is equipped with top-notch equipment to produce high-quality explainer videos.

In addition to these styles, the use of AI video generators is becoming increasingly popular in the creation of explainer videos. These advanced AI video generator tools leverage artificial intelligence to streamline the video production process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. They are capable of automatically generating engaging visuals and animations based on the script, significantly reducing the workload and enabling marketers to focus on the creative aspects of their campaigns.


Explainer videos can be a profitable investment for your business. They are shareable across multiple online platforms, allowing you to reach a broader and more relevant audience. Also, optimize your video SEO to boost its visibility in cyberspace.

You can create explainer videos on a free editing platform or hire an explainer video company for a more professional result. The above points are the best video explainer ideas that you can try to enhance your marketing and rocket sales.

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Explainer Video Ideas to Enhance Your Marketing
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