Why Dedicated Servers are Ideal for Your Business?

Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Servers

dedicated server

Many new website owners opt for shared hosting while launching their first site online. After all, it's one of the most affordable hosting options available. However, as your website grows, upgrading to a high-tier option is essential.

There are different types of options, and you may have heard about a dedicated server hosting and why you need one. The reason you need to upgrade to a dedicated server is that, if you are dealing with immediate traffic on your website or expecting growth shortly, a dedicated server low cost is an ideal option.

It's best in terms of speed, security, and performance. In this article, we'll explain what dedicated servers are, and how it's beneficial for your business.

So, let’s get started!

What are Dedicated Servers?

This type of website hosting service is where the user gets an entire server. It includes all the server resources such as storage space, RAM, bandwidth, and more. All the resources are dedicated to your website/application.

You have the freedom to choose the operating system for your website is also an added advantage of dedicated servers. Plus, with full root access, you can customize the server the way you want. Like installing the applications/software of your choice, doing the configurations in the way you want, taking control over the ports, and more. Also, you can securely access and transfer files on your dedicated server with the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

When Should You Go with Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated servers are ideal in some scenarios, but not in all. If you have a website that's getting a higher number of visitors at a time, a dedicated server is a perfect option for you. It's only because, the entire server is dedicated to your website, ensuring you get a fast and secure hosting experience.

The next is if you are running a large number of smaller sites, dedicated hosting is a great choice. Say, for example, your organization operates numerous smaller websites, having a dedicated server makes sure all of them run very smoothly. You even have complete control over the server, and you can customize it in the way you want.

Also, a dedicated server is an apt solution for resource-heavy websites/applications. In short, if you are dealing with any heavy workloads, a dedicated server suits and performs well in all scenarios. One thing is, a dedicated server is more expensive than other hosting types however the resources you get are top-notch and you don't have to compromise on the performance or the security.

How Can a Dedicated Server Be Compared with Other Hosting Options?

As you know, in shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. For small businesses, low-traffic and beginners shared hosting is the perfect option.

The next is VPS, which gives your website its own space that's separate from other websites but still shares the server. As your website is blocked from other users, it has a consistent performance. You also get the flexibility to how you can configure the server.

These plans offer the speed you require at a lower price. If you need enhanced power for the money you pay, a dedicated server is a go-to option. Fortunately, if by that time, your website needs to handle traffic, then it's worth it!

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Whenever making decisions about choosing a server, it's good to know the advantages, as it helps you to make a clear decision.

Full control over the server

Dedicated servers give you complete control over the server. You can even decide when to do the upgrade or changes that give better uptime.

Customize Your Server

When you choose a dedicated server, the web hosting company offer lets you pick from the different types of servers available. This lets you get the exact configuration you require.

Powerful Hosting Option

It's known as one of the most powerful hosting options, as you get all the dedicated resources for your website. And this lets you handle tons of traffic on the website.

Greater Security

A dedicated server is best in terms of security. Because there are no noisy neighbors, you don't have to worry about any other website traffic or attacks affecting yours.

Dedicated IP Address

Similar to the server space, your IP address will be completely dedicated to your needs. It eliminates the chances of your IP getting blacklisted or blocked due to the


A dedicated server is more expensive than shared and VPS hosting, however, it's beneficial for your business. As mentioned above, if you are anticipating major growth in your business, dedicated servers can do wonders! Also, choosing a reliable web hosting provider is essential. We would suggest you go with MilesWeb. With their enterprise-class dedicated servers, you can achieve leading-edge performance for your websites/applications.

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