How to remove footer credit of blogger template

Remove footer credit of premium blogger template without redirecting to any other site.

How to remove footer credit of blogger template

Hello friends, If you are new to blogging and using Blogger's Blogspot as your blogging platform, then you must have thought of using premium template without footer credits. So, if you want to use premium templates for free without footer credits then you are at the right place.

Actually removing footer credits from any premium blogger template is not a difficult task but if you try to remove footer credits from template then website starts behaving abnormally and gets redirected to developer's website.

So in this article, we will discuss the easiest way to remove footer credits without redirecting to any website.

  Note: This post is for informational purposes only. I would not recommend that you remove the footer credits without the permission of the developer of the template. We must respect the hard work of the developers.

Actually, in the blogger premium template developer put some javascript code so that no one can remove footer credits in the free version. If someone tries to remove the footer credits, the site starts behaving abnormally and redirects to the developer's parent site.

Here in this post, I will give you some code and tricks which will bypass the developer's code and you can remove the footer credits. This is how you can use the blogger premium template for free.

With our codes and tricks, you don't need any programming skills you just follow our tricks it will only take 2 minutes to remove the blogger's premium templates footer credits.

Steps to remove blogger footer credit

We would like to suggest that you backup your Blogger theme before removing the footer credits. If you do anything wrong you can reverse the content by uploading a backup file.

01. Go to Blogger dashboard >> Themes >> Edit HTML
02. Click in between the HTML code and press CTRL + F
03. On pressing the CTRL + F a search box will appear. Type Designed by or Created by in the search box and press Enter key.
How to remove footer credit of blogger template
04. In the picture above you can see the footer credit code block. You just need to put our code just above and below the footer credit section code block. In the figure below we mark Code Line - 1, Code Line - 2, and Code Line - 3. You just need to download our code file and copy the codes one by one and paste them into their respective places.
How to remove footer credit of blogger template
05. The code you need to paste in the Code Line - 1 is <p>Copyright (c) 2021 <a href=''>YourSiteName</a> All Right Reseved</p>
06. In the Code Line - 2 you need to paste the code as follows <div style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>
07. In the Code Line - 3 paste the following code </div>
08. If you go through step-5 carefully you will get Yourdomain and YourSiteName. Here you have to make some changes, replace 'Yourdomain' with your own domain name and YourSiteName with your own site name. Thats it, you are done. 👍👍

If we go a step ahead and talk about WordPress, there are many free themes available for free. But it may also happen that due to the lack of functionality and looks, you do not like them at all. In such case you always want to use premium WordPress templates but they are usually very expensive and as a beginner blogger you cannot afford their monthly subscription plans.

Why don't you remove the footer credits of the premium template and use it on your blog? This is not a good idea at all as you will not get all the features in the free version of the template but you can use them in the initial blog setup and once your blog starts driving traffic and generating income, you can use them. You can buy premium membership.

Steps to remove footer credit of WordPress template: Go to Template Customization, open the footer.html file and do the same process we discussed above. In this way you can remove the footer credit of any template whether it is blogger template or wordpress template.

  Trick Secret: If you look closely at the code, you will find that in fact we are not removing the footer credits. We are just hiding it by making font size 1 and opacity 0. And putting your own credit that will be visible to everyone, not the original footer credit.

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