What's New in SEO in 2023?

What's New in SEO in 2023

Since Google’s algorithm is constantly getting updates, it’s only natural that the world of SEO is also evolving rapidly. While it’s hard to keep track of exact numbers, according to some estimates, there are roughly 600 tweaks to the algorithm per year. Now, most of these aren’t major, which is why some trends persist year after year. They, too, however, are getting tweaked to remain relevant.

This is why the essential quality of a digital marketer in 2023 has to be adaptability. Still, this is a broad term that can mean several things. First, what are these terms that you’ll have to adjust to? With that in mind and without further ado, here are six such trends and a brief explanation of their significance for the SEO field in 2023.

1 Automation

While SEO is creative by its nature, it also contains a lot of simple, repetitive tasks, as well. By automating it with programmatic SEO, you can easily speed up the process and free up your staff. This SEO automation can help you with keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking.

Most importantly, you can automate your site monitoring so that you get notifications every time something notable occurs. While site monitoring is not that big of a problem for those with a smaller online presence, what happens when you have too many sites and pages to track manually? A similar situation will occur with backlink tracking and analytics. Fortunately, once you automate these tasks, there’ll be nothing to worry about.

Competitor analysis is just as challenging. Not everyone is a competitor, but there are new faces every day. Staying ahead of this is no small feat and becomes much easier when you automate the process.

The biggest challenge with SEO automation lies in finding the right tool. While there are so many great options, the truth is that too much choice can be just as problematic. There’s this phenomenon called the paradox of choice, which causes anxiety when faced with too many options. Still, with some research, it shouldn’t be too hard to make the right choice.

2 AI

The first massive difference that AI will introduce is in SEO analysis. The truth is that the computing abilities of an AI-powered tool greatly exceed even the most experienced and capable SEO expert. You can analyze the field’s current state and use predictive intelligence to create unique experiences.

Another thing that you probably immediately thought of is content creation and curation. According to one estimate, it took 4 hours and 10 minutes to write a typical blog post in 2022. That is 74% more time than in 2014. Remember that the blogosphere is much bigger than nine years ago, the same as the global readership.

One of the most important things in SEO is workflow. Many steps must be completed in succession for an SEO project to work. Analysis, keyword research, link building, on-site optimization, etc., must be done in order. With the help of AI, it’s harder to lose track of a proper workflow.

Lastly, algorithm updates are coming out much faster than before. This is why you need more sophisticated computing capable of adjusting more quickly. With the help of AI-based tools, you will stay ahead of the curve and be ready to adapt to each new change.

3 Voice and Image Search

In the past, SEO was predominantly text and video based. Now, there are new mediums to consider. Voice search is becoming so dominant that about 27% of the global population uses it on mobile devices. With voice search, the landscape of SEO changes entirely.

The technical aspect of voice search optimization is quite interesting. For instance, keywords for voice search are far more grammatical than their text-based counterparts. When typing, people often omit prepositions, determiners, or even the complete grammatical form of the phrase in question. With voice search, this is different. Then, a voice search engine must account for dialects and speech impediments (even within the same language). Overall, it’s much work, and SEO specialists will be hit with the brunt of it.

Optimizing images for SEO is nothing new; however, the interpretation of the concept might have changed recently. The impact of image optimization on the ranking of the page where it’s used is not to be underestimated.

Remember that while images are a visual medium, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of alt text for every image. The algorithm still prefers words, which is why even things like the default file name and the structured data of the image make a difference.

4 Keywords

The most important thing about your keywords is that they are audience-oriented, not traffic oriented. Your audience is a specific demographic with interests that drive them toward you. Broadening the scope or coming up with click-bait titles will create short-term gains and drive your bounce rate through the roof.

With the help of advanced content planning tools, you will quickly discover industry topics your target audience is interested in. The assistance of these tools will also help with the workflow (a topic we’ve already covered). This also means that the choice of tools is more important than ever before. This is relevant even for those who plan to outsource their content marketing to a copywriting agency.

The mistake that inexperienced SEO analysts make is to fixate too much on the search volume. Sure, it’s an important metric, but it’s by no means the only factor that matters. You’re looking for quality indicators to avoid getting distracted by potential organic traffic alone.

Moreover, the lack of strategy is no longer as easily tolerated. So, it would be best if you made a keyword map. Remember, this goes beyond just planning progress. It’s designed to allow you to avoid keyword cannibalization and distinguish yourself in your chosen field.

5 Featured Snippets

The online audience is easily distracted and needs more patience. This is one of the secrets behind the popularity of featured snippets. Sure, snippets are incredibly informative and well-placed; however, they’re also a TL;DR solution to your search. Most people either click on the snippet or read what’s displayed without clicking anything.

There are numerous explanations behind this. First of all, snippets are usually carefully selected. Why would they go any further if the snippet contains the needed information? Moreover, because the snippet is carefully selected (and they know it), it automatically has more authority than alternatives.

For all these reasons, it’s an even greater priority that you manage to qualify for a featured snippet! Now, there’s no universal recipe, and asking how to become featured snippets is like asking how to go viral. If there were a recipe, everyone would use them all the time. The closest to an answer would be to:

  • Research your keywords (with audience relevance in mind)
  • Structure your content for the searcher’s needs
  • Regularly create top content (to boost personal authority)
  • Carefully craft your CTA

Just keep in mind that getting there is bound to take time. You can plan and try out different approaches to see what works best.

6 Local Search

Local mobile search is one of the driving forces of the business world. According to some surveys, about 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying. This means that even those who buy in-store will research you before coming over. Sometimes, this research comes down to just checking the physical address of your establishment. More often than not, it will be to compare the prices and check your offer.

So, local SEO will get you more in-store foot traffic and boost your online sales. Other than this, local SEO can also impact your reputation. If people can’t find you under the presumed keyword, they might assume you’re running a shady business or that you’re not at the top of your field.

Google is always considering the location of the user when sending suggestions. After all, everyone’s phone is a GPS-tracking device, which makes this task easy. Still, this doesn’t mean you no longer have to try or use location-based long-tail keywords in your SEO. Every bit makes a difference.

Now, a lot of local businesses are doing it for prestige. The competitiveness in your market, especially against competitors you know personally, can be pretty vicious. With the help of local SEO, you can establish yourself as the driving force in the local economy and even boost your authority and reputation in the digital world. There’s no easier way to assume a leadership position.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, all these updates are made with user-friendliness in mind, which is why quality content and hard work always pay off. Moreover, Google is shifting towards favoring more segmented niches, so you must be far more specific when targeting.

Another thing to remember is the importance of automation and AI-based technology. With SEO sophisticated as it is, analysts and SEO experts need all the help they can get.

Finally, voice search, image recognition SEO, and local SEO will become even more critical in 2023. Those who improve in these fields are bound to see great results.

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