What Are the Values of Poker Chips?

Poker Chip Values Explained: A Beginner's Guide

values of poker chips

We all know having a poker face was inspired by this casino game. You don’t want your opponents to guess what cards are in your hand or see you too happy if you are about to place a card combination down to stumble upon a great win. This game is all about waiting for the best card combination and being patient and strategic on when to reveal this combo.

As you can see on any casino online gaming sites, it’s fun and easy to get started on a game of poker. It only takes a few moments to load the game and place your bets. This is a great option if you have a physical casino located too far away from home so that you can enjoy playing poker from the comfort of home or wherever you are traveling.

Whether you are new to playing poker, or just need a refresher, we are discussing the colors and values of each poker chip you can wager during the game. The poker chip colors and their equivalent wagering values described below are the most common designations that you will see in an online poker game. If you are playing at a physical casino location, speak with the dealer to learn the colors and values of each poker chip so that you are aware.

Poker Chips Valued From $1 to $500

For bettors on a budget, it’s best to know the corresponding colors and values for poker chips valued between $1 and $500. The poker chip color with corresponding values up to $100 are listed below:

  • White chips are equivalent to $1.
  • Red ones equal a $5 bet.
  • Any royal blue, orange, or brown chips equal $10.
  • One green chip equals a $25 wager.
  • A black chip is equivalent to $100.
  • One purple chip equals a $500 bet.

Poker Chips Valued From $1,000 to $5,000

Within this value range of poker betting of $1,000 to $5,000, there are only two colors. An orange, yellow, or gray chip represents a $1,000 wager. While it can be confusing, an orange or gray chip can also represent a $5,000 chip. However, a $5,000 chip could also be red, white, and blue all on one chip.

If the poker table has two sets of orange and/or gray chips, it’s best to ask the live dealer or in-person dealer which one represents $1,000 and which other represents $5,000 if you are unsure. It may be easier to see the difference if you are playing poker online with a live dealer, but it may not be as easy if you are playing the game in person, especially as a first-time player.

Poker Chips Valued From $25,000 to $100,000

There are only two poker chips that range from $25,000 to $100,000. The $25,000 chip can come in one of either three colors: brown, a darker shade of blue, or a darker shade of green. This is not to be confused with a brown poker chip that sometimes equates to $10.

The $100,000 poker chip is usually gray or a light blue. It is known as the most expensive poker chip in the game. This is the highest wager that you can make on the table.

Is Poker A Game Of Skill Or Luck?

Poker takes a combination of skill and luck to win. It’s usually randomized like other casino games such as Blackjack and slots, but there’s skill attached to the game as well by knowing about the specific card combinations so you can outvalue your opponents with the best 5-card hand.


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