[2024] VideoHunter Review: Is The Best Xhamster Downloader?


If you are looking for the best and most satisfying-feedbacked XHamster downloader, here a tool named VideoHunter is highly recommended for its convenience and safety guarantee. Also, it deserves attention because it is without any charge. Now, let's know about how it works.

A Glance at VideoHunter

VideoHunter, designed especially for downloading high-quality videos from over 1000 websites, is also the best downloader for XHamster. Whenever you are trying to download XHamster videos, Video Hunter can help you freely download them for local storage with ease, and in the meantime, give you excellent output quality as well as satisfying downloading speed.

Here's a tablet showing VideoHunter's overall picture.

VideoHunter Scores
Features (Offer comprehensive highlights to ensure a stable downloading experience) 4.5/5
Pricing (The price is competitive even free) 5/5
Ease of Use (Concise interface design and easy operation) 5/5
Support (Helpful in-app support dashboard and excellent online guide) 4.5/5


Considering comprehensively, VideoHunter scores 4.5 points out of 5 as a whole. It is a great XHamster downloading app that is lightweight and assists in converting XHamster videos to plain MP4 in 1080p/4k/8k output quality. You can download subtitles separately or merge videos and subtitles for easy viewing. The most important point is that it is free of charge and thus affordable for everyone. It is also user-friendly, meaning even beginners can learn how to use this software easily without professional skills.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High output quality as original The downloading speed depends largely on your network stability
Download videos in bulk Relatively slower speed
Merge videos and subtitles
Safe and ads-free
User-friendly design
Lightweight consuming small CPU usage

Why is VideoHunter the Best Xhamster Video Downloader?

Though VideoHunter is an excellent video-downloading platform, how has it become the most suitable Xhamster video downloader? Let's check them one by one below.

  1. Download any video from 1,000+ websites, which definitely include Xhamster.
  2. Support exporting Xhamster videos in 720p, 1080p Full HD, 4K, and 8K quality, and you can choose any of them.
  3. Back up multi-thread Xhamster downloads, meaning saving a lot of time and labor.
  4. The in-app proxy setup helps you avoid country and region restrictions and download any video from Xhamster effortlessly.
  5. Protect user's privacy by guarding personal information carefully and no ads are interrupted when downloading Xhamster videos.

VideoHunter Pricing Details

Pricing Plan Pricing
Basic (1 device) Free
Monthly Plan (1 PC+ 1 Android) $14.95
Yearly Plan (2 PC+ 2 Android) $45.95

Something needs to be known before downloading Xhamster via VideoHunter?

Is VideoHunter safe to download Xhamster video?

Surely, VideoHunter is safe enough to download Xhamster videos. Advanced encryption technology has been employed, so it won't disclose any of your personal information or data. What's more, it does not have any malware or viruses.

Can I use VideoHunter crack version to download Xhamsterr video?

No, you're not recommended to do so because VideoHunter Crack version is usually accompanied by malicious code that can damage your computer and leak your privacy.


In conclusion, if you are still looking for a tool that can help you download Xhamster videos both safely and smoothly, I'd bet VideoHunter is the best choice for you. The reason why it is the best downloader for Xhamster lies in many aspects, such as powerful functions, safety guarantee, free-of-charge, reliable performance, user-friendly design, and so on. In this sense, it indeed suits both green hands and veterans. There's nothing that deserves your consideration again, just download it for free use now!

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