Improving Online Casino Knowledge in Australia

knowledge in Australia

How can Australians improve their online casino gaming knowledge?

The golden age of digital pleasure has brought all manner of joys, whether it’s downloading hit video games or streaming the latest blockbuster movies and TV shows, all of which are instantly available via our desktop and mobile devices. Like many countries around the world, Australia is enjoying all the benefits of modern technology, often leading the way for some of the most creative and exciting applications.

But one thing for which Aussies are famed is wagering, due to an established love of sports betting and wagering on casino games, particularly now such diversions are widespread throughout the country. In fact, research by IBIS World for 2022-23 indicated there were 187,652 registered poker and gaming machines, commonly known as “pokies” in the local vernacular:

Importantly, this research didn’t include the huge number of online casino gaming options available online, focusing purely on those at physical brick-and-mortar locations. These are typically pubs and clubs, alongside casino resort venues like the Crown Melbourne and elsewhere. But the number of physical gaming machines has actually declined in recent years, largely because of shifting trends and preferences.

These days, most Australian gamblers tend to play at online casinos, which tend to provide much greater ease of access and convenience. Games can be accessed 24/7 and there’s a much bigger choice, making them a far more enticing option for those who enjoy casino gaming entertainment. Nevertheless, this increasingly popular medium also requires greater understanding, and that’s what we aim to cover in this important guide.

Find trusted and reliable sources of valuable information

knowledge in Australia

As mentioned in our introduction, Australians now have more choice and access to casino games than ever before. Since the first online casino sites began appearing in the late 1990s, technologies, and trends have inevitably evolved, as have the ways of accessing these gaming options. Many people still access online casinos via desktop computers, although this is now being surpassed by those playing via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Often, people see catchy adverts highlighting some of the most exciting new game releases, encouraging them to dive straight in and sign up. And it’s only after depositing their hard-earned cash that many Aussies are left feeling disappointed when the casino site doesn’t match their expectations. This is undoubtedly the risk of “flying blind” so to speak, given that a much better way to enjoy casino gaming is by doing some research beforehand.

Accompanying the plethora of casino sites online, there are valuable resources available to help Aussie players make better choices, including where to find the best promotions and bonuses. Getting trusted reviews for sites and the games they contain is just as important, especially when you’re looking for a specific type of table game or genre of poker. This is what CasinoAus aims to provide readers:

Much more than just a comparison site listing the various casinos, the team of experts at CasinoAus are vastly experienced industry professionals. They only feature legitimate and fully licensed operators, while providing completely honest reviews, explaining the pros and cons for every site. This includes detailing the strength of customer support, advice about safe and secure banking options, plus in-depth guides covering every kind of game.

Learn how to play the games you enjoy more effectively

knowledge in Australia

Would you attempt to drive a car or operate a complex piece of machinery, without first reading the instructions? Well, there are plenty of Aussies who might, for sure, but they’re also running the high risk of doing themselves harm or making critical mistakes. In many respects, the same should apply before starting to play any casino games, especially given the rules and gameplay can sometimes be quite complicated to grasp or understand.

Take poker as a great example. While the basics of gameplay seem quite straightforward, poker is a game filled with many nuances and varied strategies, relatively easy to play but difficult to master. Likewise, understanding all the terminology can sometimes be confusing, making sites like the Poker Professor beginners guide a good place to start, explaining all the terms you’ll encounter while playing:

By far the most popular online casino game right now, pokies are thoroughly enjoyed by millions of Australians, but how much do they truly understand about these games? Well, pokies at reputable online casinos usually provide clear on-screen instructions, explaining all the features and functions, along with the meaning of different icons and how bonus features are triggered. Make sure to read these before you start spinning the reels.

Essentially, whatever kind of casino game takes your fancy, there’s no cost involved with doing some research before you play, given that highly informative guides and strategy advice can be found online. Knowledge is power and the more you know about how to play different games, the more your chances of winning and enjoying those games will increase. Likewise, greater knowledge can genuinely reduce losses and increase your chances of winning.

Understand more about casino licensing and your consumer rights

knowledge in Australia

Delving into the vast array of casino games available these days is fun and exciting, but we should never forget that whenever playing for real money, both physical and online gaming venues are in the business of making a profit. They are providing a service and we are the consumers, therefore knowing more about our rights is always important, and protecting those rights is now an integral part of the iGaming industry.

These days, most online casinos are global enterprises, and their core business operation might be located in various countries, far beyond the borders of Australia. Commonly used in banking and financial circles, “offshore” is the definition used when a business operates outside our home country, which is often the case with online casinos and gambling sites. They might be located in Malta, Canada, the United Kingdom, or practically anywhere in the world.

For this reason, before depositing cash and giving any site our personal information, the first thing we should always do is check whether they are licensed by a reputable gambling authority. Although these are usually governed by gambling laws and regulations within their country of origin, that jurisdiction will have a stringent process involved in the licensing process, and licenses can be revoked if operators don’t adhere to the rules.

Great examples to look for would be the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in North America, while the Curacao Gaming Control Board covers operators based in the Caribbean region. Europe is home to some of the oldest and most established gambling regulators, including the UK Gambling Commission. There’s also the Malta Gaming Authority, whose mission statement is fair and transparent gambling:

The aim of all these bodies is to provide safer gambling, alongside help and support for consumers, alongside testing the games themselves. The same applies to “onshore” gambling operations within Australia, which are regulated by various territorial and state bodies, and the biggest of these is the New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing. Whenever uncertain, always check that a gambling site is registered and licensed by one of these onshore or offshore organizations.

Use common sense and play responsibly to maximize your enjoyment

knowledge in Australia

Gambling has become one of the most popular and widespread pastimes in the world, but in Australia is also considered to be a cultural phenomenon, firmly part of the national identity. That being said, while gambling can be a thoroughly enjoyable and fun activity, without certain responsibility involved, there can also be adverse effects like problem gambling and addiction.

On the whole, most Australians gamble with moderation and without any issues. There are also plenty of interesting statistics highlighting the popularity of gambling. More than half the adult population gambles regularly, spending $1,260 per year on average for their betting and wagering pursuits. At online casinos, Aussies typically 30% of their time playing pokies, compared to around 13% on various table games.

ABC News also reports than it 2023, more than AU$25 billion has been spent on wagering, while young men aged 18 to 34 are more likely to gamble, although female participation has also increased exponentially in recent years. According to these reports, Australians gamble more online than any other country in the world:

Some reports also claim the “gamble responsibly” theme has little impact, so let’s look at this a different way. When your gambling activity is no longer fun, why continue? Stop, take a break, and think hard about what you’re doing. Gambling is fun and entertaining, so aim to keep it that way, don’t spend more than you can afford and whenever there’s a problem, never be afraid to ask for support and advice. Help is always available.

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