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best photo editor online

Best Photo Editor Online

Hello friends, welcome to Blogearns. Today I am writing this post on a very interesting topic which is Best Photo Editor Online. Clicking and editing photos have become everyone's hobby. Nowadays everyone likes to click photos with their smartphones or professional cameras, but either way, there are always some drawbacks in these clicks like blur background, highlighting a certain part of the clicked image, editing or deleting the background of the image, Change the color combination of objects in the image, and so on.

Whether you need it for business, marketing, photography, or just for fun, creating a transparent background can be a daunting task. But now it is not difficult, you just need a background remover tool to completely remove background from your image. After removing the original background from your image you can add new background, graphics and much more as per your choice and requirement.

Some of you may be interested to know that can you make money by selling clicked images? The answer is - of course, yes! I have already written a post on this and provided you the list of best photo sites. You can refer to the post here.

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Photo Editor Online

Photo editing has never been as interesting as it is now. Hats off to the huge tools available on the Internet. But the disadvantage is that due to the large availability, it confuses the users to choose the best among them. Similarly, understanding event photography pricing is crucial for professionals, ensuring they offer competitive rates while maintaining quality.

But you need not worry about it, your search for the best photo editor online finally ends here because here I am providing you 7 best photo editors online. You can use any of these for your photo editing. All these 7 editors are best on their own and they are as follows:

  •   Canva
  •   Pixlr
  •   Adobe Photoshop
  •   Phixr
  •   FotorFlexer
  •   Photopea
  •   Fotor
  •   PhotoEditor

  • #1. Canva Photo Editor

    Best Photo Editor Online
    Canva Free Features
    01. Canva offers 250,000+ free templates
    02. 100+ Photo design types like social media posts, presentations, letters, and more.
    03. Huge collection of free photos and graphics
    04. Allows to create a team and work together
    05. Offers 5GB of cloud storage in a free account.
    06. Collaborate and comment in real-time.

    Canva Pro Plan ₹499.00 /month for up to 5 people

    ₹99.90 /person /month

    01 Everything is free of cost in this plan
    02. Provides 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics
    03. 610,000+ premium and free templates with everyday new designs
    04. With up to 100 Brand Kits, you can easily save and apply your brand's or campaign's colors, logos, and fonts.
    05. Background Remover allows you to quickly remove image backgrounds.
    06. Magic Resize allows you to resize designs indefinitely.
    07. Save designs as templates to be used by your team.
    08. Provides 100GB cloud storage
    09. Schedule social media material for up to eight different platforms.

    Why Choose Canva For Your Photo Editing?

    Magic Resize is an excellent tool for increasing the efficiency of your creative process. You can replicate your design in whatever size you need with just one-clicking, whether it's for printing, social media, or your website.

    Easily bring your brand's vision to life. Brand Kit allows you to keep all of your essential brand images in one place and use them whenever you want.

    Find your brand essentials all in one place. With Brand Kit, you can:

    • Upload your own fonts
    • Create your color palette
    • Set your brand logos and images
    • Design custom templates for your team to use.


    #2. Pixlr Photo Editor

    Best Photo Editor Online

    Pixlr is one of the best professional online photo editing tools. It has a wide range of templates.

    Pixlr has professional templates for the following designs:

    • Instagram Post
    • Instagram Story
    • YouTube Thumbnail
    • YouTube Art
    • Facebook Post
    • Facebook Story
    • Pinterest Pin
    • Simple Collage
    • Pinterest Long Pin
    • Twitter Post
    • Twitter Cover
    • Roblox
    • Flyer
    • Business Card
    • LinkedIn Company

    There is a wide range of blank templates available in different dimensions you can choose and upload photos for editing. Pixlr offers features like blur images, remove background, and much more drag & drop options. You can also upload the image by image URL.


    #3. Adobe Photoshop Photo Editor

    Best Photo Editor Online

    Adobe Photoshop Express is a web-based picture editor that is available for free. It's compatible with both Android and iPhones. Adobe Photoshop Express, like other online photo editors, lets you improve the look of your photos with tools like altering, cropping, and adding color.

    You can construct a collage by linking two photos together with Photoshop Express, and you can even add captions to make meme-style graphics. The fact that Adobe Photoshop only supports the JPG file format is a major disadvantage of this picture editor; most Internet material that requires graphics, such as logos, uses the PNG format.


    #4. Phixr Online Photo Editor

    Best Photo Editor Online

    Phixr is a simple and easy-to-use photo editor online that lets you modify your images right in your browser window. This picture editor works with a variety of image types and may be used in any browser. The tool is simple, but it offers a lot of features and is quite efficient when it comes to editing.

    Phixr has over 200 photo filters and effects to help you edit your photos quickly and easily. Fixer offers several unique capabilities, such as the ability to create red-eye and remove strands from the hair in the photo you're working on. You can also utilize the Fixer Paint tool to add additional color to your image. Finally, you may quickly publish your modified files to any online site, such as Facebook, right from the dashboard on Phixr.


    #5. FixThePhoto (FotoFlexer)

    Best Photo Editor Online

    PhotoFlexer is one of our free web-based picture editors. This picture editor allows you to trim your photographs and add various effects to them, as well as modify them. FotoFlexer may also be used to modify your photographs without the need to register. Before you may modify your photos, you do not need to create an account.

    This picture editor is not suitable for novices because there are no tutorials to assist them. However, because the interface is simple, you will have no trouble using this photo editor. FotoFlexer allows you to create shapes, distort photographs, and wrap photos in funny effects to your images.


    #6. Photopea Photo Editor Online

    Best Photo Editor Online

    Photopea is a good sophisticated online picture editor that works in a similar way to Photoshop. People who are familiar with Photoshop will like working with it. Photopea features a simple tabbed interface and numerous capabilities similar to Photoshop. It also supports PNG, JPG, PSD, and PDF file types.

    You may organize your editing tasks onto separate tabs in Photopea for quick access. Photopea may be used without having a user account, but it comes with a lot of advertisements, so if you don't want to deal with them, you'll have to upgrade to a premium account.


    #7. Fotor Photo Editor Online

    Best Photo Editor Online

    In only a few clicks, you can enhance photographs for free using Fotor's photo editor. It contains all online picture editing capabilities, allowing you to easily crop, resize, add text to photos, make photo collages, and create graphic designs.

    Fotor is a picture editing website that has a fantastic UI with intelligent filters and effects. Fotor accepts a variety of file types, including RAW and PSD files. This photo editor can do basic editing such as cropping, altering curves, adding and subtracting brightness, and more. Fotor allows you to add traditional tiles, borders, stickers, black and white, and color splashes to your image.

    While Fotor is adequate for basic picture editing, it lacks creative capabilities such as a paintbrush and is therefore unsuitable for sophisticated photo editing. Fotor not only allows you to upload photos from your computer, but it also allows you to import photos from Dropbox and Facebook. Images that have been edited can be saved in JPG or PNG format.


    Wrap up

    At last, I have provided the list of best 7 photo editor tools with details. You can use any of these as per your choice and convenience. You can click and edit images with any of these editors and sell it on many Photo selling sites.

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