What is VPN and how does it work? - Detailed Guide

Virtual Private Network - VPN

What is VPN and how does it work? - Detailed Guide

A virtual private network (VPN) safeguards your online activity from surveillance, censorship, and intrusions. A virtual private network (VPN) establishes a secure tunnel between your device and the server, allowing you to surf the web anonymously and securely. VPNs are used by corporations to secure personal data, but they are becoming more popular among average Internet users every year.

By transferring the original IP address to another, a virtual private network improves user privacy. For example, you may be in Hong kong yet have an IP address that identifies you as a resident of London or America owing to a VPN. The reach of virtual private networks is greatly expanded as a result of this capability.

VPN functions

Hide IP addresses and browse anonymously. To keep your IP address hidden and your location hidden, use a VPN.

  • Keeping your digital identity safe. Your digital identity is being tracked by governments, authorities, providers, and advertisements. You now have the ability to shield yourself from inquisitive eyes.
  • Bypass any limits imposed by the region. Any service will be unlocked with the aid of a VPN since it will allow you to avoid location limitations.
  • On public Wi-Fi networks, keep your connections safe. The security of your data is jeopardized when you use public Wi-Fi networks. Hackers and fraudsters may readily monitor network traffic as a result of this. With a VPN, you can stay safe on any public Wi-Fi network.
  • Sites are being unlocked. Unblock websites and avoid restrictions by redirecting your traffic through a VPN.

VPN Security

VPN uses the tunnel technique of data transport and sophisticated information encryption algorithms to safeguard its customers' data on the Internet. People's reliance on the virtual world is growing as a result of current Internet development patterns.

Attackers are also getting better at intercepting data transferred across the network. The fear of losing our privacy is concerning, and it motivates us to look for advanced security solutions. As a result, VPN technology has grown in popularity among both major organizations and everyday Internet users.

VPN setup

It is not necessary to be an expert in IT technology to set up a virtual private network. Users do the task in a short period of time. VPNs using the PPTP tunneling technology may be set up on most operating systems. For setup, smartphones employ the L2TP/IPsec and PPTP protocols.

VPN Protocols

The number of protocols is increasing as security features are developed. Here's an overview of the most significant protocols:

PPTP is a tunneling protocol that allows a computer to create a secure connection to a server by establishing a customized tunnel. It has the benefit of being fast owing to the utilization of limited computational resources. The most often used protocol for creating a VPN is PPTP.

PPTP is a protocol that is less functional and secure than L2TP/IPsec. IPsec provides a secure channel, whereas L2TP generates a tunnel, as part of the protocol pair. The L2TP/IPsec packet combines the finest characteristics of both protocols.

OpenVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) that uses the SSL cryptographic protocol to allow more secure connections. The program is open source and free to use. It was created in 2001 and has since become one of the most widely used VPN protocols.

Virtual Private Network Providers

To maintain online security, the internet market provides us with the option of using either free VPNs or paying for commercial service. Companies that charge for VPNs care about their reputation and their consumers.

Furthermore, commercial VPNs offer far more speed and functionality, which is a huge benefit for many users. The user base of free VPNs is substantially greater than that of premium VPNs. Their connection, however, is slower and less consistent than we would want.

In most situations, free VPNs use the outdated PPTP protocol. Paid ones, on the other hand, use L2TP, OpenVPN, and SSH, which are more secure.

Best VPN available on the Internet:

#1. Atlas VPN

AtlasVPN Features
  1. Unlimited devices
  2. 4k streaming
  3. Fast speed
  4. P2P support

A trusted and promising free VPN provider, that encourages security, anonymity, and internet freedom.

Atlas VPN
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#2. PotatoVPN:

PotatoVPN Features:
  1. Unblock: Enjoy all apps & sites without restriction anywhere, like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  2. Secure: Multi encrypts methods built-in, say goodbye to hackers and spies.
  3. Anonymous: Hide your real IP address with our thousands of virtual IP addresses.
  4. Access all content with no restriction
  5. Protect your Privacy
  6. No log shared
  7. Easy to use: Just one step, click connect then you are all set.

Enjoy the super fast and private VPN proxy service with PotatoVPN. We offer global servers and locations to secure all your connection and surfing. Get completely anonymous with PotatoVPN to enjoy a safe and green network environment.

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#3. NordVPN:

Short Details: The NordVPN service allows you to connect to 2380+ servers in 56+ countries. It secures your Internet data with military-grade encryption, ensures your web activity remains private and helps bypass geographic content restrictions online.

Nord VPN
NordVPN Features:
One account, 6 devices NordVPN protects you, your friends, or your household without buying multiple accounts.
Easy-to-use App You don't need to be a cryptographer to use NordVPN. Just pick a server and connect.
For all your gadgets Use NordVPN for your phone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, and router.
No bandwidth limits NordVPN offers unlimited bandwidth.
Bye, bye ISP throttling Stream your favorite TV episodes and movies without interruptions in a safe environment.
worldwide Access Connect to tens of thousands of servers in more than 60 countries to safely access any material, no matter where you are.
Customer support 24/7 Do you have any questions? Live chat with NordVPN's customer service representatives or send us an email.
Secure connection With top-tier AES 256-bit encryption, you can keep your personal information safe from attackers.
Automatic Kill Switch Kill Switch prevents your device from accessing the internet if a VPN connection is lost by mistake.
CyberSec technology Protects you from visiting potentially harmful websites that contain malicious malware.
Blazing speeds Connect to any of 5100+ ultra-speed VPN servers for a quick and consistent connection.
Quick connect Simply press that button to connect to the quickest server currently accessible.
Fast and safe P2P Hundreds of servers all around the world have been optimized for safe and efficient file sharing.
Strict no-logs policy PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted the audit. We don't monitor, collect, or disclose any of your personal information.
IP protection Select a NordVPN server and browse using its IP address as a mask. Your IP address and location will be kept private.
Private access No one can observe what you do online or access your personal information.
Check this specific NordVPN review for more insights.

Nord VPN
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#4. X-VPN:

Short Details: X-VPN provides an effective VPN service for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. X-VPN has unlimited bandwidth, decent security measures, and claims not to save any logs. It's free and easy to use. Download X-VPN now to stay secure.

VPN Network  X-VPN
X-VPN Features
To begin with, X-VPN DOES NOT and WILL NOT LOG ANY USER'S TRAFFIC Statistics, including browsing history, traffic data, and DNS queries.
Because we believe that our connection with our users is built on trust, and trust is built on the truth, we at X-VPN keep everything completely open to our consumers. To understand more about our service, we invite all of our users to read our Privacy Policy page.
Why Choose X-VPN?

In a word, a DNS leak occurs when your DNS requests are transmitted outside of the established VPN tunnel to your ISP's DNS server. When this happens, your ISP and hackers will have access to your online activities.

This is a serious issue since it effectively exposes users' internet data in "broad daylight," yet consumers are led to believe that their internet traffic is as private and secure as the VPN service providers advertise.

We run our own DNS servers to ensure that all of our users' data is safeguarded in a VPN tunnel, and X-VPN was meticulously developed to preserve your online privacy.

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