Different Types of Bows Used in Archery

Different Types of Bows Used in Archery

Archery, or the game of bows and arrows, has been popular among the masses for centuries. The arrow-shooting game is played by enthusiasts in two ways, namely the conventional offline mode or the modern online mode.

There are different iterations of the archery game online that individuals can easily access on their smartphones. On the other hand, the conventional method of indulging in archery requires bows and arrows. There are different varieties of bows used in archery. This article will cover some of the most prominent ones:

Types of Bows used in Archery

Compound Bow

Compound bows are based on a system of pulleys and cables. They are designed to offer top-tier efficiency and power to the archer or player. Thanks to its smartly-designed structure, a compound bow requires less physical strength and is the easiest to hold at full draw.

When it comes to compound bows, archers get the option to use magnifying sights as well as mechanical releasing aids. This facility makes it very accurate even from far distances compared to other bows. In most cases, compound bows are manufactured using aluminum and carbon fiber. Besides this, their limbs are manufactured using high-quality fiberglass.

Recurve Bow

Earlier, traditional bows were used for hunting or indulging in archery. Recurve bow is the modern rendition of traditional bows. This type of bow is extensively used in the U.K. and numerous other parts of the world. It is one of the most popular bow variants, primarily because recurve bow is the only type of bow that is used by archers in Olympics archery events.

When an archer draws a bow, the energy initially gets stored in the limbs. From there, it gets transferred to the arrows when the archer releases it. Thanks to its top-tier structure, a recurve bow can be used to shoot arrows at speeds of over 200 kmph.

As opposed to traditional bows, which were manufactured using wood, recurve bows are created using advanced materials such as high-quality laminated carbon fiber. Their limbs are made using carbon foam, and the handle or riser is created using aluminum. Recurve bows are also equipped with magnifying sights and stabilizers to enhance the stability of archers.


The longbow is another popular bow variant that shares many similarities with orthodox bows. This variant is generally manufactured by highly skilled bowyers who have been in the business for many years. Earlier, bowyers used yew to make longbows. However, since more sustainable and better materials are available, they use wood or bamboo to create longbows.

The name of the bow variant is dependent upon its material. For instance, if it is made of any material other than wood, it is referred to as an American flatbow. American flatbows are usually created using carbon fiber. Thanks to the material’s lightweight feature, American flatbows are very lightweight. Thus, they are highly preferred by archers.


In archery, there is a separate format known as barebow shooting, which is where barebow is mostly used. This type of bow is also used in field archery and target archery. Many professional archers believe that beginners who start their archery journey using barebow find it easy to move on to other types of bows.

Barebow shooting is also done using a recurve bow without additional accessories, such as stabilizers, aim-down sights, etc. Archers who use bare bows are required to work on their consistency when it comes to drawing length and aiming at targets.

Monobloc Bow

A monobloc blow is a simple type of bow that is highly used by new archers. It offers top-tier stability, so beginners prefer this bow variant over others. Monobloc bows are generally made out of wood. They are very lightweight and easy to handle.

As compared to other bow variants, monobloc bows do not have a complex framework. Moreover, they are cheaper than other types of bow. They feature a fixed grip and cannot be upgraded in any way.

Removable Bow

A removable bow is a type of bow where the limbs fixed on the body can easily be removed for safe transportation or for improving the performance of the archers. This bow variant is created using carbon, fiberglass, or aluminum. Its handles are manufactured using wood, which offers stability to archers.

Removable bows are very rigid and refined. They offer archers the option to make adjustments as per their preferences. Moreover, thanks to their interchangeable grip, they offer better performance. However, compared to other types of bows, removable bows are heavier and more expensive.

Composite Bow

Composite bows are a type of traditional bow that is made using horns, words, and sinew. Creating a composite bow requires numerous materials, which is why manufacturing composite bows takes more time. Earlier, composite bows were used by soldiers during battles and wars.

These bows are more effective than generic wooden bows. Currently, composite bows are used by archers. However, composite bows are now made using more efficient materials, including the likes of metals, carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.

Other Bow Variants

Besides the aforementioned bow variants, there are numerous other types of bows that are used in different parts of the world. For instance, horse bows are used by mounted archers in the Middle East and Asia. Besides this, crossbows, which are horizontal, are used in numerous archery competitions globally by professional archers.

Whether playing professionally or casually, every archer must choose a bow that meets their requirements. Doing so will help them perform better in addition to boosting their confidence.

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