An Ultimate Guide: How to Boost Your Website Traffic By Up to 100% In Less Than 6 Months

How to Boost Your Website Traffic By Up to 100% In Less Than 6 Months

So let's assume you want to set up your own business. You've established a company name and created a website for the same. You want the website to serve as your online marketplace or store.

You need a genuine online customer interested in your product or service. But you're struggling with the best ways to attract them in. The challenge is not unique to you, as most people face the same struggle.

It can be challenging to market your services with various online marketing strategies if you're not an expert that doesn’t know how to make your website faster and the like. You need to ensure you stand out in a pool of overwhelming digital overload. But how do you achieve this?

Unfortunately, it's more challenging today to stand out from this digital overload. And this is because of the overwhelming noise in the digital realm.

You need first to understand some basic principles to outshine your competitors. Therefore, you need more than employing the latest tricks to boost your website traffic. You need to implement tried and true strategies that the online gurus use to build authority and generate relevant traffic over time.

Let's explore some strategies to help build your website traffic by up to 100% in six months.

1. Publish Content Frequently

Content is the cornerstone of your website in the world of content marketing. You need to create much of the information in a blog format posted on your official business site to aid your company’s marketing efforts.

Blogs act as your sales representative to your website visitors. Therefore it needs to respond to inquiries and offers solutions to your readers. Well-written blogs make it easy to attract new customers to your business. They should be formatted properly, have easy-to-read sentences, use plain yet impactful language, possess a professional yet approachable writing tone, and many more.

Nonetheless, you need to be consistent with your blogging for it to work. It's true the frequency of your posts matters. But the biggest dilemma is how often you should blog.

According to studies, 76% of blog users claimed that posting 2-3 times a week maximized their traffic and conversions.

Here are some of the quick takeaways on why you need to post frequently:

  1. Your website traffic tends to increase with the frequency of your blogging.
  2. With more posts you publish, the more traffic and leads your site attracts
  3. Ensure your content goals align with the frequency of your publication.

Therefore, ensure you improve your blog posting frequency to experience a quick increase in your overall search engine traffic.

Search engines like Google will prioritize your content if it's fresh and educational, and your website will gain favorable results and rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs)

2. For Performance Marketing, Ensure You Promote Your Blog Posts

blog post

Your website has excellent and educational content. You've increased the number of posts to 2-3 times a week. But do you analyze the time you use to create and promote your site?

What are the percentages? Is it a 40% promotion and a 60% creation split? Or 30% promotion to 70% creations? Or is it 50/50?

To achieve your business goals, you need to work with a performance marketing specialist to advise on the ideal marketing budget. This is because the magic lies in your budget. They will help you to achieve your brand goals as they are keen on improving the performance of marketing campaigns.

You won't reach your potential market by simply creating blog content. You need to advertise your site to increase your visibility. New entrepreneurs avoid spending on ads because of the cost implications that come with it.

They prefer to invest more in creating content than promoting it. But this only attracts very little visibility from their potential audience. Don’t fall victim to this predicament.

Here are a few ways to effectively promote your web content:

  1. You can reuse your content in different formats. You can do this by creating an eBook, infographics, audio, and visual files and promoting them on various marketing channels.
  2. Carefully promote your content on social media pages.
  3. You can leverage blogger outreach. Collaborate with other bloggers to tap into their expertise and audience. As a reminder, make sure that you work with fellow bloggers that belong to the same niche as your business.
  4. Ensure you leverage SEO when optimizing your posts. SEO, when done correctly, can do wonders and boost your website traffic, which eventually leads to higher sales numbers from qualified leads visiting your company site.
Infographic explains 4 strategies to grow your website traffic

3. Create Long Form Content

The frequency of posting and the quality of content are essential. But if you want to increase your traffic on search engines, you need to start crafting long-form content with at least 2000+ words.

Naturally, a 2000+ word content will delve into more depth, unlike articles or blog posts that’s only 1000 word content. It’s believed that you can generate more relevant traffic with a 2000-word article than two articles of 1000 words each.

Moreover, remember that content is king, and strong content helps with SEO. Google and other search engines tend to prioritize longer-form content. This is because long-form content is believed to be more resourceful by users doing search on the web.

To stand out from the competition and increase your web traffic, you need to bump your word count by 2000 or more. Here are some of the benefits of long-form content.

  1. Long blog content attracts more reputable backlinks that improve your site's SEO status.
  2. It helps reduce bounce rates as your target audience won't need to visit other websites to obtain extra information because it’s already covered in your 2000-or-more-word blog article post. Hence, your blog will be considered an authority in its niche.
  3. Google prioritizes long-form content by displaying it in search results and the like.
  4. Also, long-form content brings your site organic traffic, i.e. site visitors that are highly likely to engage with your content, do business with you, and many more.
  5. Moreover, it will improve your site user engagement and time spent on your page – all thanks to much lowered bounce rates.

To attract your social media users to share your blog posts, you'll need to start writing 2000 words of content.

4. Optimize Your Content for SEO

Optimize content for SEO

A site audit is essential as it helps to determine if you need to fix your website or not. A typical website audit checks the page’s current SEO status (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO) and reports are generated reflecting SEO information. You and your marketing team can then utilize the reports from the site audit to formulate a game plan to boost your website traffic tenfold. This is one of the most effective strategies that can help to increase your website traffic. You can leverage performance marketing services to help your data analytics during the site audit. Poor SEO optimization may harm your business. This is because you may leave many money and visitors on the table.

Here are practical SEO Optimization strategies that you can leverage:

  1. Ensure you use simple and rich keywords for your URL when crafting blog posts and pages.
  2. Leverage plugins like Yoast for WordPress SEO. This will help to simplify on-page optimization.
  3. Track your website's load speed. You can always change your host provider if your site is loading slowly.
  4. According to Statista, mobile users account for about 50% of web traffic globally. So, ensure your site is mobile-friendly to reach these users.

So you need to consider all these aspects to optimize your site for SEO. Once you achieve this, you’ll be able to increase your web traffic by 100%.

Final Thoughts

There are many available tactics on the internet today. These are some excellent and practical strategies you can leverage for your website.

For instance, you need to increase your publishing frequency, leveraging ads for your blog content, long-form content, and SEO optimization. You will increase your website traffic by 100% and also your website sales.

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