Find out some easy tips on how to secure your home WiFi

Secure Your WiFi: Easy Home Network Tips

secure home wifi

In today's era, the more important WiFi has become in our daily lives, the more important it has become to protect it. Now, we have become in the habit of having everything at our fingertips, and we want to get whatever we want as soon as possible with less effort. If you wish to pay a bill for anything or book someone's appointment, this work can be done quickly and with the help of the Internet. The need for a sound security system becomes even more critical if we have to shift large amounts of revenue over the Internet. In this article, we will learn how to secure our home WiFi network router so it can use the Internet safely.

Changing your SSID

Service Set Identifier is a type of name you give to your WiFi network, and you can secure your WiFi by giving it a unique and complex name. Most companies use a unique combination as their router's SSID, combining a random string with the manufacturer's name. An attacker can easily find the credentials and attack your home network because the manufacturer's name is readily available in your SSID. Changing your SSID and giving it a different name makes it difficult for the attacker to detect it. For this, you can use or, and you have to connect it to your router, after which you can easily change your SSID. Apart from this, if you use a router with Piso WiFi, you can use the official site for Piso WiFi.

Update your firmware from time to time.

If you update your firmware, ensure you also update performance patches and security. Doing this will help improve the current condition of your Internet, and you will make your Internet faster and more secure. For convenience, you can use the automatic update feature to update the upcoming features automatically. If you turn on this feature, you will not have to worry about new updates repeatedly. At the same time, you can keep an eye on the vulnerabilities of the firmware-updated router, making your Internet work faster.

Remove remote access protocols from router settings

Remote access protocols allow anyone to access router settings regardless of whether the router is connected to the Internet. Anyone can take advantage of this, which is a vulnerability for home networks. To avoid this, you can change your SSID or turn off WPS.

Choose a strong password

If there is no password on your WiFi, it is like an open door. An unsecured WiFi allows anyone to access and misuse your data. You can protect your WiFi with WPA. WPA or WiFi Protected Access is a security protocol that ensures the security of WiFi networks. Under WPA, WPA3 is the latest and most advanced security protocol. WPA3 protects network data from password cracking and prevents attackers from stealing data. It enhances the network's security and provides users with a reliable and secure internet connection.

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