Australia's Affiliate Landscape: Best Niches for Bloggers

Lifting the lid on the most successful affiliate niches for Australian bloggers

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Affiliate marketing has always been a shrewd way to earn a little extra money, and with dedication, it can even turn into something more. Australia’s affiliate market has demonstrated considerable growth over the past couple of years. Research from IAB Australia showed that more than two-thirds of advertisers plan to increase their spending on affiliate marketing over the coming years.

That’s good news for affiliates who are in the right place at the right time. The time is now, but where exactly is the place? Here, we look at some of the most successful affiliate niches in Australia.

Wellness – the evergreen niche that is trending right now

Australians have always been associated with healthy lifestyles. But over the last decade or two, the façade has started to slip. Australia is facing an obesity crisis that is not far behind the USA’s and worse than that of the UK.

Australia’s millennial and Gen-Z audiences are more interested in wellness than previous generations and are increasingly focused on the psychology of wellness, not just on how to shed a few pounds or prepare more healthy meals.

Examining the deeper implications of wellness – why we pursue it, or struggle with it, as opposed to just what to do, provides real opportunities for affiliates who know what they are talking about. However, it also exposes those who are bluffing. This is not a niche to pursue unless you have something useful to say and the authority to say it, such as a background in health or nutrition.

Casino – the Aussie obsession that shows no sign of diminishing

affiliate niche

It might sound like a cliché or national stereotyping, but industry statistics bear out the fact that Australians love to gamble. They spend more money on it per head than any other nation. Casino affiliates typically provide legit casino reviews, describing what the different online casino brands have to offer, what bonuses are available, and so on. They also provide direct links to the casino platforms, and they earn money when visitors follow the links and spend money in the casino.

The niche is lucrative – in Australia alone, online gambling generates about $5 billion per year, but that means it is also competitive. Affiliates can stand out from the crowd by specializing in specific areas, such as poker or live games or poker. The nature of the iGaming market in Australia also means affiliates need to stay on their toes as new offshore platforms are appearing on the market all the time.

Finance – an area that is always in demand

The financial niche is one that never sleeps. In times of prosperity, people seek advice on the best investments, while when things get tough, they look for tips on preserving wealth or reducing expenses. Good financial advice is always being sought. What’s more, the constant action in the financial markets means you will never be without inspiration for something to write about.

Such areas as crypto investment, different types of insurance, loans, and mortgages all provide ample opportunity for affiliates to earn their commissions. The only significant risk with this niche is associated with giving bad advice. You need to be cautious with your words and ideally to be specific that any tips or recommendations do not constitute financial advice. There is always the possibility that someone follows a recommendation and ends up penniless. People like that can become desperate, and it can be a hazardous road to walk, as desperate people do desperate things.

Travel is firmly back on the agenda

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One of the classic affiliate niches travel obviously had some difficult times in recent years when the entire industry essentially ground to a halt for much of 2020 and 2021. This was especially the case in Australia, a nation that had tougher restrictions than most.

Since those difficult days, people have been literally making up for lost time, dusting off bucket lists and searching for the best package deals, hotels, and flights as well as peripheral travel products like insurance, luggage, and gadgets. This provides a wealth of possibilities for affiliates and means you don’t even have to be a seasoned traveler yourself to cash in on the opportunities.

The big-name travel companies all have some attractive affiliate deals on the table, but you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are a viable partner in terms of your authority in the niche and the footfalls at your site.

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