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If we talk about SEO, we all know that a lot has changed in the last few years, but one thing which remains unchanged is backlinks.

As we know that search engines keep on changing their algorithms from time to time, earlier more number of backlinks were required to rank a site, but recently in 2021 search engines has updated their algorithm, and now to rank a site higher in search engines, the site must have a good number of quality backlinks.

Therefore, as a blogger and site owner, you should be very careful about your site's or blog's backlinks. You are required to keep on checking your backlinks on regular basis to keep your site ranking in SERP.

backlink checker tools free and paid

Best Backlink Checker Tools For Blogs And Websites

Last year, Google's Penguin algorithm upgrade devalued low-quality backlinks and ended all private blog networks. I will go over some of the best online backlink checker websites in this article so that you can see how many backlinks you have on your website.

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Importance of Backlink Checker Tools

When any website links to our site or any other page of our site from its website, this is called a backlink. Backlinks were once considered one of the most essential factors in achieving a high page rating and improved keyword ranking. Google, on the other hand, has lessened the importance of backlinks and introduced new signals to rank a page over time.

In general, Backlinks are of two types:

  1. Dofollow, and
  2. Nofollow

Dofollow backlinks are highly recommended for good SEO and for ranking purposes as compared to Nofollow backlinks. To stay updated on each and every backlink of our site, we need a backlink checker tool. A good number of backlinks helps in improving our domain authority and Moz rank of our site. Below are some best backlink checker tools that you can use to check your blog's or site's backlinks. Some of them will give you a detailed report on your backlinks and some will just summarize but none of them will ask for registration which makes the process quick and easy.

Backlink Checker Tools

1A. Backlink Checker by Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a multifunctional SEO platform for analyzing and auditing your website. Backlink Checker is one of the tools of this platform, which allows you to quickly and efficiently analyze the profile of backlinks. Using this tool, you will be able to audit backlinks for your site or find out about your competitors' backlink strategies.

Sitechecker offers a free 7-day trial for its features.

Backlink checker tool

1B. SEMrush (Most Popular)

SEMrush is the most popular and robust tool in terms of SEO suit. It keeps on adding additional features that make it more popular among users. It provides a detailed report on your site's or blog's backlinks.

SEMrush comes with an extensive database that updates daily allowing its users to check accurately website's backlinks status. You can see below the screenshot of a detailed report on the website's backlinks.

Picture below displays the Authority score, Referring domains, Backlinks, Monthly visits, Keywords, etc.

Backlink checker tool

Seconds screenshot displays the New and Lost referring domains along with the New and Lost Backlinks.

Backlink checker tool

Third screenshot displays the categories of referring domains.

Backlink checker tool

Fourth screenshots displays the referring domains by authority sccore along with Backlink types and link attributes.

Backlink checker tool

Fifth screenshot displays the TLD distribution along with top countries that referring the website.

Backlink checker tool

Sixth screenshot displays the link profile distribution along with the similar profiles.

Backlink checker tool

2. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs is also one of the popular backlink checker tools. Ahrefs is a premium tool but you can check sumerized backlink status for free they also show top 100 backlinks of your site free of cost.

On getting the subscription you can get the complete backlink analysis along with an anchor text analysis of your site. Premium version of Ahrefs provide you a detailed analysis of Anchor text distribution, Dofollow-nofollow link, Domain rating, and New or lost backlinks.

Afrefs offers a basic subscription for one week in just $7 only.

Backlink checker tool

3. LinkMiner Backlink Checker Tool

With the help of LinkMiner backlink checker tool you can explore backlinks with all vital details, Embedded website preview from the dashboard, find the backlinks based on category, check the link strength, Mark backlinks as favourite.

backlink checker tool

4. OpenLinkProfiler Backlink Checker

OpenLinkProfiler backlink checker tool is a free backlink checker tool brought to you by famous SEO suit tool SEOProfiler. If you are looking for a free backlink checker tool with all premium features, you will enjoy using the OpenLinkProfiler.

backlink checker tool

You can save 1000 backlinks in .csv format. This backlink checker tool is best among the free backlink checker tools available on the internet.

5. Moz Link Explorer

backlink checker tool

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