How to Write Like a Pro- 5 Essential Blogging Tools For Content Creation

best tools for content creation

Writing like a pro isn't difficult if you have the right tools to simplify and improve your content creation process. There are some must-have AI tools that you can use to create and optimize your content according to search engine algorithms.

Sounds interesting? If yes then read this article as we are going to discuss the 5 essential blogging tools that you can use to write faster and better.

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1. Article Forge

Article Forge is known as the best AI-powered content generator. It takes only 60 seconds to create plagiarism-free content on a given keyword.

You can give any keyword to get high-quality content without any delay. It takes no time to understand your intent and then accordingly generate content to meet your needs.

Article Forge tool

You can create well-researched, well-written, and well-optimized content with just a single push of a button.

It lets you specify how many articles you need at a time. Moreover, you can easily set other guidelines to follow such as the word count, relevant keywords, and writing style.

If you want your content creation process to be quick and error-free then you should leverage Article Forge immediately.

Whether your blog is about marketing, health, finance, news, or any other niche - you can use Article Forge's advanced AI tool to write unique, clearer content with the highest level of precision and efficiency.

Article Forge is a premium tool that requires you to pay subscription charges either on a monthly or yearly basis. Anyhow, you can sign up to get access to a free 5-day trial.

It offers multiple pricing plans from which you can choose as per your requirements and budget. For instance, if you buy a standard plan then it will enable you to write 25000 words per month.

In case you go with a premium plan then it will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee and the convenience to opt out of its service anytime.

2. Check-plagiarism

Check-plagiarism tool

The content you publish on your blog must be unique, right? So, every time you craft a new piece of content, make sure to pass it through a plagiarism checker.

Check-plagiarism is one of the most reliable tools to detect duplication in content. It offers high-level precision and efficiency when it comes to scanning long-form articles against billions of pages across the web.

It uses advanced AI algorithms based on NLP modules to check the similarity between the given content and other content published on the web. It checks the content line-by-line so that not even a single phrase can escape its powerful plagiarism detector.

Check-plagiarism offers multiple advanced features to improve the way you ensure your content's uniqueness. For instance, it is the only tool that lets you detect duplication in 10000-15000 words in one attempt. Over and above, you can use it for free of cost.

Moreover, you can specify any source link that you would like to exclude from the analysis. This means that it will not scan your content against the content of the respective web page.

Make it your rule number 1: run every piece of content through Check-plagiarism before publishing it on your blog. This is the best you can do to save it from de-ranking due to duplication issues.

3. Rephrase

Rephrase tool

There are many instances when we find catchy taglines, statements, or even long-form articles that we think must have been published on our blog. The best thing we can do in such a situation is the leverage using paraphrasing tools that can rewrite the respective content in a completely unique and more appealing manner. is a widely used AI rewriter that takes no time to remove plagiarism and improve content quality.

It offers three different modes to rewrite content according to the required tone, voice, and style. The rewriting modes include fluency, standard, or creativity which you can leverage as required.

Keep in mind that it lets you rewrite your content in creative wording only if you are a pro user.

If you use it without any premium subscription then it enables you to rewrite only 500 words in a single attempt. You can increase the word limit up to 1500 if you switch to its pro version.

You can use for free, regardless of any signup or installation.

4. Wordtune

Wordtune tool

If you are running a blog, you must know that there are times when you fail to come up with creative ways to write content. It can be writer's block or a pressurizing deadline that hinders you from creating quality content.

In such cases, it is better to leverage a smart AI rewriter that quickly improves the way you structure your sentences and craft appealing content without any grammatical errors.

Wordtune is the best AI rewriter so far that gives pertinent writing suggestions to create content in a unique, clearer, and more engaging manner. It takes only a second to provide you with 10 different alternatives to the given sentence.

Keep in mind that Wordtune paraphrases on a phrase and sentence level. You cannot use it to rewrite long-form content in a single attempt. Anyhow, it's still the smartest and most reliable tool for rewriting.

It offers four different rewriting modes using which you can modify your vocabulary, tone, and voice as per the required style of writing. For instance, if you are writing an informative blog post then you can rewrite your statements using its formal model. It will instantly make your sentences more clear and more coherent.

There are many more useful features that you can leverage using Wordtune such as it lets you shorten and expand your sentences as well. Anyhow, you must get a premium subscription to get the best out of it.

If you use Wordtune for free then it will allow you to rewrite only 20 times a day. On the other hand, if you buy a premium plan then there will be no usage limit or restriction on using any rewriting mode.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Whether you write from scratch or rephrase the content, you need to make sure that it is readable and well-optimized for your blog readers.

Yoast SEO offers the perfect tool to analyze the content for a quick readability check. You can use its real-time content analysis tool to ensure that your content is readable and search-engine-optimized by all means.

Just as it highlights readability issues, it also tells you about how to fix them. Thus, it substantially helps you to restructure your content to make it easier to read and understand.

In addition, it lets you optimize your content for a focus keyword. You can easily specify your target keyword and it will guide you on how to add it and where to place it in your content.

Not only this, but it lets you preview your SERP snippet as well. You can write and optimize your metadata including title, description, and slug to view how your blog post's link will appear on search engine result pages.

Ultimately, Yoast SEO helps the best to optimize your blog content for both search engine crawlers and users.


If you're looking to improve your writing skills and write content that appeals to your target audience, then you need to invest in some of the best AI tools out there. By using these essential tools, you can streamline your content creation process and produce high-quality, engaging content that will help you achieve your business goals. So what are you waiting for? Try out these 5 tools today and see the difference for yourself!

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