Random Number Generator In Online Casino

How Random Number Generators Are Used In Online Casino Games

Random number generator in casino

Random number generators are a type of electronic computer programming that makes different number sequences at random. They are essential for producing the various outcomes of online casino games to make them fairer amongst bettors since most are games of chance versus skill.

The Unpredictability of Winning Roulette and Blackjack

When you place a bet while playing in an online casino, you never know where the numbers are going to lie no matter how much funds you gambled when making said bet. Implementing these algorithms in online casino gaming reassures there are neutral and fairer results for all bettors to where there isn’t a win every single time.

In roulette, you pick a number or a specific set of them based on color or row, and if the ball lands where you predict, you win. With slots, the random numbers cause the reels to have a variety of non-winning number-and-symbol combinations.

In Blackjack, the random number generator causes the virtual 52-card deck to be shuffled at random every time to generate a different outcome of whether you bust or win. You only have about a 4.83% chance of hitting a true Blackjack, which is about one hand of every 20 that the live dealer will pass out.

However, all the winning chances of various casino games are very slim because of the randomness of the number generators, which means the guarantee of winning is much less than some players believe it to be.

Number Generators Make Online Slots Hard To Win

Online slot reels generate different number-and-symbol combinations thanks to the random number generator in its software. According to Investopedia, sometimes you have as high as a one in 5,000 chance of securing a win on an online slots game, depending on where the reels land. However, slimmer chances can be as low as a one in 34 million chance of winning an online slot game because of the random number generator.

Every number within the slot reel has the same chance of being selected in each section. When you click the spin button, one of the random number sequences will display on your screen as the reel stops for that spin. Game auditors are always testing slot games to make sure that no outside influences are causing the random number generators to lie in a player’s favor and that they remain randomized at all times.

Myths About Random Number Generators

Some players believe that random number generators receive influence from the casino to decrease how many possible wins can occur. That’s not the case. Numbers continue to be randomized in all casino games without any influences from casino personnel or another entity.

Bettors sometimes think that random number generators will land in favor of whether they have had a successful payout on that game or not recently. If a previous game gave you a large payout, it can do the same thing for you in the next one or take a random amount of time before doing so again.

Despite the randomization of random number generators, hence the name, certain players continue to misconceive that they are predictable. This is untrue because the number sequences always display at random without a set formula of showing specific ones in a certain order.


Random number generators make casino games fair and forthright for all bettors. While they also decrease the chances of winning a casino game, it is that much more surprising when a win does occur. However, remember that not all bets are going to yield wins when playing your favorite casino game. Good luck and may the numbers hopefully lie in your favor.


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