Will SEO Be Eliminated by Web3?

The last couple of decades of internet content has been user-driven thanks to Web 2.0, but has it run its course? Chatter surrounding Web3 has picked up over the last couple of years, especially with the rise of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and virtual reality (VR). Given the current state of digital marketing, it’s likely that Web 3.0 will be hitting the mainstream sooner than initially expected, but what will this mean for SEO practices?

Will SEO Be Eliminated by Web3
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What Is Web 3.0?

Before discussing SEO (search engine optimization), you need to understand Web 3.0 (Semantic Web, Web3). Blockchain technology sits at the heart of Web3, with decentralization and transparency at its core. This differs from Web2 because content providers have no real ownership of their work; tech giants control speech and own data.

Ownership and trust are primary components of Web3, which makes way for the following:

  • Unmoderated access to stored private data
  • Peer-to-peer infrastructures
  • Zero permissions for content access

Impact of Web3 on Companies

When it comes to consumer control and security, Web3 is a much-needed commodity. However, there are concerns that its mainstream adoption will have an impact on giant digital companies including Meta (Facebook)and Google. In the current state, both of these businesses rely on the power of advertising to generate the majority of their income.

Meta has reported a decline in user activity and suffered a 26% share loss, which is the largest in the company’s history. Given the fall has already started, business-like Meta will have to get creative to survive the Web3 revolution.

Web3 and SEO

If you talk to the fanatics, they claim that Web3 will spell the end of SEO, but that’s a bit of a reach. Although NFTs, blockchain, and crypto are all gaining traction, they don’t encompass everything involved in Web3. Despite the changes, the search for information will still be the driving factor for use, meaning SEO won’t be going anywhere. However, it will likely look different in the world of Web 3.0.

A Focus on Voice Search

The most likely focus for SEO in the future is voice search, considering more people have access to smart assistants. User searches will have more precision, meaning a shift towards longtail keywords. For example, in the Google search bar, you would type "SEO and Web3" and read through the results. Whereas, if you were asking a smart assistant you’d say, "Tell me how Web3 will change SEO?" Tailoring content around direct questions will make way for personal experiences online.

Prepping for Web3

Businesses need to adapt their content strategies if they want to thrive in the world of Web3. The best way to achieve this in the first instance will be outsourcing to a 3.0 web3 agency, as it means less time and resources directed away from important business tasks. As Web3 becomes more commonplace, pivoting to in-house marketing becomes a more viable option.

The internet is moving towards decentralization, but information and learning will still drive use. All this means is that the face of SEO will change, which is nothing different in theory.

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