Is esim the future of communication?

Have you ever heard anything about esim? This is a virtual type of card for cellular communication, the same as the more familiar physical sim card. But there is a significant difference. The prefix e in the name means embedded. Such a SIM card looks like a small chip that manufacturers install in smartphones in the factory. To start using it, you just need to add the necessary data through the Settings application or download a specified app.

And it's much more convenient and affordable than the old plastic SIM cards. In 2024, esim will become a more widespread and accessible technology, as more and more gadget manufacturers and operators support it. According to Juniper Research forecasts, the number of esim devices will reach 3.4 billion, which is 180 times more than it was 5 years ago. If you want to get acquainted with this technology, you can try esim virtual phone number by eSimPlus. Enjoy all the benefits of unlimited communication beyond borders.

ESim future of communication

What is esim in simpler terms?

An esim is an electronic sim card that is built directly into your smartphone and cannot be removed. It performs the same functions as a regular sim card, but has the feature of easily switching between operators and tariffs. You don't need to wait for a new sim card or visit a store to activate it. It is impossible to break or lose it, because it is sewn directly into the phone. Esim works on the same principle as a regular card. However, it takes up less space and gives its user much more options.

The convenience of switching operators, saving time and money, as well as the ability to use two SIM cards on one device make it an attractive choice for travelers and entrepreneurs.

Which devices support esim?

Before getting an electronic sim, you need to make sure that this technology is available on your device.

Apple has been developing interest in the embedded cellular chip for several years now. Therefore, all current iPhone and iPad models support this technology.

When it comes to Android, all modern Android devices support esims as well.

Benefits of esim

  • Flexibility. One of the most useful features of the built-in sim card is the opportunity to connect up to 5 different numbers at the same time. You can choose which one will be active now. At the same time, you can connect different plans at once. This is especially convenient for those who travel often. You will no longer have to anxiously rearrange the sim cards of different countries and operators at the airport.
  • Convenience. Esims help to save space inside the smartphone case. This will help developers create even more compact gadgets in the future. In addition, they will be able to install larger batteries or increase the memory in their devices.
  • Credibility. Some providers offer free trial versions of esim, allowing you to test their services before making a purchase. Installing the application and simple configuration is all that may be required.
  • Usability. The esim technology gives its users the opportunity to use two sims on the same device, including one physical sim card. This is especially convenient for devices that don’t have dual sim card support.
  • Safety. You can’t lose or damage an electronic sim as it doesn’t have any physical embodiment. What is more, your phone number and the data associated with it will never be stolen due to the fact that esim cannot be removed from your device.
  • Affordability. Roaming can cost a fortune, while the electronic sim providers are constantly trying to make their technology cheaper and more accessible. That’s why buying an electronic plan is more beneficial when traveling.
  • Sustainability. Physical sim cards require plastic to be produced. Electronic sim cards are much more environmentally friendly regarding this point.

Drawbacks of esim

Limits. Esims aren’t as popular as regular sim cards. That’s why it can be difficult to find support. Moreover, not all devices can handle an electronic sim.

Internet necessity. An internet connection is required to download or update the esim profile, which can cause difficulties abroad due to high costs or insecurity.

Newness. Electronic esims are a new technology. Which means that the majority of people still have to get used to it. This is also the reason why a lot of people prefer traditional sim cards to esims, as they don’t have to get adjusted to them.

Is esim the future of communication?

Sim technology provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to connect to cellular networks without a physical sim card. This is a convenient innovation that facilitates many tasks. To change the operator or add a new number, you just need to tap on the screen several times. The advantages of this technology significantly outweigh its small disadvantages. According to the data of Counterpoint Research, by 2025, more than half of all devices will be compatible with electronic sims. So, there will be more and more people who use this technology on a regular basis, which will encourage its growth and improvement.

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