MultCloud - Best Cloud Manager in 2023

MultCloud - Best Cloud Manager in 2023

What is Cloud Manager?

Cloud file manager is intended to facilitate the manipulation of online files and access to multiple cloud storage accounts from a single location. Thanks to third-party cloud managers, whether you use pCloud, OneDrive, MEGA, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Amazon S3, or other clouds, you can manage multiple cloud storage services and access them directly in a single web interface without the need for numerous browser windows or native clients.

Why Need Cloud Manager?

Now that the massive data of clouds are becoming fuzzy, users may choose Google Drive to store files individually, use Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online for business collaboration, and probably use other clouds for IT needs, etc.

But how can users manage all their cloud storage files clearly without losing anything? They often ask multiple cloud storage managers for help. These cloud managers are available for manipulating the data in all your cloud storage accounts in one easy-to-use place.

Whether you are looking for a better way to oversee cloud data storage or manage cloud files for individuals or businesses, the ability to manage multiple clouds from one central place makes your work easier than ever.

Best Professional Cloud Manager - MultCloud

The best cloud manager should have the ability to let users search, transfer, sync, and back up the files they need across clouds and generally keep everything safer. That is to say, users want to find a proper service that has good connectivity across multiple cloud storage services to transfer files from one drive to another and provides a high level of encryption and security.

Best Professional Cloud Manager - MultCloud

MultCloud is a web-based multiple cloud storage manager for accessing 30+ famous cloud storage services and transferring data across clouds. It supports all the common cloud services and not only those but also WebDAV, NAS, Backblaze, and FTP technologies.

Access and Manage All Cloud Files in One Place

If you use more than one cloud at the same time, then you are so lucky to meet MultCloud. With the help of MultCloud, users can collect all their clouds together and access them from one well-designed interface. It allows users to upload, download, copy, cut, delete, share, and rename cloud files. Another great advantage of managing clouds via MultCloud is that it allows previewing of DOCs, PDFs, and XLS files. Thus, users can open and view documents directly in your browser.

One-Key Cloud-to-Cloud Data Transfer

MultCloud offers Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Backup, and Cloud Sync function for users to transfer data across clouds seamlessly through a single click without downloading and uploading. And it offers daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for users to set up automatic and offline cloud-to-cloud backup, transfer, and sync.

Cost Effective Pricing

MultCloud pricing is fairly flexible. It offers plans from monthly to lifetime with data traffic from 100 GB to unlimited, with various packages ranging from $9.99 per month to $249 for a lifetime. Monthly options are a bit more expensive, but there is also a free plan that offers 5 GB of data traffic per month.

High Level of Data Security

MultCloud uses the industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption for SSL to full-time protect the data transfer process. And the OAuth authorization system prevents MultCloud from recording the users’ cloud information. What’s more, to put double security on the clouds, MultCloud provides two-step verification to enhance the safety of clouds.

How to Manage Clouds in MultCloud

Step 1: Open the MultCloud web in the browser to create a MultCloud account.

Step 2: Add your cloud to MultCloud by clicking the Add Cloud button. You can choose a cloud icon and log in to that account to add it to MultCloud.

How to Manage Clouds in MultCloud

Step 3: When the cloud is added to MultCloud, it will be automatically opened to you. You can use those cloud built-in functions in the feature bar. Or you can click the Search icon in the upper right corner to search for a specific file across all the added clouds.

How to Manage Clouds in MultCloud


A good cloud manager needs to have the ability to connect all your clouds with one login and manage your cloud files with various features. MultCloud meets all these conditions and eases the way you deal with your clouds by making the operations and interface as simple as possible.

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