Scalenut: AI-Powered Content Generator

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A Content Intelligence SaaS Platform That Helps You Power Up Your Content Research With Its AI Copywriter & SEO Assistant.

Scalenut: AI-Powered content creater

AI-Powered Content Research & Copywriting Platform

Hey, are you bored with writing content yourself or don't have enough idea to write high quality SEO-optimized content? But still want to write content for your blog or business...

Don't worry we have got a perfect solution for your problem. We strongly recommend you to use Scalenut for your content writing. Scalenut is an AI-powered content generator tool that generates high-quality SEO-optimized content for you that gets ranked easily.

Content research and writing are a must-have for any company. For up to 30,000 words, an average writer will cost you between $1000-$5000 a month, or you will spend hours writing it for your business. This is where Artificial Intelligence must be integrated into your company.

With this application, you may simply improve your content research skills without spending a lot of time or money. Use SEO Assistant and AI Copywriter to rank your SEO and content.

Benefits of using Scalenut:

Use facts rather than conjecture while creating material.
Begin with a single keyword and obtain comprehensive reports jam-packed with important data. SEO Assistant uses its understanding of essential words, h tags, readability, and purpose to help you develop content that will rank.
AI can help you generate successful content concepts and copy.
At the press of a button, AI Copywriter will provide you with new and infinite content ideas. It's your clear advantage, which includes entire blogs, email headers, ad text, social media updates, and a variety of other content forms.
Make sure everything is in order, from key terms and image density to important questions and h tags, using the SEO Assistant's intelligent editor, and produce winning content every time.

How Scalenut works:

SEO Assistant

Add target keyword and geography: Enter the primary keyword you want to rank for, as well as the location of your target consumers

Get a comprehensive research report: Get a comprehensive content research report with complete competitive maps and insightful data

Generate long-form content: Utilizing Write with AI, AI operators, AI Connectors, and templates, create long-form material using the insights

Artificial Intelligence Copywriter

Choose content type: Choose from over 20+ use cases: Blog ideas, Blog posts, Ad copies, and more.

Input Brand & description: Add your brand and brief description. AI Copywriter will generate the copies for you.

Edit and Save: You can edit, save your favorites, and access history at any point in time.

scalenut: High quality content generator

[USECASE] Write Quality Content In A Heartbeat With Scalenut

Scalenut Usecase:

01. Website Content: Increase conversions and drive more visitors with compelling tales that capture the soul of your business. Scalenut offers the resources and expertise to help you create compelling website content.

  1. AI Short-form copies: For blog ideas, product descriptions, website copies, blog intros, and more, use one of the most effective AI Copywriters. Simply enter a description and let AI handle the rest.
  2. Automated content research: Boost your on-page SEO Automated content research for SEO. SEO Assistant is a tool that uses natural language processing algorithms to help you outsmart your competitors.
  3. AI Long-form writing: You can produce AI-assisted long-form material in minutes with its powerful editor. Embed movies, obtain pictures, and get real-time content quality assessment.

02. Social Media Content: Make social media your growth engine by posting content that attracts attention, fosters interaction, and eventually boosts your bottom line.
Scalenut's GenerateAI, which is driven by AI, rapidly generates numerous effective social copies.

  1. Enter Brand Name
  2. Enter Product Description
  3. Hit Generate

Why choose Scalenut for content writing

Scalenut is a SaaS platform for content intelligence that helps you find and create the most relevant content for your business. Deep learning and artificial intelligence are used to create the best possible content. Scalenut makes it easy and scalable to create content that meets your business objectives.

Scalenut: Product Highlights

Create SEO-focused content outlines - Scalenut generates full-fledged content reports (powered by the finest NLP in the business) from a single chosen term, serving you the winning SEO formula every time.

At the touch of a button, get infinite content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad copy, email headers, blog intros, and more.

Create long-form content with AI - Scalenut's intelligent AI technology creates long-form content in seconds. It may be used to increase authority, improve SEO, and complete more transactions.

Produce Top-Notch Content - In SEO Assistant, you may get real-time feedback on the quality of your content. It shows you how many NLP terms you've used (and how many you haven't), as well as the readability score and word count.

scalenut: High quality content generator

Scalenut: SEO Assistant

The SEO Assistant from Scalenut includes everything you'll need to generate long-form content that both your readers and search engines will appreciate. It's an all-in-one content research and authoring tool that takes into account all of the ranking variables and gives you practical insights while measuring SEO parameters in real-time.

  • Break down Content from Competition - The length, quality of content, amount of H Tags, and the number of pictures utilized in the top-ranking blogs for your chosen term are all graded by SEO Assistant.
  • Identify Target Keywords - See the relevant phrases and keywords that the competition ranks for, as well as how often they utilize the words in the text, thanks to AI and NLP.
  • Understand User Intent - Take a peek at the questions on Quora and Reddit to see what others are looking for. Get questions that are connected, topics, and AI-powered questions as well.
scalenut: High quality content generator
  • Improve Content Quality - The content is graded in real-time by the built-in Editor, who also shows goal keywords and competitive information in the sidebar.
  • Writer's Block - To produce material automatically, use Write with AI, AI Operators, AI Connectors, and templates.
  • Comprehensive Research - When developing content, think about AI-driven NLP-driven 100+ data points including competition, top customer queries, backlink data, keyword frequency, and the usage of pictures or video.
  • Real-time Recommendations - Get suggestions about how to improve when it counts the most - while you're writing. The frequency of keywords, article readability, word count, and plagiarism are all reported in real-time by SEO Assistant.
  • Quality Scoring - Get a real-time quality score that is highly correlated with search engine rankings. Boost your ranks by increasing your quality score.

Scalenut: AI-Copywriting -

Give the material you require to Scalenut's AI Copywriter. The program interprets your inputs and creates compelling copy for websites, blogs, and social media postings, among other things.

  • Keep Your Content Original - With Scalenut's AI Copywriter, you'll never have to worry about plagiarism. Within seconds, you'll have something unique and strong.
  • Consistent - You'll never be at a loss for what to do next. With a single click, you may generate as many ideas as you want.
  • Make Writing Interesting - To integrate new vocabulary and phrase patterns in your writing, experiment with different tones of voice.
  • Powerful AI Technology - The AI Copywriter from Scalenut utilizes a deep learning model to write like a human. After reading hundreds of billions of texts, the technology recognizes words and phrases.
  • Easy to Export Results - You may copy the finest ideas to your clipboard and then paste them into your preferred editor. Scalenut is also working on WordPress and Shopify integrations.
  • scalenut: High quality content generator

    Create both Short Form and Long Form Content with AI Copywriter such as:

    Website Content Blog Topics & Ideas
    Product Descriptions Social Media Content
    Google Ad Copies & Headlines Facebook Ad Copies & Headlines
    Landing Page Hero Text Landing Page Sub-Header Text
    Google & Facebook Descriptions LinkedIn Ads Headline & Description
    Facebook Primary Texts Email Subject Lines
    Blog Intro Long-Form Blog Post
    scalenut: High quality content generator

    Scalenut Pricing Table:

    Currently offers 4 types of pricing structure namely Plan A (Individual), Plan B (Individual Plus), Plan C (Growth), and Plan D (Unlimited Agency-Pro). See the pricing structure below.

    Scalenut: AI-powered content generator
    Plan A - $49 /Lifetime
    Less Than 50 Licenses Left
    Buy Now
    Plan B - $149 /Lifetime Buy Today
    Plan C - $299 /Lifetime Buy Today
    Plan D - $1095 /Lifetime
    Less Than 70 Licenses Left
    Buy Today
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