How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Campaign

How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the main components of most digital marketing sales funnels, and with good reason; it's a highly effective way to reach out to potential customers. However, as effective as email marketing can be, there are still some common mistakes that businesses make which can lead to less than optimal results. In this blog post, we'll go over some of the most common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Sending Too Many Emails

Bombarding your subscribers with too many emails is one of the quickest ways to sabotage your email campaign. Not only will it lead to high levels of unsubscribes and complaints, but it will also damage your brand's reputation and make it difficult to sell your products to those customers in the future. To avoid this mistake, start by taking a close look at your email list and segmenting it into different groups. This will allow you to send more targeted messages that are relevant to each group, and it will help to keep your overall email volume low.

You should also take care to space out your emails at the optimal email cadence so as to not overwhelm your subscribers. Each business's optimal cadence is different, but generally, you should aim to send no more than one email per week to each subscriber.

Not Testing Different Email Variations

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method of email marketing testing in which two or more variants of an email are sent out to separate groups of recipients. The goal of A/B testing is to figure out which email version is more effective in terms of eliciting a response from recipients. For example, one email might have a subject line that reads "Introducing our new product" while another email has a subject line that reads "You're going to love our new product."

By tracking how many people open and click through each email, it's possible to determine which version is more successful. A/B testing is an essential tool for any email marketer, as it allows you to fine-tune your messages and ensure that they're as effective as possible.

Not Segmenting Your Lists Correctly

Segmenting your list allows you to send more targeted, relevant emails that are more likely to be opened and read by your subscribers. It also helps to prevent unsubscribes and complaints by ensuring that people only receive emails that are relevant to them.

There are a number of different ways to segment your list, and the best approach will vary depending on your business and your goals. However, some common methods of segmentation include based on location, demographics, interests, or past purchase history. Segmenting your list is essential to ensure that people only receive the emails that are most relevant to them, especially if you sell multiple products that suit different needs.

Not Optimizing for Mobile Devices

60% of emails are read on a smartphone, meaning that if your emails are not optimized for mobile devices, you're missing out on a huge portion of your potential audience. Mobile optimization involves a number of different elements, from the size and format of your email to the use of mobile-friendly CTAs.

First, keep your subject lines short and to the point (one to three words is best). This will help ensure that they're not cut off when displayed on a small screen. Additionally, use plain text rather than HTML whenever possible. This will make your messages easier to read on a mobile device.

Since mobile devices only display a portion of the message, email body text should also be short and easy to read. Get straight to the point and avoid using large blocks of text.

If you aren't sure how to optimize your emails for mobile devices, there are several email marketing tools and services that can do it for you.

Focusing On the Wrong Metrics

If you're planning an email campaign, it's important to choose your metrics wisely. Tracking the wrong data can lead to suboptimal decision-making and ultimately hurt the success of your campaign.

For example, let's say you're trying to increase the open rate of your emails. You might be tempted to focus on the subject lines or the sender name in order to boost opened emails. However, if you're not also paying attention to the click-through rate, you could end up with a high open-rate but low engagement with your actual content.

Instead, try to focus on metrics that will give you a holistic view of your campaign's success. This might include measures like email forwards, conversion rates, or even surveys completed after clicking through to your landing page.

Ignoring Unsubscribed

Sending emails to unsubscribed users increases the likelihood of recipients marking your emails as spam, which can negatively impact your email deliverability and sender reputation. Furthermore incorporating email verification practices and respecting unsubscribe requests are vital components of a successful and ethical email marketing strategy.

In some cases, continuing to reach out to those who have unsubscribed from an email list can be illegal. According to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, it's illegal to send emails to people after they have unsubscribed. Not only is this bad for your reputation, but it can also result in heavy fines and penalties if the user decides to pursue legal action.

Overselling a Product or Service

Many people who are new to email marketing make the mistake of overselling their product or service. They include too many CTAs, write long sales pages, and generally come across as pushy and desperate.

Remember that email is not the last part of the sales funnel. In many cases, it is the first. The primary goal of an email campaign is therefore not to make a sale, but rather to introduce the recipient to your brand and get them interested in what you have to offer.

The key to successful email marketing is to strike a balance between providing value and promoting your product. Start by offering something that's genuinely useful to your subscribers, like a helpful guide or an exclusive coupon code. Once you've established a relationship of trust, you can start promoting your product or service more directly.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is a powerful tool, but it's important to use it wisely. By following the tips in this article, you can avoid some of the most common mistakes and make sure that your next campaign is a success.

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